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0346 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 346 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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colours. Clouds outlined light buff. Blue introduced in bands of warp. The two selvedges are worked in vandyke pattern. Warp-rib weave.

Patched into one edge is piece of silk of different pattern (see L.C. 07. b). Garment lined with finely woven plain green silk (detached) ; brittle and ragged. Width 71" Circumference c. 24". Original width of figured silk, between selvedges, r8". Colour good. Pl. XXXIV.

L.C. 07. b. Fr. of figured silk, patched into L.C. 07. a. Pattern shows in centre a pair of confronting griffins between enclosing scrolls. Heads of griffins, reverted. Each holds up one fore-paw. Between heads, frs. of leaf orn. suggesting ` tree '. Enclosing scrolls turn into volutes below griffins, and contain stylized grinning beast (?).

At lower part of fr. an arcaded effect of two large arches with a pair of small ones between is produced by weaver's distortion of cloud scrolls. In large arches (of which one is present) is the semblance of two winged sheep-like animals kneeling on either side of a ` tree ' or altar. At upper part of fr. are two confronting birds with outstretched necks, and above these, parts of cloud scroll. Colour, light blue, green and two tones of buff on crimson brown ground. Warp-rib weave. 8}" x 3i". Pl. XL.

L.C. 08. Fr. of figured silk, with pattern of Chinese cloud scroll, suggestive of tree-coral' formation, meandering across fabric. In the bends are alternately : a flying duck with neck stretched down and head reverted, and a winged lion with massive open jaws and big teeth, striding to L., in yellow and green outlined red.

Tree in yellow, red and green, outlined red and pale yellow. Chinese characters are dotted about, repeating in the length, and changing in the width. Ground dark blue. One edge has selvedge of yellow and bronze ; the other edges are torn or cut. Warp-rib weave ; colours brilliant and well preserved. 13" x 6". Pl. XXXIV.

L.C. 09. a. Fr. of plain silk fabric (taken from bundle of rags, L.C. 09. b), rich red, with border of plain buff silk sewn to it. Four unequal-sized square beads of some very hard metallic substance are drilled with small hole and stitched to fabric. Beads resemble pyrites. Ragged and rotten. r0" x r' 6".

L.C. 09. b. Bundle of frs. of plain silk fabrics, mostly white and buff. Very ragged and rotten. Best-preserved fr. r' 6" x (selvedge to selvedge) r' 6i".

L.C. oro. Fr. of woollen pile carpet, in two pieces. Similar structure to L.C. ii. 09. b. Colours crimson, pink, green and brown. A band of brown ` latch-hooks ' on yellow-green ground. Very rotten ; colours good. Gr. fr. roi" x (gr. width) 2". Pl. XLIV.

L.C. on. Fr. of leather, thin, white (kid ?). Brittle. 3g" x ri

L.C. 012. Wooden jug with small ring-handle ; carved in one piece, and not lathe-turned. Body ovoid, cut fiat at bottom ; upper end drawing in somewhat to short

neck, and expanding very slightly to plain rim, flattened on top for thumb, like ordinary teacup handle.

Outside coated with red paint, much scratched. Sand-encrusted but unbroken. H. 4", gr. diam. of body 31", diam. of mouth 21", of bottom 2". Pl. XXIX.

L.C. 013. Circular bronze mirror ; with hemispherical boss pierced for cord, in centre of back, rising from plain disc in very low relief and of slightly larger diam. Surrounding disc is ring of cable pattern and then plain raised ring. Between this and raised outer border of mirror (plain and A" wide) is a band bordered by two rings of cable pattern, and showing in relief eight different Chin. chars. (for reading, cf. Appendix I) separated alternately by a spiral (cloud) and a lozenge. The spirals spring from the outer ring of cable pattern.

Face slightly convex. Good condition. • Diam. 3}", thickness at edge fully 1". Pl. XXIV.

L.C. 014. Bronze button with large loop shank at back. Front, a hemisphere (lotus ?) with hole in centre, and plain flat border around. Good condition. For another of same type, see L.A. 033 (Pl. XXIII). Diam. of head A", depth over all 1".

L.C. ors. Bronze ring, round in section. Oxydized but otherwise perfect. Diam. ri", diam. of section A". Pl. XXIV.

L.C. or6. Nail-like iron object, flattened, and slightly spreading at one end. Corroded. Length 2i", width c.

L.C. 017-2o. Misc. bronze frs. 017-18. Small frs. of mirrors. On or8 part of band of linear orn. and prob. Chin. chars. Each I" x i". or9. Fr. of hollow rim of vessel. ri" x i" x A".

020. Embossed circular plate, gilded. Pattern, rounded raised edge, and raised ring round depressed centre. Two small bosses opposite each other on face of outer raised edge may be remains of attachments. Diam. i", section". Pl. XXVI.

L.C. 021. Circular bronze mirror. Hemispherical boss as in L.C. 013, pierced for cord, in centre of back. Raised outer border, 1" wide, chamfered on outer edge and orn. on sloping inner edge with line of vandyke orn.

Within : band of simple rayed orn. ; then plain band between thin raised rings ; then wider band orn. in relief with alternate plain oblongs (in outline) and circles (in mass), eight in all.

Apparently silvered back and front ; now mottled with corrosion. Diam. 2j", gr. thickness i". Pl. XXIV.

L.C. 022. Embossed gold-foil disc, on iron base. Pattern, incised ring. Iron badly corroded. Gold, i" diam. Iron, diam. r", thickness A". PI. XXIV.

L.C. 023. Fr. of bronze button or stud, with loop shank, and domed head which has nearly all disappeared. H. i".

L.C. 024. Flake of stone, pale green, translucent, prob. jade. Surface eroded. Edges thin. iA" x i" x i".

L.C. 025-7. Misc. bronze frs. 025. Fr. of edge of mirror, plain. i" x i" x i". 026. Fr. of field of mirror showing band of ray orn., plain raised band, &c. i" x }" x