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0214 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 214 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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136   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

flanked by small columns of Gandhara type ; the upper member of their capital an inverted enclosed palmette, suggestive of an inverted Ionic capital. Between attic columns a frieze of birds.

Above attic is central finial of shrine, containing rail and lotus beneath a conical roof terminated by a six-tiered umbrella and disc. At each side is smaller pointed finial with conical umbrella terminal and disc. Between baldachino and tree is duck, facing shrine. Background pale green. Above is band of orn. divided into rectang. panels ; each panel has centre rosette and is further subdivided by its two diagonals into four triangles alternately red and buff, as in Byzantine work. 8f" x 8".

Bal. 03. Fresco fr. Head of Bodhisattva I to R. p., bending down. Elaborate tiara containing Dhyanibuddha. Pink flesh, grey nimbus, pale green halo, red ground. To R. p. a vertical band of grey. Surface much perished. 7" x 51".

Bal. 04. Fresco fr. Upper half of seated Buddha as in wall diapers, I to R. p., in red brown robe. To L. p. a curved buff band of imbricated scales similar to that on Bal. 05. a. Much defaced. 7i" x 8".

Bal. 05. a-h. Eight fresco frs. In red outline on white and buff a mass of standing Buddhas, mostly in Abhayamudra, overlapping one another, and radiating in various directions. Nimbi edged with lotus petals. Eyebrows, upper eyelids, and eyes black. At L. p. upper corner of 05. a. a curved border of imbricated scales in buff. Surface much broken. For continuation on R. see Bal. 0120. Gr. fr. 121" X

Bal. 06-047. Fresco frs. Series of Buddhas seated in meditation, - to R. p., forming part of diapered wall surface ; in interchanging colours-red, buff, grey, maroon, and white. Cf. Ser. iv. PI. XI, Kha. i. c. 0097, lower part. Gr. fr. (047) 9f" x

Bal. 048. Stucco relief fr. from border ornament. Cabochon jewel surrounded by pearls, with band (plain), on one side ; other side broken away. Below, acanthus orn. deeply modelled. White plaster. 2f" x 2#". Pl. V.

Bal. 049. Stucco relief fr. ; upper part of Gandharvi, hands upraised. Much broken and defaced. Hard (burnt) white plaster. 3" x 21".

Bal. 050. Stucco relief fr. Gandharvi rising from open lotus, full face to spectator. Head as in Bal. 075-6 but smaller. Arms upraised, holding heavy twisted garland. Remains of white ground and of red paint on lotus petals. Cf. for type Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. LVI, D.T. 02. Hard grey plaster. H. 41". Pl. IV.

Bal. 051. Stucco relief fr. Gandharvi head slightly to R. p., with part of halo. Hair and ear-rings as in Bal. 075-6, Pl. IV ; traces of pink, red, and black colour. Much defaced. Cf. Ser. iv. PI. XV, Kha. i. E. 0039. Hard white plaster. 31" x 21".

Bal. 052. Stucco relief fr. Head of Buddha with nimbus bordered with cable or petal pattern. Much

defaced. Remains of red and pink colour. Fibrous red clay. 2" x 2".

Bal. 053. Stucco relief fr. Gandharvi head similar to Bal. 075-6, Pl. IV. White plaster ; much abraded. 24" X g

3" I .

Bal. 054. Stucco relief fr. Head and halo of Gandharvi with upraised hands. Hard white (burnt) plaster ; much defaced. 21" x I a".

Bal. 055. Fr. of stucco relief plaque, showing lower part of seated Buddha. Hands concealed under fall of drapery in lap, feet pendent with toes curled towards each other. Lotus halo. Type as Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. iii. 0089. Grey clay, burnt. 2r x I i".

Bal. 056. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of clenched hand. Thumb and two first fingers present, with hole drilled for object clasped (missing). Cf. Ser. iv. PI. VIII, A. T. v. 0072. Red clay, prob. slightly burnt. Jr x I" X I"

Bal. 057. Stucco relief fr. Human nose, about life-size, well modelled. Remains of light paint. Nostrils plugged. Clay, burnt. Length xi".

Bal. 058. Stucco relief fr. Eight-petalled rosette ; traces of colour. Red clay, slightly burnt. Diam. 2r".

Bal. 059. Stucco relief fr. from ornamental detail. Two long bunches of diverging petals issuing from pomegranate flower calyx. White plaster. xi" x I}". Pl. V.

Bal. 060. Stucco relief fr. Head of Gandharvi from same mould as Bal. 050. White plaster ; weathered. If" X 1".

Bal. 061. Stucco relief fr. Upper half of standing Buddha in Abhaya-mudra, red robe, nimbus bordered with imbricated scales. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii, Pl. LIV, D. u. 34. White plaster. 4r x 3".

Bal. 062-4. Stucco relief frs. Buddha heads prob. from seated Buddha figs., being from same mould as Bal. o66, Pl. IV. Red clay, burnt. Largest If"

Bal. 065. Stucco relief fr. Buddha head. White plaster ; much abraded. 1" X I r.

Bal. o66. Stucco relief fr. of seated Buddha ; hands in lap, feet pendent with toes curled towards each other. Upper part of face and head missing. Material burnt red clay. Prob. from plaque ; cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. 05. 4}"x4". Pl. IV.

Bal. 067. a, b-o7o. Stucco relief frs. of standing Buddhas in Abhaya-mudra, prob. from ground of large halo. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. PI. LIV, D. II. 34 ; Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. i. c. oo8. Remains of pink paint. Hard white plaster. Largest 4f" x 2f"

Bal. 071. Stucco relief fr. Buddha seated in meditation on inverted cone-shape lotus ; hands in lap, drapery symmetrically festooned in front below hands. Head and halo missing ; cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. i. s.w. 0010. White plaster. 2i" X 2r.