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0349 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 349 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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To L. of monster a formal tree with roots represented by two symmetrical inward turned scrolls formed by bifurcated base of trunk ; foliage, by row of five elongated pentagons, point . downwards. From between these pentagons a back row is visible. Spines are placed along top of tree.

To L. a running, winged lion proceeding to L., with open jaws and upraised lashing tail ; markings on body, ground colour.

To L., tree with roots similar to first ; trunk divided into three rising, undulating stems, each upholding a flower or fruit from which rise three spines. To L., hind part of slender dragon (?) with curled bifurcated tail, in silhouette, turning head to regard lion. Above tail of dragon, three flowers supported on wavy stem.

Height of pattern about I". Repeat, in rows as close as possible, each item coming vertically above the similar one below. Style of weave and treatment recalls Ser. iv. Pl. CXVIII, T. xxii. C. 0010. Cf. L.C. x. 04.

Attached by sewing to one edge (which is cut diagonally across pattern), piece of snuff-brown, fine, plain silk. Fr. of silk wool padding is present.

Warp-rib weave. All very ragged and brittle. Figured fr. 8" x 4i". Plain silk c. 9" x 7". Pl. XXXVi, XL.

L.C. ii. o2. a. Felt cap or bag ; round ; top or bottom lost, lined with green silk. Felt yellow. Very ragged. Diam. c. 7 r".

L.C. ii. o2. b. Misc. fabric frs., silk, cotton and wool ; plain weave ; dark brown, buff and red. Very brittle and dirty. Silk waste and silk felt frs. and dark hair (human ?). Bundle as found, 9" x 7".

L.C. ii. 03. Fr. of figured silk. Pattern : cloud scrolls and grotesque beasts and birds on bronze-brown ground. To R., winged leopard facing L. ; leaping pose, forefeet on ground, hind legs (missing) thrown well up. I-Iead in profile, jaws open, both eyes and both ears shown fronting. Gorget in two bright blue lines, and two similar lines across body. Wing short, green, outlined bright blue. Body buff. To L., and slightly above line of leopard, leaping or flying winged goat or deer ; buff outlined bright blue,

spotted with three blue roundels.   Between the two
animals, slightly below line of leopard, goose (?), buff partly outlined blue ; legs, blue ; placed at right angles to line of beasts.

To L. of goat, on line of leopard, ` drifting pronged ' element in buff, hanging to cloud scroll. Scrolls, ` vermicular ', with spiral and plain nodes ; partly blue outlined buff, partly buff outlined on top only, blue ; partly green outlined on top blue and below buff.

Three buff Chinese lapidary chars. on one level ; below forefeet of leopard, between bird and head of goat, and below pronged element.

Warp-rib weave, finely corded ; rather loosely woven. Fr. wedge-shaped. Well preserved. Length 13", breadth at widest 54". Pl. XXXIV, XXXIX.

L.C. ii. 04. Fr. of figured silk. The pattern in blue line on yellow ground is a lozenge shape -i" x I", with a small lozenge intersecting at each angle. Repeat is horizontal and nearly touching in that direction. Vertically it is moved + diameter to one side, bringing vertical axis of pattern in line of interval of row above, and forming a chevron space between horizontal rows c. I" wide. Colours fairly preserved.

Warp-rib weave. Warp perished. 5" x 31".

L.C. ii. 05. a—i. Mass of misc. rags with frs. of bone and charcoal.

(a) Fr. of figured silk as L.C. 031 b. 3e"x21". (b) Frs. of brown silk damask, in chequer of herring-bone twill squares on finely ribbed ground. Gr. fr. Is" x 3". (c) Two fr. of woollen pile carpet in crimson and yellow, pattern faded. Gr. fr. 9" x 3". (d) Piece of strongly woven green repp III" x 8". (e) Ragged fr. of crimson thick ` box-cloth ' (cf. L.C. i. ox) with seams and frs. of plain green and buff silk attached. c. 18" x 4". (f) Frs. of strong cotton (?). Cloth sewn at one end into a sort of pocket, the other bordered with plain green silk 3e" wide, 16" x Jo". (g) Locks of human (?) hair and frs. of calcined bone and mud, (h) Quantity of frs. of plain silk rags, buff, green and crimson. (z) Small frs. of silk, grass, bone. (b) Pl. XLIII.

L.C. ii. 06. Mass of silk rags, &c., similar to L.C. ii. 05. a—i, but without figured silk, carpet, boxcloth, or hair. Much perished. Size of mass c. Ioi" x 8" x

L.C. ii. 07. a. Strip of figured silk similar to L.C. iii, oh 1 (Pl. XXXIV). In this a slight extension of pattern is present showing to L. of leopard a group of three Chinese characters. Length 43", width 41". Very dirty, perished and brittle.

L.C. ii. 07. b. Misc. frs. of silk fabrics, including strip of loosely woven border, with pattern in bright green and red on yellow ground ; three interlacing lozenges repeated at short intervals, with two detached circles in the intervals.

Attached is fr. of red flannel. A piece of plain dark green silk ; a fr. of silk waste. Very ragged and brittle. Border 5" x I' 4". Pl. XXXIII.

L.C. ii. 07. c. Three frs. of figured silk, similar to L.C. 03 (Pl. XXXV), with lining and felt attached. Prob. part of body-band. Very rotten and faded. Gr. fr. 6" x 7".

L.C. ii. o8. a. Fr. of figured silk, similar in all respects to L.C. iii. 04. b (PI. XXXVI). Between two pieces of this is padding of layers of very thin felt. Very brittle and discoloured. 44" x 3".

L.C. ii. 08. b. Mass of silk rags ; buff, brown, and green. Plain weave, torn and discoloured, some very beautifully woven. One fr., of fine corded buff silk, is made into small sq. bag, with silk tassel at each lower corner. Brittle. Width of bag 7".

L.C. ii. og. a. Fr. of woollen pile carpet, same as L.C. iii. 014 ; much worn. Colours brown, red, blue, green, and yellow. Structure like that of L.C. ii. 014.

Pattern arranged in bands, but indeterminate. The xk2