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0233 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 233 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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N. XLII. 1. 04. Lump of oxidized iron, irregular, or slag. 3"x If".

N. XLII. i. 05. Two peach stones, complete, and two half shells. Average length

N. XLII. f. 06. Fr. of glass, opaque black, drop-shaped. Point broken. 8" x

N. XLII. i. 07. Fr. of slag, hard, black. $" x f'.

N. XLII. i. 08. Fr. of shoulder of pottery vessel ; red clay moderately well prepared ; orn. with pattern of annular and zigzag bands scratched in surface and studded with incised rings. 3}" x 3"x ". PI. XXV.

N. XLII. i. og. Fr. of neck of pottery vessel, with root of handle. Overhanging rim. Black clay mixed with evenly ground quartz, which gives a rather pleasing quality. 24x3g"xf'•

N. XLII. i. 010-II. Two wooden discs, drilled through centre. ow, with rounded edges ; diam. I l-f", thickness i". ozr, sharp edges. Bung-shaped ; diam. if", thickness 4".

N. XLII. f. 012. Crutch-shaped wooden object, as Ser., iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xIII. i. 002. Tapers downwards to lower end, near which a portion is thinned to form necking. 41" x I â".

N. XLII. i. 013. Iron rod, sq. in section, flattened in centre, and pierced with two sq. holes in flattened part. Rusted. Length of whole 61", sq. section i -" ; flattened part, length c. 2", width ÿ", thickness f".

N. XLII. i. 014. Fabric frs., including frs. of coarse red woollen canvas ; piece of buff felt ; piece of vegetable fibre rope ; and small hank of thin huff woollen thread. Gr. M. (fabric) 12j".

N. XLII. ii. or. Specimen of oat straw.

N. XLIII. 01. Wooden spoon ; leaf-shaped bowl with portion of handle. Bowl concave, and set at wide angle with handle. Much perished and brittle. Bowl 2}" x I", length over all 5". Pl. XVI.

N. XLIII. 02. Crutch-shaped wooden object, as N. XLII. i. 012, and Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xIII. i. 002. Shaft round, slightly tapered at end. Head rounded laterally on under-side ; flat laterally and slightly curved longitudinally on upper side, with small notch, as for a thread, at centre of each long edge. Dry and brittle. Length of whole 4a", of cross piece 2r, width of cross piece in centre I", diam. of shaft f". Pl. XVI.

N. XLIII. 03. Fr. of two-handled terra-cotta vessel, of stanmos type. Mouth wide with simple flat tip ; handles placed vertically ; band of irregular incised zigzag round neck and shoulder. One handle broken ; all lower part of vessel missing. Clay ordinary red, moderately clean. Rather brittle. Gr. H. of fr. 6", width of mouth 4f. Prob. width of vessel 8r. Pl. XXV.

N. XLIII. 04. Lump of iron, burnt and oxydized ; prob. waste from crucible. Gr. M. if".

N. XLIII. 05. Wooden clamp, composed of spindle and one cheek (together shaped like a mushroom), cut in one piece. The spindle or stem is drilled through with two holes running at right angles to each other, one passing below the other. Two pins are passed through these to keep the second cheek, which is a separate piece (broken), in position. Second cheek has groove cut across upper surface to receive lower of two pins. Very roughly made. Length 3f', diam. of cheek c. 4". Pl. XVI.


N. XLIV. 01. Specimen of Eleagnus (Jigda) wood. I' 6" x I".

N. XLIV. 02. Specimen of peach wood. I' 5#" x if'. N. xLly. 03-6. Fr. of vine stem, gnarled and curled

into roughly circular form, and three smaller frs. ; bleached

and split. Gr. fr. 2' 3".

N. XLIV. 07. Fr. of vine stem, gnarled and weathered, and four small frs. Gr. fr. I' 7".

Specimen of apricot wood. 2' 4"x 3". Specimen of peach wood. 2' 4" x 2;". Specimen of apple wood. 2' 4" x zg". Specimen of walnut wood. r' 6" x It". Specimen of Eleagnus wood. 2' 6" x 31".

N. XLIV. 013. Specimen of apple wood. 1' 4" x I r. N. XLIV. ii. or. Specimen of Oats.

N. XLIV. O8. N. XLIV. 09. N. XLIV. oIO. N. XLIV. oII. N. XLIV. 0I2.


N. XLV. or. Wooden mouse-trap, as N. in. x. 09, Pl. XVI, q. v. for full descr. Tapering end unusually blunt. Near that end on under-side is scratched a five-

pointed star   . Groove on obv. stops 21" from end,

and has a broadened termination. Broken at large hole, and ` gate ' lost. Length I ' I;" ; breadth 2f, thickness â".

N. xLV. 02. Mouth and shoulders of pottery vase, of amphora type. Neck rather long, with mouth rising about if' above handles, which are simple loops slightly elongated upwards and of hexagonal section. Where they join shoulders rises a small conical projection, as of a recurved

end half buried in the body. Mouth slightly trumpet-shaped. Red clay of poor quality and badly washed. Brittle. Breadth across root of handles 12 f, diam. of mouth 6", h. of fr. 6e, average thickness h". Pl. XXV.

N. xLv. 03. Rectang. double-tablet ; small under-tablet. Broken (now mended) cover-tablet : Obv. seal cay. (r Imo" x I ï s"), strings and seal lost. On each side of seal cay. one 1. Khar., partially worn off, running across end. Rev. blank. Under-tablet : Obv. 6 11. Khar., uppermost partly broken off, mostly clear black. Rev. blank. Wood soft ; both tablets worn and chipped. 5¢" x 2" x (max.) f. Pl. XVIII.