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0628 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 628 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.E. v. oI. Pottery whorl ; Amalaka shape ; buff body, glazed brown on upper part. " x

K.E. v. 03. Stone axe•head, hard, grey ; drilled as for haft, the blade thinning suddenly from horizontally flat broad butt. For other example, see K.K. 030, Pl. LXVI. If" xrxfull.

K.E. v. 04-1o, 013-16, 018. Miscellaneous frs. of bronze and iron. Largest xi" x TV.

K.E. v. o11. Fr. of pale green glass. 4" x 4" x 8".

K.E. v. 012. Glass bead ; translucent blue, spherical ; chipped and broken (now joined). 1" x fg".

K.E. v. 013. Strip of bronze, corroded, with rivet-hole at each end. ifs.' x is".

K.E. v. 015. Iron loop, made of rod doubled to form circular opening, the ends then forming straight stem. Rusted. Length 1", diam. of loop fu".

K.E. v. 016. Bronze strap•loop, perhaps for buckle, tongue lost. Roughly D-shaped, but with double opening; one long and narrow, by straight edge for attachment to strap, the other oval. Good condition. 1"x I".

K.E. v. ox8. Scrap of plate bronze ; corroded. Gr. M. f". K.E. v. o19. Fr. of pottery rod ; black. 5" x 26".

K.E. v. 020. Part of wall and rim of large glazed pottery jar. Ovoid shape, with plain rim slightly out-turned and thickened. Body of light brownish colour ; glaze each side chocolate-brown, scraped away on outside to form pattern in glaze on-unglazed ground.

Design consists of band of egg and tongue orn. hanging from plain band of glaze round rim ; inch-deep band of glaze round shoulder ; and below nine-inch wreath of rather straight acanthus-like leaves with further signs of glaze below. Fr. does not extend to base. Top of rim unglazed. Good design and execution ; prob. Sung. Fr. broken in two pieces, re-joined. For other examples, see K.E. xrv. oxo and K.E. x-xi. or (Pl. LVII). H. (of whole) Iq:I", gr. width 121", average thickness }". Pl. LVI.

K.E. Ix. 01. Iron (?) casting, roughly heart-shaped and plain with triangular shank at back. Very rough. 1j" x x}" x I". Two small frs.

K.E. Ix. 02-5. Frs. of bronze. 02. Finger-ring of thin sheet with flat elliptical bezel, bent out of shape. 03-5. Frs. of bronze wire.

K.E. x. 01. Pottery bowl ; buff with buff glaze all over, excepting lower part outside. No overhanging lip. Ring-base, within which a single Chinese char. in black. Diameter 9"; height 3". Cracked in several places. Pl. LVI.

K.E. x. 02. Fr. of glazed pottery jar ; wall and rim, latter slightly thickened on outside, but not everted, flat on top and chamfered at inner edge. Body hard, buff with black granulations. Glaze each side, leaf-green, streaky in places. Top of rim unglazed, exterior and interior very faintly ribbed. Rivet-holes by edge, for

ancient repair, not pierced through. Remains of metal rivet in one. H. 41", width 5j", thickness (average) h".

K.E. x-xi. oI. Fr. of pottery ; buff, with brown glaze inside and out. Outside ornamented with bold sgraffito leaf pattern scratched through glaze ; this has been removed, leaving background of buff slightly stained and speckled with remains of brown glaze imperfectly cleaned off. For other examples, see K.E. xxv. oxo, K.E. v. ozo, and K.K. ox16 (PI. LVi, LVII. 2f" x 1j" x A". Pl. LVII.

02. Fr. of pottery, from upper edge of bowl ; buff, coated with dark brown glaze. 2j-" x 1j" x PI. LI.

K.E. x-xi. 03. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel ; red, thickly glazed rich sage-green. 2" x xi" x r".

K.E. x-xi. 04. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel ; buff, with remains of buff slip and glaze ; conventional floral pattern (anemone ?) boldly painted on outside in dark grey enamel. Glaze dulled by exposure. 2E' x 1r x 1". Pl. LVII.

K.E. x-xi. 05. Fr. of pottery, similar to K.E. x-xi. 04, to which it probably belongs, with large rosette roughly painted in outline with dark grey enamel. Small hole drilled near one edge. Inside surface covered with spots in low relief. All glaze dulled by exposure. 2j" x 21" x 1". Pl. LVII.

K.E. x-xI. 06. Fr. of stone axe.head (?). Small, dark grey, roughly triangular drilled through. Cf. K.E. v. 03.

j"x j"xA

K.E. x-xI. 07. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel ; grey celadon ware with roughly incised pattern under thin translucent greenish glaze. 1e" x 1" x h". Pl. LVII.

K.E. x-xx. o8. Fr. of shell (?), in form of part of rim and wall of small bowl broken on three sides and remains of hole drilled near one edge. Raised band, }" broad, formed by edges of laminae coming to surface just below ` rim '. Concavo-convex. r:I" x j" x â".

K.E. xi. 01-3. Pottery whorls, drilled through centre. Largest x}" x I".

K.E. xI. 04-15. Miscellaneous small frs. of bronze and iron.

K.E. XI. oi6. Fr. of flint, pink. j" x " x I".

K.E. xxx. ox, 02. Frs. of pottery. oz. Disc of red pottery pierced as for whorl, but very thin ; prob. worn by sand action. Diam. I", thickness A". 02. Fr. of hard grey pottery with thin slip and thick grey-green glaze, spongy inside. I" x }" x A".

K.E. xxx. o3. Iron ring, much oxydized. Diam. ". K.E. xxx, 04, 05. Frs. of bronze. Av. j" x s".

K.E. xIII. ox. Jade netsuki (?) ; white, pierced with two holes, which form part of design, for suspension. Design, a peony in profile with spreading petals flanked by two scrolled bifurcate leaves the downward curve of which form the two holes. Pattern is pierced right through,