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0622 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 622 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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which is heavily draped and placed on trunk. Face inclined down, and being full face is foreshortened. A tracing from a clever original. Paper buff ; ragged. Io" x 7".

K.K. n. 0284. e. Fr. of paper, with drawing of seated figure on a lotus supported upon a pedestal. Only a small part of drapery of figure remains ; this and lotus drawn in fine sweeping lines. Pedestal in feeble scratchy lines and probably by a different hand. Part of flame' bordered halo remains. Paper thin, buff ; very ragged. C. I I" X I In.

K.K. II. 0284. f—k. Frs. of paper. f, g, h, parts of leaves with Hsi-hsia print and rows of Buddha figures similar to K.K. II. 0265. a ; i, two leaves of Hsi-hsia text and rows of Buddha figures similar to K.K. n. 0233. uuu. ; j, a leaf of Hsi-hsia MS. ; k, leaf of MS. in cursive characters with interlineations in smaller hand of same. Several other frs. with traces of text and crude painting of a bold formal pattern. All discoloured and ragged. Size of leaves c. 7" x3".

K.K. n. 0285. a. Fr. of block-printed paper. Portion to R. shows L. edge of boldly drawn rocky gorge (?), with very stylized trees and shrubs growing on the rocks and a torrent of water below. R. portion cut (?) away. L. part of paper shows three scattered lines of Hsi-hsia characters. Paper buff, torn but strong. 9/" x 31"•

K.K. II. 0285. b. i. Fr. of paper, with bold Hsi-hsia characters and traces of thick white and red tempera. Paper ragged. 3" x 4".

K.K. II. 0285. b. ii. Fr. of paper, with part of large pattern painted in blue green and pink. Paper ragged.

51" X 3f".

K.K. II. 0285. b. v. Block-printed paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text and row of five Buddha figures at top similar to those of K.K. II. 0292. i, but much more crude and indistinctly printed. End figure to R. partly torn away. Usual characters top and bottom. Paper buff and becoming woolly at top. 7" x 34"

K.K. II. 0285. b. vi. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf arranged in four sections ; upper L. quarter and lower R. quarter are filled with Hsi-hsia text and the other two by pictures. Top R. picture shows an old mendicant with high-crowned head on which are black dots, in full robe, walking with a long staff (cf. K.K. II. 0242. b). Clouds float around his head extending in irregular arc from his half-raised L. hand to top of staff.

To R. a small figure in robe and Chinese hat, with high back and pair of downward hanging tabs, walks away from R. front to L. and in passing turns his head to look at mendicant. In lower L. part of leaf (torn away) is slightly grotesque head with open mouth in profile to R. and some bottle-shape object behind (shrine ?), with a backgrour d of water (?) and low sloping headlands. Engraving careless. Paper buff and torn away at all sides. 51" X 2r. PI, LXIII.

K.K. II. 0285. b. vii. Fr. of paper leaf showing replica of aged mendicant on K.K. u. 0242. b. More of lower part of figure is present, but surface badly abraded and lines indistinct. 6" x 3".

K.K. II. 0285. b. viii. Fr. of paper leaf, with fine print of Buddha figure enthroned on pedestal without recognizable PadmAsana but a heap of drapery (which may be on rooks) instead. Figure sits with feet resting on opposite thighs, soles up (Svastikâsana). Hands and face torn away. Nimbus bordered with two or three lines. Body halo with black band on which are white pearls. Field of halo filled with wavy rays.

Immediately in foreground, sits worshipping figure on lotus, facing Buddha, so that full back view is presented outwards. Figure has nimbus and rayed halo. Circle of nimbus complete passing across shoulders.. Body halo stops as usual at body and nimbus. Robes of figure are full and barred by vertical and horizontal bands (mendicant's robe ?).

R. and L. are two standing figures, nimbate, in full robes, high coiffure, hands in Alijali pose and each bare foot on small lotus. Whole of background, to scroll border in white on black, is rayed.

In top R. corner kneels celestial figure on finely drawn cloud, in full robes and with upright feather' head-dress and nimbus ; seems to carry some offering. Clouds rise behind heads of standing figures. Whole is grandly designed, well drawn and engraved. Paper buff ; ragged . 7"x3". Pl. LXIV.

K.K. II. 0285. b. ix. Fr. of paper, in many pieces, showing print of extremely stylized mountain scene. Mass of peaks drawn in heavy black outline, with pines and rolling cumulas clouds. Here and there an inscr. label and a small figure occurs in silhouette, carrying two bundles on the ends of pole placed across R. shoulder. Below picture are columns of bold Hsi-hsia. Paper buff ; ragged. Size approx. 9" x 5".

K.K. Ii. 0285. b. x. Fr. of paper, with block impression of seated Buddha figure to L., in flowing robe open at breast. Closely rayed nimbus and body halo. Tightly curled clouds on background out of which appear several well-drawn heads. Central figure has no Usnisa. Impression rather heavy and blotted and faded in parts of two small detached pieces. One shows head of a Bodhisattva with nimbus ; the other a small border ornament. Paper dark ; torn. Gr. fr. 3" x 4".

K.K. II. 0285. b. xi. i. Six frs. of paper, with impression from blocks. Three are part of same picture as K.K. II. 0260. V; 0283. a. xviii. One shows an extension to L., with clouds in foreground and kneeling figure on mat. Another is part of 'a standing figure in full black-bordered robes slightly bowing as he advances to L. ; behind, another standing figure.

Third fr. shows foreground of clouds beyond which is rushing water and a shore. in distance with coral-like shrub. Paper buff ; ragged. Gr. fr. 2r x 2 ". Pl. LXIII.