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0291 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 291 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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L.L.-L.M. z. or. Chert core, from which long flakes have been split. 2" x I" x r. PI. XXII.

L.L.-L.M. I. 02. Fr. of glass, fine dark blue, translucent, with few faults. Concavo-convex, with raised band applied to outer surface. I " x j" x }". PI. XXIV.

L.L.-L.M. I. 03-6. Four jasper flakes, black, grey, and yellow. Gr. fr. 2" X a".

L.L.-L.M. z. 07. Fr. of glass, from thickened lip of vessel, dull olive green. Well made. 1k" x

L.L.-L.M. I. o8-xo. Three frs. of glass, translucent blue, well made. No pattern, but dark lines in one due perhaps to impurity. Gr. fr. A" x r.

L.L.-L.M. z, ou. Green stone celt (?), roughly worked. I "xrx/".

L.L.-L.M. I. 012-13. Two jasper flakes, dark brown,

rough. Gr. fr. it. x >(".

L.L.-L.M. z. out. Fr. of pottery, from lip and neck of circular vessel. Mouth trumpet-shaped with good mouldings on outer surface. Clay, well washed and well burnt. 3" x If", thickness at neck". Pl. XXVI.

L.L.-L.M. z. ors. Fr. of iron, thin bent, oxydized. " X r.

L.L.-L.M. z. o16. Fr. of bronze finger-ring, half of; triangular, flat inside, convex outside. Hollow filled with lac. Well made. Gr. M. A..

L.L.-L.M. z. 017-18. Two frs. of shell, white. la" x g i

L.L.-L.M. I. o1g. Fr. of paste bead, opaque yellow, stringy texture. f" x

L.L.-L.M. z. 02o. Carnelian (?) bead, red ; octahedron, . flattened at extremities. Length $", gr. width }".

L.L.-L.M. I. 021. Glass bead, pale blue, translucent ; dodecahedral. Length i", gr. width ;#".

L.L.-L.M. z. 022. Half of glass bead, cylindrical, greenish-blue, translucent. " x g".

L.L.-L.M. z. 025. Bronze finger•ring; plain band. Diam. I", width }".

L.L.-L.M. I. o26. Glass bead, gilt, flattened spheroid ; as L.K.-L.M. 012, &c. Diam. $", h.".


L.K.-L.M. 01-3. Three frs. of glass beads ; opaque dark and light blue, and green ; blue ribbed vertically. Gr. diam. (oz) ".

L.K.-L.M. 04-9. Misc. frs. of glass, plain, cut and moulded ; translucent pale yellow and blue green. 08 shows plain edge of vessel and side faceted from }" below, 07 shows pattern cut on wheel. Gr. fr. (08) z 19" x r x izg". Pl. XXiv.

L.K.-L.M. o10. Fr. of glass bead, opaque blue, prob. part of L.K.-L.M. ox. Gr. M. j".

L.K.-L.M. 011-14. Four frs. of glass beads. 0z1-12, flattened sphelo ds, gilded ; ozg, double-bulb ` baluster ' bead, gilded ; 014, hollow cylindrical, translucent yellow. Gr. length (0z4) j".


L.M. or. Pottery spinning-whorl ; flat .disc, pierced. Grey clay, ill washed. Diam. 2i8. Pl. XXVI.

L.M. 02. Fr. of pottery ; coarse spongy red, glazed dark brown either side with bands of double incised lines through glaze. Glaze perhaps due to vitrification of surface of body. 2" x z" x ".

L.M. 03. Pottery spinning•whorl, of flat echinus shape, orn. on under-side with ring of eight small circles. Diam. xi(", gr. h. -I". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. 04. Jade celt, dark green, rough one side. Iv"x Imo" X r. Pl. XXII.

L.M. 05. Fr. of jade (?). Thin, flat, mottled olive green with rough surfaces. I" x if" xi".

L.M. 06-9. Stone cores of various kinds, yellow, grey, brown. Largest 2 " x I}"

L.M. ozo. Jasper arrowhead, leaf.shaped. Point broken. Well made. Light green stone. Length


L.M. o11. Square prism of stone, dark brown, smooth

sides, ends broken. 1}" x "x sw".

L.M. 012-24. Frs. of stone blades, of various sizes and

several different stones. Gr. fr. If" x j" x 1"

L.M. 025. Fr. of glass, dark blue, translucent, cut in rectang. pattern on outside. Gr. M. j". PI. XXIV.

L.M. 026. Bronze stud, with sq. pyramid head. Head }" sq., h.". PI. XXIV.

L.M. 030-33. Frs. of bronze orn. and sheet, and of well-made buckle (o3z). Length of buckle zj", gr. width j". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 034. Fr. of glass slag. j"x 11-6".

L.M. 035-40. Misc. frs. of bronze nails and wire.

Gr. length ;,

L.M. 041. Iron rivet, corroded. Length z-A", gr. width -".

L.M. 042. Fr. of pottery, rough grey, glazed green each side. Glaze mostly gone. 2" x if" x j",