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0216 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 216 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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138   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

Bal. ogg. Fresco ; head of Buddha to L. p., eyes half closed and dreamy. Nimbus dark green with pink border. Robe red-brown. Hair black, close cropped, and in hard line over forehead. Cheeks full, mouth small. 6" x 7r.

Bal. moo. Fresco fr. ; Buddha seated in meditation, as from wall diaper ; â to R. p., hands in lap ; red robe ; pink nimbus with dark centre ; pink Padmàsana without detail of petals. Deep red border to halo. Much damaged. 12" x 8#".

Bal. oiox. Fresco fr. ; life-size L. foot, white, resting on white lotus with buff centre surrounded by pinkish ray. Above ankle, edge of dark red-brown drapery in many rippling folds, edged thin white, with black contours. To L. p. of hem of garment lower part of fig. in maroon robe seated cross-legged on blue lotus with white seed-table. Background similar to that of Bal. 0102 with differences in detail ; both generally Byzantine in character. Backing mud and straw. 15" x ii".

Bal. 0102. Fresco fr. ; part of feet and ankles with lower edge of garment. Green lotus with buff centre under each foot ; a ring of white dots round centre and seeds represented by small red rings. Flesh pink (shaded), outlined red.

Garment red, yellow-lined, and green-bordered, with white pattern of rosettes composed of four dots semé over R. ankle ; over L. same border but field obliquely striped, in broad dark red, lighter red, and blue bands with white patterns. These consist of : on the red, a centre row of long white lozenge-shape double palmettes of fine limbs, formed by two simple palmettes joined base to base in the manner of a ` turnover ' pattern, the stems thus forming continuous lines. Above and below, halves of the same pattern, in yellow, the longitudinal centre line coming on the outer side.

Just within each edge of red band is a wavy white line forming border. On the blue band are rosettes of four white dots, as over R. ankle. Ground behind lotuses, red-brown with white star flowers semé ; below, buff line under which is again red-brown. Above lotuses, lighter red with star flower. Drawing clumsy. 17" X II".

Bal. 0103. Fresco fr. ; head and one paw of tiger-skin, prob. part of costume of fig. of which the green and blue background is prob. another part. 6" x 6".

Bal. 0104. Fresco fr. ; pair of ducks facing each other. Beak and breast-line only remain of duck on R. Duck on L. has wings uplifted, buff body, white head and neck, buff and white wings. Background grey with darker grey swirling lines (water). Above is bank, black, with flowers growing. 4" x 3 ".

Bal. 0105. Fresco fr. ; large jewel consisting of white ball surmounted by three small ones, the whole resting on black ground surrounded by white ring (in perspective), and supported by three acanthus leaves (?) rising from arching band. R. and L. are similar rings and jewels (?).

Perhaps part of Mukuta of large fig. Much defaced. 6f" x 6".

Bal. 0106. Fresco fr. ; haloed head (Buddha ?), I to R. p. Very arched eyebrows, small chin, red robe. Flesh white

with red outlines, eyebrows black. Much defaced. x 4".

Bal. 0107. Fresco fr., much defaced. Appears to be front part of seated elephant, with shapeless legs. Trunk is the usual baggy one of Chinese artists. A shrine prob. to L. p. 5f" X 5f".

Bal. o108. Fresco fr. R. foot and leg to knee, in profile, of standing fig. Similar in size and style to Bal. oioi, 0102. Foot pink, shaded with umber (much flaked off), with dark red outlines. Rests on dark olive-green elliptical mat or cushion, lotus leaf with petal-tips of pink lotus (apparently placed between feet) just reaching heel. Legs above ankle hidden by stiff-hanging robe painted in broad sloping stripes of maroon, blue, white, black, and again maroon. These stripes are again orn. with series of double palmettes forming elongated lozenges and half-lozenges, in white, yellow, or pink.

On either side of leg is an opening in robe, marked by vertical series of stiff zigzag folds. Border of robe bright green over grey, green almost completely lost ; inner border, maroon and buff. Background below ankle maroon ; above, somewhat lighter red, divided by thin white line. Former strewn with green or dark red trefoils spotted with white, and white star-like flowers ; latter with similar blue trefoils and yellow stars. Part of hanging scarf (?), red and white, to L. of leg drapery. Fair condition. I' 4" x 91".

Bal. oIog-10. Fresco fr. in grey and red, with white curved dividing lines ; prob. from Bal. 01or, 2, or 8.

2"X It"


Bal. oIII. Fresco fr., of seated Buddha diaper, similar to Bal. o6, &c., but slightly larger scale. 7" x 6".

Bal. 0112. Fresco fr., very much defaced. Near lower edge, upper part of halo of seated Buddha prob. of type Bal. o6. Above appear faint architectural lines (prob. roof) in red, at various angles ; below these is decorative frieze similar to that on Bal. 0114. At top L. p. corner, panel with lotus beside which is seated worshipping fig. All very indistinct. ix" x 9".

Bal. 0113. Fresco fr. of Buddha diaper, similar to Bal. o6. but rounded in drawing. Heads, haloes, and draperies characterized by lines more nearly circular than examples referred to. More variety of colour also, including pink, red, buff shades of blue and grey. 12I" x 7f".

Bal. 0114. Fresco fr. Upper part of Buddha to front, in Dharmacakra-mudrâ (?). Above, a frieze of clusters of red flowers on looping stems. Indistinct and abraded.


Bal. 0115. Fresco fr. of Buddha diaper, head and neck only, to larger scale than Bal. o6. Much defaced. 4" x 3".