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0175 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 175 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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respects to M. Tagh. c. or, but slightly thinner. Fibre long and laid parallel. 8" x 2f".

M. Tagh. c. 03. Fr. of plaster, similar to M. Tagh. ç. or, but slightly thinner and laid over canvas. Fibrous plaster as used to-day, but with closer canvas than generally used now. Surface convex and painted grey. Much broken and perished. 3f" x 2".

M. Tagh. c. 04-5. Two frs. of plaster ; plain, similar to M. Tagh. c. or, &c. Gr. fr. 5f" x 2f".

M. Tagh. c. o5. Fr. of plain stucco, similar to M. Tagh. c. or. 5"x2".

M. Tagh. c. 06. Turned wooden finial, with tenon below not in centre. A thick-stemmed mushroom top rises from a ribbed bulb with a narrow collar between. Below bulb is saucer-shaped moulding resting upon broad plain fillet. Well designed.

For similar finial, slightly elaborated, see Ser. iv. Pl. XVII, Kha. viii. 002 ; see also M. Tagh. c. 07-8. Cracked, but well preserved otherwise. H. of finial 6k", diam. of base 3f". Tenon r" x r" x/".

M. Tagh. c. 07. Turned wooden finial, similar to M. Tagh. c. o6, o8. Cracked. H. of whole 9f" (tenon 2"), diam. of base 31". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. c. 08. Turned wooden finial, similar to M. Tagh. c. o6, oy. Cracked. H. of whole 81" (tenon r1"), diam. of base 3r".

M. Tagh. c. i. or. Carved wooden stile, with rebate on each long edge at back and tenon at one end. Carved front is divided into three nearly equal parts. Of these, centre division bowed outwards and divided lengthwise into three main bands. Middle band cut into lozenge shapes, by diagonal cross-cuts so placed that the two upper edges of each lozenge are chamfered, while lower edges are perpendicular to background.

Band on each side shows strip of nail-head orn. bordered by flat band on inner edge, and chamfer carved into leaves on outer.

The two end divisions are alike. A broad petal shape pointing towards centre comes next middle division, its edge in relief of about I". From edge shape is concave towards its base, holding in its hollow two smaller carved bands divided from each other by a deep groove.

The outer member at each end is a plain flat band. Reserved raised piece between rebates at back tapers slightly. Badly split and weathered. H. with tenon 12", width 2", thickness 2" ; rebates c. i". Pl. VI.


M. Tagh. Fort. ox. a-b. Two frs. of wooden lock. (a) Fr. of bolt, pierced with five holes, and showing groove at one edge. 51" x r i" x }". (b) Tumbler block belonging to (a), pierced with five funnel-shaped holes. 21" x r" x 1". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. Fort. 02. a-d. Wood and fabric frs. (a) Oblong wooden tablet, no writing visible ; hole at one

corner, much weathered. 4}" x 3" x I". (b) Chip of wood, showing traces of black pigment. 31" x r" x }". (c) Fr. of grey felt. 4f" x 3". (d) Fr. of check woollen fabric, blue and white, close woven, in which above were wrapped. Good condition. 51." x 7k".

M. Tagh. Fort. 03. Bundle of reed straw, from wall. Length 12".