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0197 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 197 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Pl. VIII, A. T. iii. 0089 ; but on larger scale, showing remains of two lotus petals, bent R. lower leg of Buddha, and pendent L. foot. Remains of light paint on robe. Red clay, burnt. 2,3" x 2 â".

Badr. 0319. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, showing trefoil relief orn. at base of handle, with part of wall adjoining. Centre leaf of trefoil short and broad, ending in wide-angled point ; outline emphasized by deep incised line 1° within edge ; deep groove as midrib, with incised dash either side of it near base. Side leaflets small and narrow, with rounded ends ; outlines similarly emphasized, and dash at narrow end. Round base of trefoil a band or collar made of pair of parallel incised lines joined by transverse dashes, from which springs handle proper.

Fine red clay, very hard fired, and with smooth polished surface. I}" x 2i". Pl. III.

Badr. 0320. Terra-cotta appliqué orn. Circular, moulded in relief with upper half of Gandharvi full face to spectator, with outspread arms holding up garland. Bead border (incomplete). Much eroded, and all detail lost. For similar fr., see Badr. 0328. Diam. c. i i".

Badr. 0321. Stucco relief fr. Surface rounded and scored with incised lines. In one part rises looped curve, nicked on edge, suggesting furry ear of animal, as in Yo. 081, Pl. I. 2" x I }".

Badr. 0322. Fr. of wall of terra-cotta vessel, wheel-made, showing conventional leaf-tip orn. as Yo. o2o-2. Fine red clay, very hard fired. Good condition. 21" x 2". Pl. III.

Badr. 0323. Terra-cotta fr., apparently handle of vessel. In form of deer-head, solid, with short straight horns rising in undivided mass above forehead ; prominent circular eyes, two incisions for nose and groove for mouth. Similar groove across top of horns.

Rudimentary modelling without detail, but also eroded. Hole pierced horizontally through neck for suspension string, and curved fr. of potsherd at back. Length 21", gr. projection I1", gr. width Ii".

Badr. 0324. Terra-cotta horse-head, prob. from handle as Yo. o88. a-d, Pl. II, III. R. half only, broken off halfway down neck. Hogged mane, and forelock rising in blunt horn. Dark red clay, eroded. H. ITV.

Badr. 0325. Fr. of terra-cotta winged horse (L. side only) ; from handle, as Yo. 079-83, Pl. I, III. Same size, clay, and workmanship as 083, and perhaps belonging to it. I i" x I}".

Badr. 0326. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué orn. Anthemion, with palmette-like leaves on L. side, and large expanding bud in centre on straight stem. R. side and top lost. Thin. if x II" x (gr. thickness) ". Pl. II.

Badr. 0327. Terra-cotta miniature animal (dog ?), standing with tail curved over back and head uplifted.

Eroded, and L. hind leg and part of head lost. II.   ".
Pl. II.

Badr. 0328. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué orn., showing Gandharvi holding out garland, as Badr. 0320. Broken off by line of garland and above Gandharvi's head ; eroded. Width r". Pl. II.

Badr. 0329. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque face, half human, half leonine, encircled by fringe of short hair. Cf. Yo. 055, Pl. I, but much finer modelling. Broken across by line of mouth and eroded. r1" x 2 g".

Badr. 0330. Terra-cotta appliqué mask. Neptune-like bearded head, as Yo. 057, but originally prob. better moulded. Badly eroded. H. 2".

Badr. 0335. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque human face of type Yo. 052. a-o. L. side only. H. III'

Badr. 0332. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué mask ; lion-head as Yo. 058. a-i. Hair, ears, &c., broken off close round face ; eroded. H. I r".

Badr. 0333. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey mask. Front of head, eyes, nose, and part of R. cheek only. Very conventional type. Eyes, punched dot and circle ; hair marked by series of incised dashes ; and edge of hair round face by incised scalloped line. H. i-„46".

Badr. 0334. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey ; female ; upper part of body and beginning of arms only preserved. Breasts moulded and emphasized by punched dot and circle ; fur marked by short incised dashes over back and shoulders ; end of plait of hair over L. shoulder. Body moulded in two halves (back and front), afterwards joined, and arms added later. H. $". Pl. II.

Badr. 0335-7. Frs. of three miniature terra-cotta monkeys, owl' type. 0335. Body with frs. of legs, seated, wearing loin-cloth. H. g". 0336. Body and head, with portion of outstretched L. arm. H. }". 0337. Body and head with stumps of both arms stretched forward. H. r.

Badr. 0338. Pottery vase, of ovoid shape, with flat base. Simple round orifice at top, without rim. Remains of upward-pointing spout immediately below mouth on one side ; and on opposite side, somewhat lower down, appliqué boss prob. for handle. Boss prob. orig. moulded as face, but worn quite smooth. Whole surface eroded. H. 31", gr. diam. 2", diam. of mouth 1", thickness c. ït". PI. I.

Badr. 0339. Stucco relief fr. Bent R. leg, and upturned L. foot lying upon it, of Buddha seated in meditation. Marks of stick or straw core on under-side. White lime (?) stucco, worn and burnt ; approaches in front the peculiarly hard consistency of Chal. o8, &c. 6f" x 31" x 2".

Badr. 0340. Stucco relief fr. of Gandharvi, kneeling on one knee to R., with hands in adoration. Akin to Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. ii. N.w. 003 ; but turned more towards spectator, and not a plaque. Traces of red paint on robe. Head, hands, and L. leg lost. White lime (?) stucco, hard. H. 31". Pl. XI.

Badr. 0341. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, showing moulded