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0543 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 543 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. XLIII. k. 015-17. Wooden writing-slips, broken and blank. 'or x r " x i". 5f"xI"x}". 6r x "x}".

T. XLIII. k. o18. Fr. of wooden writing-slip, with traces of Chinese characters. Perished. 7 i" x g" x 6 ".

T. XLIII. k. oig. Fr. of wood ; prismatic section, plain. Angles trimmed off at one end (broken). 2r x f" x f".

T. XLIII. k. 020-2. Frs. of wooden writing-slips,

plain, all broken. Largest 4r x   x

T. XLIII. k. 023. Wooden spatula, broad at blade end and tapering to other, which is rounded. Slightly curved both laterally and longitudinally. 7f" x i" (blade).

T. XLIII. k. 024. Wooden writing-slip, pointed at one end. 5r x x'.

T. XLIII. k. 025. Wooden peg, prismatic, sharpened at one end. Grotesque face in black outline at broad end. Cf. T. XLIII. j. 01, and Ser. iv. Pl. LII, T. vI. b. i. 003. 5f'X If" xi„

T. sun. k. 026. Wooden lug or handle, of lacquered elliptical bowl. Inside red ; lug and outside black with pattern in red lines consisting of border lines, chevrons and circles. Each circle has two concentric inner circles and a central dot. These appear to be applied either with a stamp or some other mechanical appliance. Broken and weathered. 4r x Ii". Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIII. k. 049. Horn seal (?) ; sq., with rounded back pierced for suspension. Roughly cut ; no device. Strong twisted woollen cord through suspension hole. Face /" sq., h. i„


T. XLIII. 1. 01. Fr. of pottery ; from nearly straight sided vessel. Thickened and slightly out-turned rim ; faintly ribbed inside. Very fine clay, buff, glazed with even light brown. Ii" x 2" x f".

T. XLIII. I. 02. Fr. of pottery, similar to T. XLIII. 1. 03, but band of glaze narrower. 2" X 2i" x

T. XLIII. 1. 03. Fr. of pottery ; from wall of small bowl with simple thickened rim, slightly everted. Porcelainous buff body. Glazed brown inside and out in broad band reaching nearly to bottom. Lower part unglazed. Constituents of glaze seem to have partially separated after application, resulting in a mottled and streaked effect, of liver brown, dark green and black. Very hard. 2i" x 2r X f'

T. XLIII. 1. 04. Fr. of base of glazed pottery bowl, with ring-foot. Body fine, hard, grey, with black glaze which stops at edge of flat bottom on inside, and }" short of base outside. Outside lightly ribbed, horizontally. Gr. M. 2 f', thickness of wall c.

T. XLIII. 1. 05. Fr. of glazed pottery bowl, like preceding, but reddish with dark green-brown glaze. Gr. M. 2", thickness of wall h". Pl. XLVIII.

T. XLIII. 1. 06-g. Four frs. of porcelain bowl, with ring-foot. Hard pale-grey body, covered each side with bluish-white glaze ; under-glaze floral decoration in dark blue. For similar ware, see Ser. ii. p. 773, T. xi. 002, &c. ; and for similar ware and decoration, Ser. iv. Pl. IV, T. xi. 001 ; So. 0051.

oq (largest fr.) shows bottom orn. inside with flower composed of thin stamen-like lines radiating from centre, and ending each in long drop-shaped blob. Round outside of flower, pairs of thick scrolls or voluted leaves, and long

smudge (accidental). Whole contained within fine double annular line running round inside of bowl. Outside shows

(in o6 and 09), above, lower part of flower like that inside ; below, thick broken lines or dashes running horizontally round bowl, and faint line round junction with foot.

Under-side of base, within ring-foot, glazed pale-grey with brown circle under glaze.

07 and o8 (frs. of wall with plain slightly out-turned rim) show on outside, at top, thick festoon (?) band, from which hang flowers like the above described, with thick horizontal lines below. Inside rim, series of elliptical blobs above faint double annular line. Then plain glaze down to beginning of pattern on bottom.

For other frs. of bowls of precisely same ware and decoration, see T. XLI. g. 05-6 ; i. 01-2 ; 0. 03, 05-7 ; XLII. C. 01 ; and for other pieces mostly of slightly finer ware, or different decoration, but of same type, T. xxiii. d. 010-13 ; XLI. g. 07-2I ; 0. 0I-2, 04; XLIII. 1. 0I0.

Diam. of base was 2f", h. of bowl c. 2r, diam. of mouth c. 4f". Gr. fr. (og) 31" x (h.) if' ; average thickness between }" and A". Pl. XLVIII.

T. XLIII. 1. 010. Fr. of porcelain ; from plain rim of bowl. Thin white body, with bluish-white glaze, and under-glaze leaf (&c.) decoration in blue. Similar to T. XLI. i. ox, and T. xLI. g. oil, 020. Gr. M. Ii", thickness (without glaze) h".

T. XLIII. 1. on. Wooden spatula, with very short straight handle. Roughly cut, flat. Blade I }" x i", length of handle .i".

T. XLIII. 1. 012. Fr. of woollen (?) braid ; light buff, strongly woven. 4i" x I".

T. XLIII. 1. 013-14. Two frs. of woollen (?) fabric ; fine, plain. oz3 dyed greenish-blue, 014 (irregularly) indigo blue. Gr. fr. 6f" x 3i".

T. XLIII.1. 015. Fr. of glazed pottery jar (in two pieces) showing plain rim (unglazed on top), and long loop handle. Neck and body of jar almost on same plane. Handle very slightly projecting ; flat ellipse in section, wide at top and narrowing towards bottom, corrugated vertically on outer side. Body gritty, buff ; glaze each side, brownish black. For fr. of similar jar, see T. xLI. g. 028-31. H. 4f", width 4". Pl. XLVIII.