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0295 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 295 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.M. I. ii. 04. Bundle of leather frs. ; thin, well tanned, buff-coloured, with marks of sewing on all. Gr. fr. 6" x 4".

L.M. I. ii. 05. Two frs. of figured silk ; finely woven, with pattern of green (?) and buff cloud scrolls and lions to L. on bright crimson ground. Behind lion a quatrefoil. Pattern repeats across fabric. Weave, double cloth, warp-rib. Ragged, and details obscure. Gr. fr. 9" x xi" (cleaned). Pl. XLII.

L.M. I. ii. o6. Coil of vegetable (?) fibre string, fine, two-ply. Length 1' Jo}", diam. 18".

L.M. I. ii. 07. Domed bronze boss, with narrow flange at base, filled with hard paste on which is impression of canvas and traces of glue. Evidently from wooden casket, L.M. I. or, canvas-covered and Iacquered. H. i", diam. of base xi".

L.M. I. ii. o8. Small rag, with substance (drug ?) tied up in it. Length (tied up) 2".


L.M. I. iii. oi. Wooden double-bracket capital cut in one piece, consisting of four members—a centre block which rested on shaft, two flanking blocks shaped to suggest Ionic volutes, and over all an abacus. Centre and side blocks joined only at their upper parts. Under surface of centre block, c. 8" square, with socket for shaft 4f" diam. and 4" deep. Centre block spreads laterally and symmetrically upwards in slightly convex curve to a width of Ion" at a height of 6", where it joins volutes.

Volutes roughly circular. Centre block and volutes are draughted about 2" wide at margins of their faces, reserving C. r raised surface within. Circular raised surface of each volute has in centre a circle, 4" diam., incised deep with V cut c. r across.

Abacus, which is slightly invaded by upper curves of volutes, has two rows, each of five long horizontal narrow

billets with rounded faces. A third row of three equal and similar billets occurs centrally immediately below the two, the ends terminating at the edges of draughted margins of volutes. Abacus equal in length to greatest width of capital measured through centres of volutes. It therefore overhangs at ends the upper curve of pulvinatus. This projection is supported at each end by a raised, vertical, slightly curved central band 3,1" wide, which merges at its lower end into swell of pulvinatus. Ends of capital otherwise plain.

Back carved like front but much perished. Upper surface slightly channelled throughout, perhaps due to shrinkage and warping. Lowest points of volutes level with bottom of central block. The whole badly weathered and split. Length 3' 4", height 1', thickness 8". Pl. Xv.


L.M. II. i. 01. Mass of decayed fabric frs., mainly blue silk, buff (? cotton) canvas, and felt.

L.M. u. i. o2. Fr. of printed silk, same as L.M. t. i. o8, Pl. LXXXVI (q. v.). Gr. M. 11".

L.M. II. ii. ox. Bronze stud (?) ; cymbal-shaped, cast, with hole through centre of dome. Good condition. Cf. studs on L.M. I. oI . Diam. of base ill", h. }", width of rim -i", thickness 32". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. II. ii. 02. Fr. of woollen fabric, stout red, plain weave, having thick warp and thin weft of double yarn. Strongly woven. 1' 3" x 1".

L.M. II. ii. 03. Fr. of sieve (?). Piece of very coarse open hair canvas, oversewn in places, and with felt and finer fabric adhering in places ; cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. mt. o018. C. 5" X 5".

L.M. II. ii. 04. Flat plaited band of goat's-hair, with loop at one end. 6' q" x c. 1".

L.M. u. ii. 05. Fr. of woollen pile carpet, worked in blue, green (?), crimson, brown, and buff pile. Much worn, pattern unintelligible. Warp of woollen string, weft of thick woollen cord giving a bold ribbed effect at back. Pile lies between the shoots of weft. Very ragged and faded. 1' 2" x 1' 2".

L.M. n. ii. o6. Bundle of reeds from refuse.

L.M. II. ii. 07. Fr. of lacquered wood, from flat circular (?) object ; with slightly upcurved rim (broken) divided from flat field by raised line. Field red, rim and back black. Broken on all sides. Lacquer direct on wood. 2"XIg"xh". PI. XXVI.

L.M. II. ii. o8. Wooden stick roughly crutched at one end, and having conical knob at other with string wound below knob. Length 61", width across crutch 3", average diam. r. PI. XXVI.

L.M. H. ii. 09-II. Three frs. of wood and cane basket, curved, exactly similar in make to L.M. It. iii. 02. Gr. fr. 81" x 31". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. II. iii. ox. Wooden key, as Scr. iv. PI. XVII, Kha. ix. oo8, with three pegs unevenly spaced. Hole through pointed handle. Good condition. 6N" x r x 11" (including length of pegs). Pl. XXVI.

L.M. II. iii. 02. Two frs. of basketwork, rectang., with wooden stakes running lengthwise, and stout split cane weaving. For similar frs., sec L.M. II. ii. 0g-II. 'Weathered and brittle. Gr. fr. n' 3" x 5k" x ".

L.M. II. iii. 03. Fr. of wooden weaver's comb, as Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. sill. i. ooi. Handle and part of toothed edge missing. 4" x 21" x 2". Pl. Xxvl.

L.M. II. iii. 04. Fr. of paper, showing on one side two groups of Khar. chars. Rev. blank. 31" x I ö".