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0280 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 280 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.K. 013. Six hard paste (?) balls, dark, opaque ; cf. L.K. 047.. Diam. of largest r ; smallest }".

L.K. 014. Half of glass bead, blue, translucent ; echinus shape. s" x An.

L.K. 015. Half of glass bead, green, translucent, melon-shaped. 7" x fig".

L.K. 016. Fr. of glass ring, fine blue, translucent. Length r, thickness }" x }" (nearly), orig. diam. c. f".

L.K. 019. Glass bead, twelve-sided, in form of double hexagonal pyramid with common base, pierced from apex to apex. Fine brown-pink, translucent. Cf. L.K. o6o. Length c", gr. diam. f". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 020-X. Two glass beads, light and dull amber, translucent ; flattened spheroids. Diam. f' and }'. Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 022. Fr. of glass vessel, translucent white, with raised rib on one side. I4" x I}". PI. XXIV.


L.K. 073-8. Six frs. of worked stone, small, incl. jasper pygmy blades [Mr. R. A. Smith]. 078 pierced with small countersunk hole. Largest IA" x iv, smallest " x ~g"•

L.K. 079. Stone. Hard dark grey, chisel-shaped. Haematite. 21" x f" x I".

L.K. o80. Fr. of iron, elliptical, rough and oxydized. I}" X fx I".

L.K. 081. Fr. of bronze, rectang. fr.   " x f' x A".


L.K. 082. Fr. of iron, irregular shape. f' x I" x f'.

L.K. 083. Bronze buckle, small ellipticàl, with flat undulating tongue. Oxydized. Diam. f" x f". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 084. Bronze implement, shaped like small battle-axe with oblong ferrule (broken). Blade also broken on one side. If" x r}". See Pl. XXIII.

L.K. 0161-2. Two stone celts (?), roughly worked.

o16r. 4r x3i" x 6" to f'. 0r62. 4f" x3f" X*" to nil.


L.K. 023-44. Misc. bronze frs. from spoons, small vessels, rings, &c. 024, part of spoon handle with punch-marked ring and centre near one end. 040, convex circular nail-head. 044, thin oblong plate pierced with small hole at each end. All thickly patinated. Gr. length 2', smallest f". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 045. Bronze bangle, of flat wire, segmental in section, gilded. Well preserved, but broken through in one piece. Width of wire f', thickness h", diam. of bangle c. 2r.

L.K. 046. Fr. of bronze bangle, gilded similar to L.K. 045. Length If".

L.K. 047. Fifteen hard paste (?) balls, as L.K. 013. Blackish, some smooth, others roughened by erosion, or perhaps fire. Gr. diam. f', smallest f".

L.K. 048-9. Frs. of stone or glass beads. 048. Fr. of carnelian (?), with hole bored through (broken). f" x I". 049. Two frs. of translucent blue glass bead. f" and t".

L.K. 05o. Fr. of lignite (?), irregular. la" x f' x I". L.K. 051. Bezel of bronze ring, with deep blue jewel

(paste) in circular setting. Diam. of jewel ", of bezel s".


L.K. 052. Flat leaden cone, with large hole pierced vertically ; resembling small spinning-whorl. Orig. silver-covered ; frs. of silver remaining. Diam. at base «",

  • h. •A". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 053. Misc. • bronze frs., all minute, including two frs. of small bronze rings 3 c" and f" ; two frs. of small bronze nails f' and A" ; one fr. of hollow wire f" ; and

two bronze frs. of irregular shape $" and f".   •

L.K. 054. White pebble or piece of shell. fr x 1".

L.K. 055. Fr. of talc, of irregular shape. I" x f" x N".

L.K. 056. Fr. of glass vessel, translucent pale buff. Simple moulded or cut decoration on one side. I}" x X 311". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 057-8. Two frs. of glass, translucent green-blue. 057, of bead, flattened spheroid ; 058, of ring. }" and A".

L.K. 059. Fr. of glass bead, millefiori having transparent green body with opaque yellow ` flowers '. i" x 1". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. o6o. Fr. of glass vessel, showing rim and concave-

faceted outside.   Fine brown-pink, translucent ; cf.
L.K. 019. Good quality and thin. If' x I'. Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 061-7. Seven frs. of glass, pale honey-colour, translucent ; o6r showing part of plain rim, o6z and 065 frs. of hollow moulded orn., and 063 (greenish, prob. from different vessel) broken tubular edge. 064 is end of ornamental applied rib. Gr. M. f". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 06g. Fr. of bronze bangle (?). Curved wire moulded with annular rings. Corroded in patches. Chord 3f", thickness of wire A".

L.K. 085. Chip of worked stone, grey. 1" x )É" x

L.K. o88. Splinter of glass, rich blue, translucent, slightly concavo-convex." x" x A".

L.K. 089. Loop of bronze buckle, elliptical, 'tongue

missing. Diam. " x fr.

L.K. ogo. Bronze wire, tapering, flattened to chisel-edge at thick end. Length 2I", gr. width f".

L.K. og1. Fr. of pottery ; rim of vessel.. Spongy coarse red clay, blackish on exterior. Lip recurved, outer surface moulded. 2" x 3" x f". Pl. XXVI.