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0588 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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Buddhist cult of the Tibetan type had reached the marches of Kan-su before the Hsi-hsia dominion was But the total absence of Hsi-hsia texts among the written or printed remains from this source is certainly significant, and suggests that the deposit from which they were obtained is of considerably later date than the similar deposits found by us at Khara-khoto. In this connexion attention may be called to a notice recorded by Palladius, according to which ` Khubilai, disquieted by his factious relatives on the north, established a military post near Lake I-tsi-nay, and built a town, or a fort on the south-western shore of this lake. The name I-tsi-nay appears from that time.' 17 Is it possible that I.lasan Akhtin's site, which lies about ten miles to the south of the Sokho-nor shore (before its recent shrinkage), is in some way connected with the post established by the great Emperor of the Mongol dynasty ? A careful examination of the site and a search for other remains in that vicinity must be recommended to some future explorer.



A.K. or. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel of hard buff paste, slightly thickened at rim, glazed both sides dark greenish brown. Rim very slightly overhanging both inside and out and a slight depression outside about I" below edge give a subtle cyma curve. Edge unglazed ; inside and outside surfaces slightly ribbed as though from wheel, but may be due to polishing process after leaving mould. Surface minutely crackled, prob. from atmospheric action. 21" x 3i" x ay. }".

A.K. 02. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel of extremely hard pale red paste (changing to grey at rim), faintly ribbed horizontally ; coated with dark brown glaze ; both sides streaked with dark red brown as though flicked on very wet and allowed to run and mingle with dark glaze. Edge unglazed and perhaps broken. Paste slightly spongy ; cf. T. XLIII. 1.03: 21" x i -" x }". Pl. LI.

A.K. 03. Fr. of stone from wall of vessel, colour of dark slate. Easily cut with knife. Perhaps steatite. Ii"XI"X r.

A.K. 04. Stone whorl, drilled from both sides. Diam. If"xi$E".

A.K. os. Fr. of pottery, from lip of vessel in yellowish grey paste, glazed brown in and out. Lip prismatic, i"

thick. It" xi   x t".

A.K. o6. Fr. of pottery, from handle (?) of vessel in buff paste partly glazed brown. Near unglazed end, which is thickened, a hole pierced from side to side before firing. I r x".

A.K. 07. Fr. of laminated pottery, composed of a brown and an ivory coloured paste, which lie side by side as in some milléfiore beads. The fracture shows a grain like that of wood, and consequently the surfaces also ; but

26 Cf. Serindia, ii. pp. 839 sq., 861, 865.

17 See Yule, Marco Polo, i. p. 225, referring to Archimandrite Palladius' paper, in J. North China Br. R. A. S.,

the lines of the grain are evidently partially controlled. Glazed bright green, which appears dark over the brown paste, and accentuates the grain. For much finer specimen,

see K.E. or.   x r x s". Pl. LI.

A.K. 08-14, 016, 017. Frs. of pottery in grey ware of celadon type, with well-designed floral patterns in low relief under the grey-green glaze, inside. oro, or6 with radiating lines on outside suggesting fluting. For pattern of border on oro, cf. Bushell's Chinese Art, ii. PI. Ir.

Gr. fr. 3r x 2   . PI. LI.

A.K. ors. Fr. of pottery in grey-green celadon type ware, from lower part of bowl, with five lines of Chinese inscription incised under glaze on inside. Fluting lines outside. Ring base. 21-96" x 2r. Pl. LI.

A.K. 018. Fr. of porcelain, from wall of vessel, white paste, cut into facets externally. Floral pattern outside, in blue line and wash. Iis" x i'4". Pl. LI.

A.K. oxg. Fr. of pottery, white, of porcelain hardness, glazed very pale grey-green, with faintly incised pattern inside. g" x x

A.K. 020. Fr. of porcelain, from wall of bowl, very thin and slightly translucent, glazed very pale grey-green, with faintly incised pattern of delicate lines inside. Thin smooth rounded edge. I" x I }" x 4"

A.K. 021-5. Frs. of pottery, of porcelain hardness, but non-translucent ; glazed ivory colour. 022 has thin out-turned rim. 023 has faint, raised, scalloped line inside. Gr. fr. (025) I â" X I#" x g".

A.K. 026, 028. Frs. of pottery of hard grey paste, glazed pale yellow outside, with lines and small circles in dark brown, slightly incised. Circles made with small

x (1875). pp. Io sq. The source from which P. drew this information does not appear to be mentioned.