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0617 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 617 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. u. 0274. iii. Fr. of canvas, with traces of painted ornament in blue and brown. 3i" x

K.K. u. 0274. jjj. Fr. of silk damask, dull yellow. Pattern obscure, but probably an all-over with trefoils above flattened rosettes. Torn at all edges and discoloured. 3*" x 2i".

K.K. u. 0274. 111. Fr. of paper, originally screwed into a cord-like strip and then tied into tight knot. Completely covered with rough (Hsi-hsia ?) writing ; perhaps a charm. Paper very thin and woolly. 5" x 7".

K.K. u. 0275. Fr. of sketch on paper. A landscape seen from a height. Rugged boulders in foreground with trees growing from between them to R. and rising to top of picture. View is across a broad level valley with hills bordering its farther edge. Suggestion of space is well rendered. Very rapid and facile work. Torn away at R. side and tattered all over. Thin smooth paper, becoming fluffy in broken parts. 17" x 8i".

K.K. II. 0275. a. Fr. of drawing on paper. From drapery of flowing robe of which part seems to be draped over L. arm of figure. Torn away on all sides. Paper smooth, rather thin and buff. 7r" x 7".

K.K. II. 0275. a. v–vi. Frs. of plain silk, very ragged. Av. c. 6" x 3".

K.K. II. 0275. a. ix. Frs. of two block-printed paper leaves, with Hsi-hsia text very crudely ornamented with half-obliterated coloured Buddha figures similar to K.K. u. 0270. aaa. Paper very woolly and ragged. c. 3" x 3".

K.K. II. 0275. a. x. Fr. of paper with block-print impression showing standing figure 1 to R. in the ` three-curved ' pose. High coiffure and elongated nimbus. Horizontally striped loin-cloth. To R. an altar or pedestal, in front of which a large many-petalled lotus in bowl. Flowers and symbols on ground. Paper buff ; ragged. 4" x 3".

K.K. II. 0275. a. xv. Fr. of plain blue silk, mounted on paper and with paper strip bearing Hsi-hsia chars. pasted at top L. corner. Soiled and torn. 61" x 21".

K.K. u. 0275. b. Fr. of drawing on paper ; part of large drapery freely drawn showing an end with typical tubular folds. Paper thick, coarse and perishing. 15" x 5".

K.K. II. 0275. c. Fr. of drawing on paper. A reclining female figure, with head to L. and feet to R., resting on R. elbow and head looking down i to L. Dressed in loose flowing drapery, breast bare or in tight vest, and adorned with necklaces. On R. wrist two bangles. R. hand in elegant pose—wrist slightly bent, fingers lightly flexed, little finger extended ; palm downward and turned slightly outward. Forearm rests against a bundle of something indistinguishable, in front of which is an object like one end of a miniature clothes-horse apparently attached to the bundle. Upper part of bundle appears to be a scroll-case with an ornamental end in the form of an enclosed palmette.

Whatever is below this has the appearance of drapery. L. arm, covered with many-folded drapery,. seems to lie along the L. hip, the hand perhaps resting over knee ; but all, from thighs, missing. Head narrow, long face with full cheeks, typically Chinese. Hair strained up from forehead surmounted by a snake-like roll or chignon with a band of jewels round its base. From band depend groups of jewelled tabs above ears. Tilaka between eyes, which are full and downcast.

Figure may be floating in the air, but no cloud scrolls are shown. A rather careless tracing from a fine original. Paper smooth, thin and yellow-brown. Torn. z3" x 9i". Pl. LVIII.

K.K. n. 0275. d. Fr. of drawing on paper, in two pieces. A standing figure in official robes and head-dress occupies i of length of fr. Figure, purely Chinese, is turned i to R., holding in R. hand wand of office upright before his face. Head-dress shows flat band round forehead and another passing from first under chin. Soft cloth cap covers top of head, its high upper edge inclined backward. Robe, very voluminous, is V-shaped at neck, where it has a broad plain border. It hangs in great baggy folds from forearms almost to feet and is apparently caught up and rather constricted there, whence lower end falls in many folds to ground.

Under this garment there seems to be a loose rather wide-sleeved shirt showing loose folds about neck and wrists. In front of lower part of figure is mass of drapery probably belonging to another figure, most of which is torn away.

In remaining quarter of fr. and above first figure is another, turned at right angles. Most of this figure above waist is missing. It shows a man striding to R., wearing loose trousers, boots and voluminous robes reaching nearly to ankles. R. arm covered by loose sleeve and hand resting on what appears to be a bundle of something tied in a knot of his clothing.

The two sketches (or tracings) seem disconnected and are placed as they are to economize space on paper. Probably just notes or studies. Farther to L. and reversed in relation to second figure, the head and forearms of a male figure wearing an elaborate loose cloth head-dress tied round head with a narrow band, the head bowed in deferential pose and hands together pointing slightly down. Features blunt and brow rather overhanging. Arms covered by loose full sleeves.

Well drawn but very faint. Torn away at one long and one short edge, ragged on other long edge and tattered. Paper yellow, fairly smooth and thin and becoming woolly at bottom. 12" x 4i". Pl. LX.

K.K. u. 0275. e. Fr. of drawing on paper. Apparently part of architectural scheme: an altar (?). Two broad bands one above other, each with a narrow border at top and bottom, run horizontally the whole length of fr. To L. of centre of lower band, a grotesque dancing figure in black silhouette with arm outstretched holding scrolls of ornament or a rippling stole or cord, In second band lotus petals, repeating, suggest a Padmâsana.

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