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0605 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 605 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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end joints of fingers in the round, with gilded nail ; remainder of back unmodelled. White slip and remains of yellow paint over surface. 41" x (gr. width) 2" X I h".

K.K. II. 0226. Fr. of clay stucco fig. in relief. Shell of torso, male, clad in tight-fitting crimson doublet or having flesh painted crimson ; blue stole crossing body from L. shoulder with ends intertwined on breast. Blue girdle below waist, tied in tightly round hips with white overlap, and supporting red (?) Dhoti. H. 4h". PI. LIII.

K.K. II. 0227. Clay stucco relief fr., of sheath, consisting of two double bracts overlapping at base and parting to each side. No paint. 21." x 3h".

K.K. n. 0229. Fr. of clay stucco drapery ; gilded, surface much defaced. V-shaped in section, with edges coming forward. 2h" x 21" x (gr. thickness) 1h".

K.K. II. 0230. Clay stucco Padmâsana of standing figurine, with white-painted R. foot preserved. Single circle of down-turned lotus petals,—apparently in metal (?), which has been removed leaving only impress on clay,—and flat seed-vessel painted black with yellow rings. Hole in middle where fig. has been broken off showing sockets for two pegs. Diam. 3"x2h", h. c. x".

K.K. II. 0273. c. Fr. of-carved wood. A thin flat strip with opposite edges cut away symmetrically leaving a form which consists of a disc, in centre, and two crescents (?) placed back to back below. Rough work. Length 1h", width r, thickness N'.

K.K. II. 0274. hhh. Fr. of stucco mask. Nose, part of upper lip, eyes and forehead with large circular projecting Tilaka ; eyes nearly closed. Whole very flat and stylized. Red clay mixed with fine fibre. 2h" x

K.K. u. 0289. Fr. of inscribed wood. Rough flat lath with several Chin. chars. at one end. Lath has been cut at ends and sides, removing some parts of writing. Traces of pink paint on one side. 7h" x 1" x h".

K.K. II. 0307. Wooden stick, roughly trimmed, with bark left in parts, wrapped round with silk waste, and many layers of torn Chin. MSS. Length 16", diam. c. h".

K.K. II. 0308. Fr. of stucco figure (?), almost entirely of paper and canvas. Perhaps part of torso. Cf. for material K.K. I. o68. A line of drapery seems to cross body. 41" x (gr. width) 3h";

K.K. II. 0309. Piece of plain silk ; soft, good weave,

but 'dirty and full of holes. Crimson (?), faded to nondescript dirty grey. Has had corners tied crosswise to make bag for some object. Single Chin. char. written in two opposite corners. 241 x 24*" (selvedge to selvedge).

K.K. u. 0310. a-h. Misc. fabric frs., including (a-b) two frs. ; very coarse plain-weave material of dark brown goat's-hair, with needlework pattern (indistinguishable) in buff ; (c) fr. of chocolate-brown silk damask, with pattern of small repeating hexagonal spot, ground • and pattern in reverse twills ; (d) fr. of yellow silk damask, from border of painting with semi-conventional floral pattern woven in reversed twills ; pattern hardly distinguishable for dirt ; (e) fr. of plain cream-coloured silk ; (f) fr. of loosely woven yellow silk gauze ; (g-h) two frs. of fine open-work cream silk gauze, soft, woven in lozenge-mesh. All very dirty. d 12" x 3}" ; h and g 6' x 3. and 4h" x 2".

K.K. II. o31I. Fr. of silk painting, much worn and faded, showing standing fig. of demon or Vajrapani, } to R. General type as Vajrapanis of Chtien-fo-tung banners, see Ser. iv. Pl. LXXXVI. Fig. flaming-haired, with red horse-head (?) over forehead, and four-armed. Lower R. hand clenched, upper R. hand at breast holding link of thunder-bolt (?) ; L. arm not preserved. Three discs (buff) over halo, above.

Legs of fig. covered below by haloes of two other divinities ; on R. blue halo, and male head, I to R., with high red (magistrate's?) head-dress and blue boar's head in front; on L., green halo, with black top-knot of other divinity, and phoenix (?) in front. I4h" x 5".

K.K. II. 0312. Wooden relief carving ; in form of small pointed flame, with scalloped edge to suggest flickering. On flame is carved in relief male deity of Sivaitic appearance straddling with legs apart on two sprawling monsters, both hands at breast holding thunder-bolts. Wears apron-like Dhoti, bracelets, anklets, armlets (marked by grooves on upper arm), and long necklace of skulls (?) reaching almost to knees and falling in front of wrists.

Long triple-headed skull (?) mace, held in crook of L. arm, rises above shoulder. Features regular and undistorted ; elongated ears, tiara, and high wide top-knot of hair. Remains of vermilion paint on Dhoti and background, and black paint on monsters. Good work. Hole through tip of flame for attachment to object,—perhaps vesica border of large fig. L. bottom corner broken off. H. 3}", gr. width 1h". Pl. LIII.


K.K. II. 0227. a + K.K. II. 0253. c.+K.K. u. 017. s. iv. Block print on paper. Subject incomplete. To L. elaborately dressed seated Bodhisattva in loose full robe, $ to R. with simple nimbus and vesica with plain border. Long narrow streamers from elaborate head-dress flow

. over front of shoulders. Above and to L. six attendants ; two upper ones with upward streaming hair (Lokapalas ?),

one holding up the sun disc (with three-legged crow) in L. hand. Three lower ones, judges (?), in tall backward curved hats and long gowns with black borders hands folded. To L. below, seated figure ; head slightly tilted and eyes downcast, hands folded at breast ; full robes. To L. of this a kneeling woman in full robes with hands folded. All look towards centre and each has a nimbus.