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0184 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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[Chap. IV

Yo. 080. Fr. of terra-cotta winged horse, similar to Yo. 079, Pl. III, but wing portion broken away. Pierced as though for spout, and small hole on under surface. Length 2k".

Yo. o8i. Fr. of terra-cotta dragon-head. Eye, a raised circular knob with ring-punched circle and dot centre. Hair framing side of face, and backward-lying ear, marked by raised ridges notched transversely. Lower jaw shown (but broken off short) ; mouth open with ridge like that of ear following line of lips and perhaps representing teeth. L. side only ; flat relief. Length II". Pl. I.

Yo. 082. Fr. of terra-cotta handle, exactly like Yo. 079, Pl. III, but on smaller scale. L. side only. Length Ir.

Yo. 083. Fr. of terra-cotta dragon-head, prob. from handle ; as Yo. 079, Pl. III, but on smaller scale, and from R. side only. Haunch mark of punched circle, with minute ring-punched centre, and outer circle of similar small punched rings. For L. side possibly belonging, see Badr. 0325. Length re.

Yo. 084. Terra-cotta spout in form of grotesque head of ox or deer. Muzzle tubular, tapering to round hole ; mouth not indicated. High narrow ridge runs from forehead down middle of nose to }" of tip. From each side of this, near upper end, springs outward curving horn, in form of flat applied strip covered with punched dots. Close beneath base of these are the eyes ; low raised discs with ring-punched pupils. Good condition. Length IA". Pl. III.

Yo. 085. Terra-cotta spout in form of ram's head and neck. Tubular muzzle like the preceding ; ring-punched eye ; large ears, and out-curling horns (L. horn lost). Good work, rough in detail. Gr. M. I". PI. III.

Yo. o86. a-f. Six frs. of terra-cotta handles, in form of grotesque sheep-head ; same type as Ser. i. p. Io8, Yo. 0015. I. (type a) ; see also Anc. Khotan, ii. PI. XLVII, B. oor. e.

a. Well-modelled example, complete to shoulder and broken off short of forelegs. Neck well arched ; crescent-marked curly mane with groove down parting to root of curved nose ; ring-punched eyes and nostrils ; ears laid back ; mouth drawn back at corners, the puckering of skin shown by two short incised semicircles. Gr. M. 2k". b. Similar but smaller, and surface much worn. Gr. M. 2f". c. Head and shoulders like two preceding, but inferior modelling ; neck straight, with head at right angles ; features crudely marked. Gr. M. 27". d. Head only, good example but worn. Gr. M. I{". e. Head and arched neck. Gr. M. IA". ". f Head only, fair example. Gr. M. is".

Yo. 087. a-d. Four frs. of terra-cotta handles ; sheep-head and shoulders like the preceding, but castings from half-mould only. See also Badr. 0375.

a. R. side, with forelegs to point of attachment to vessel. Worn. Gr. M. 2}". b. L. side, smaller ; worn. Gr. M. 2}". c. R. side ; crude work ; deep ring-punched eye ; mouth slightly open but upper part of muzzle broken

off ; mane indicated by short straight incised dashes ; collar of raised ridge notched transversely. Gr. M. I}". d. Head and neck only R. side ; good specimen. Gr. M.2}". Pl. III.

Yo. o88. a-d. Four frs. of terra-cotta handles, in form of winged horse ; as Ser. iv. Pl. II, Yo. 0015. f-i (type b) and 0030. b, h, &c. Short hogged mane ; forelock rising into blunt horn on forehead ; short feathers at head of wing indicated by circular patch of lozenge pattern. a. Excellent specimen, preserved to half-way down wing. Colour, grey. Length 3r". b. The same, red, head gone. Gr. M. 2f". c. Smaller scale, worn smooth. Whole of short wing preserved, and forelegs with potsherd attached. Gr. M. 2f". d. Head only, good specimen somewhat worn. Gr. M. 1 i". Pl. II, III.

Yo. 089. a-b. Two frs. of terra-cotta handles, winged horse like the preceding, but half-castings only. a. R. side, head to half-way down wing ; chipped at edges. Gr. M. 2r. b. Head only, nose gone below eye. Gr. M. Ij".

Yo. ogo. Terra-cotta horse-head, prob. from fig. like Yo. 077, Pl. III ; crude. Ears and eyes mere punched dots, the eyes having punched circle round them. Bridle marked by double incised line. Mouth slit. For better example, see Badr. 0370, Pl. II. Gr. M. I".

Yo. ogi. Terra-cotta grotesque horse-head ; as in winged horse handles, Yo. o88. a-d, Pl. II, III, but larger size and more stylized. Mane and hornlike forelock the same ; long hair along jaw emphasized ; face more griffin-like, with indentation under brow, and curving pointed muzzle approximating to beak. Good specimen, and well preserved. Cf. the following. Gr. M. 2f".

Yo. 092. Terra-cotta grotesque horse-head ; like the preceding but still more bird-like. Long pointed muzzle, the beak-like character of which is emphasized by tapering incised lines meeting at the point. In their upward course these lines are cut transversely by deep groove immediately below eyes; they separate above eyes, dropping beyond them, on either side, in a depressed curve. Fine curved lines also accentuate sweep of jaw and corner of curving mouth. Eyes are deeply ring-punched with dot centres, and deep tapering holes are bored in back-lying ears. Fine modelling. Length IN. Pl. III.

Yo. 093. Terra-cotta gavial-head, prob. from handle ; as Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLV, Kh. 003.1, but horn lost. Spirited modelling, but somewhat rough. Length II". Pl. II.

Yo. 094. Terra-cotta camel.head and part of neck with long hair hanging from it. R. side only. Top-knot on head. Semi-grotesque type. H. Ir.

Yo. 095. Terra-cotta sheep-head ; L. side only. Length

I }".

Yo. 096. Terra-cotta beast-head in high relief. Grotesque lion type with human nose, wide grinning beast mouth showing row of teeth, and eyes with long drooping corner and small ring-punched pupils set under overhanging brows. Two short incised lines slope downwards