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0193 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 193 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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towards bottom which is concave, om. with slanting incised lines round in-drawing part of side and with seven-pointed star on bottom round hole ; 0138, light grey clay, flat echinus shape, approaching ring-shape ; 0139, mottled grey pebble, dome-shaped with flat base. Gr. diam. (0135 and 0136) xi", gr. h. (0135) i". Pl. V, X.

Badr. 0140. Stone seal, hard yellowish-white. Four-sided, and roughly pyramidal in shape ; apex rounded over, and hole pierced through horizontally for suspension string. Fret device cut on face ; practically replica of Ser. iv. Pl. v, Yo. 0089. Face c. 1-9-6-" sq., h. i é". Pl. X.

Badr. 0141. Splinter of hard white stone, jade (?). Gr. 11LI1~.

Badr. 0142. Tapering rod of pale green stone, jade (?) ; broken both ends. Length IA", gr. diam.

Badr. 0143. Glass bead; spheroid flattened laterally, honey-coloured, semi-translucent. Diam. 1-76".

Badr. 0144. Slab of black stone ; smooth and very hard. In shape, an oblong with one long side bowed. Back unpolished, showing three groups of holes for attachment of stone to some object. Holes were drilled in pairs, those in each pair slanting to meet each other and making V-shaped channel for passage of wire. Bridge between holes has broken in most cases, and new holes have been made. II" x Z" to 1I" x I".

Badr. 0145. Fr. of lignite (?) seal ; flat, sq., with hole pierced horizontally for suspension. One broad face preserved with crude incised device of long-legged beast (standing). Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXIX, N. xxlx. ooh. Remains of design on fr. of other face, unintelligible. Face g" sq., thickness I".

Badr. 0146. Pendant of black stone, very smooth, hard, and polished ; four-sided, two of the sides making elongated narrow angle and two a short wide angle. Edges finely bevelled, both back and front ; the level disappearing towards meeting-point of long sides, where the edge is cut down sq. and stone pierced laterally for suspension. Well made. Gr. length It", gr. width 1", thickness c. I".

Badr. 0165. Small bronze disc, prob. weight. Traces of intaglio device on one side (?). Diam. A", thickness I". Pl. x.

Badr. o166. Fr. of bronze slag. Gr. M. a".

Badr. 0167. Bronze stud, having short, wide, shield-shaped head with bevelled edges. Hollow behind, with short pin on which is sq. washer. Fair condition. â" x s".

Badr. 0168. Bronze strap.end, from buckle ; cf. Badr. 0109, 0X11. Long narrow plate, with long sides concave and one end pointed. Edge bevelled along these three sides. From other end springs double hoop (broken), which passed round tongue-bar of buckle. Plate cut away between hoops to give free play to tongue. Three holes for rivets, ?' in diam. Back plate lost. Fair condition. Length I I", width -g" to I". Pl. X.

Badr. 0169. Misc. frs. of bronze wire, bent into rings, loops, &c. Gr. diam. (ring) I", gr. thickness A".

Badr. 0170-85. Sixteen frs. of agate, of various tints, weather-worn. Gr. fr. II" x I" x

Badr. 0186-7. Two frs. of crystal (?), weather-worn.

Gr. fr.   x I" x I".

Badr. 0188. Fr. of glass (?) ; surface covered with opaque patina, partly verdigris in colour. Cf. Badr. or31. ï'" x 15." x i„

Badr. 0191. Iron ' Koftgâri' button, with large loop shank. Circular, flat, scored in two directions to hold silver-foil pattern. This consists of outer and inner circle, the inner circle divided by its diagonals into quadrants, and each quadrant containing an inner quadrant treated as angular spiral. Fair condition. Diam. rI".

Badr. 0192. Bronze seal, oblong, rectang., with large loop at back roughly soldered on. Device : at bottom a circular eight-petalled rosette ; above, two vertical divisions side by side, in one of which is line of Chinese lapidary chars., in other a continuous scroll orn. A line borders bottom and two sides. Seal has been broken across and soldered together again. Otherwise in good condition. 2I" x

[Note by Mr. L. C. Hopkins.—The right-hand panel contains three Chinese characters, sufficiently disguised to make them very puzzling. At first I supposed them

to read N,   .., t`ien hsien fêng, viz. Heaven—first,
or prior—elegant. I can see no sense in such a sequence.

But it will be noticed that the whole of the lower part of the face is occupied by a circular design, divided on its inner margin into eight segments. This strongly suggests

the diagram of the arrangement of the /A 11' pa kua
or Eight Symbols, according to the system attributed to

Fu-hsi, and known as the 9   hsien t`ien t`u, or

` Earlier System ' of the Symbols. Hence it is possible
that the first two characters are to be read as hsien t`ien

A, and not t`ien hsien   A. But I can make
no suggestion as to the third character in such a connexion. It cannot be M t`u.]

Badr. 0193. Bronze seal, rectangular, with small broken loop at back. Device : striding demon or warrior to L. p., in long robe and carrying spear (?) ; stole fluttering upward. Below, horizontal Vajra (?). Fair condition. I ï" x s". Pl. X.

Badr. 0194. Bronze seal, rectangular, with three chars. (?) within line border. Pierced shank at back. Fair condition. 1I" x i"

Badr. 0195. Bronze seal, heart-shaped, with long shank (pierced). Device : trefoil anthemion enclosed in double border lines. Somewhat corroded. g" x I". Pl. X.

Badr. 0196. Fr. of bronze ring, with fine blue glass jewel in four-claw setting. Most of hoop missing ; corroded. Length i s", gr. width 9-6". Pl. X.

Badr. 0197. Steatite fig. of monkey, seated, with hands between knees, chin on hands, and back rounded. Naturalistic. Drilled vertically. it" x I" x ïb". PI. V.

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