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0596 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 596 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. I. 0223-4. Frs. of clay stucco, plain channelled bands ; convex. 0223 gilded over red paint, 0224 has remains of bright blue paint over red. Length of each 2", widths r and a".

K.K. I. 0225. Votive clay model Stiipa. Very perfect example, in large size, of type K.K. 098, and Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXIX, So. A. oo6. High base. Inscr., faintly visible, does not run round outside, but in broken groups of chars. on ground between projecting angles of walls. H. 4h", gr. diam. 4". Pl. LIII.

K.K. I. 0226. Stucco relief fr. (broken in two). Flat channelled band of hair or drapery, almost straight, showing remains of red paint. 3r" x II".

K.K. I. i. or, 02, 012, 053. Pottery antefixae of Chinese type. or, semi-tubular with outer end closed by circular patera decorated with a finely designed Gorgon head in relief. Semi-tubular portion broken away at tail end and one side. 02, 012, 013, end paterae only (02 incomplete), semi-tubular tails being broken off. Grey ware burnt hard. For application of such roofing ornaments, see Chavannes, Mission archéol., Fig. 5084, Pl. CCCCLXII. Length 91", diam. of paterae 4i". Pl. L.

K.K. I. i. 03. Faience hollow finial (?), wedge-shaped in both directions ; lower end abruptly narrowed by check on each side, upper end pointed in broad arrow shape. Raised flat margin and midrib reserved, following deep incisions on each face which divide it into two triangular panels. Side faces smooth ; top open. Dark green glaze over red clay. Broken at one top corner. Height I I", width complete c. 7f", depth at widest 3". Depth at narrow end 21"; width at narrow end 2i". Pl. LII.

K.K. I. i. 04. Fr. of pottery spout in form of snake's or elongated lion's head ; red clay, badly glazed green with dark green contour markings, and yellow inside. Broken at mouth. Inferior pottery. 21" X I4".

K.K. I. i. 05. Wooden capital (?), rectangular ; upper half (abacus) squared, lower half chamfered hollow to bottom face, which measures 44" x 3I". In bottom face is roughly cut square hole, 21" diam. x II" deep, to take tenon of post. A square-cut channel, 3f" wide x I" deep, is cut right across narrow way of top surface to take horizontal rail or architrave.

Abacus is cut away on one side to a depth of 31" from one long face and r from short face, and is rounded as though for fitting to round member.

Top and bottom surfaces unpainted. All the remainder dull grey-green with all edges picked out in yellow. Smears of red round channel in upper surface from careless painting of rail in that colour. Similarly, traces of red on lower surface.

Considered the reverse way up it would be a base. Probably from wooden railing. For similar blocks in miniature, see Ast. iii. 4. 024-026. Gr. length 9" x 64" x 5".

K.K. I. i. 06. Fr. of glazed faience, flat ; body red ; glaze on face bright green. In relief on face, curving

oak leaf. For finer examples, see K.K. I. o6, 07. 7" x 51" x if to Ir. Pl. LII.

K.K. r. i. 07. Fr. of glazed faience ; small curling leaf in profile, appliqué over straight stem which passes below it at right angles. Same clay and glaze as preceding. 5" x (gr. width) 3"x Ir. Pl. LII.

K.K. r. f. 08. Fr. of glazed faience ; same clay and glaze as preceding. Convex acanthus leaf or bract, showing signs of recurving again at (broken) top and bottom. Sides also partially broken, but complete in middle, giving width of 4", though evidently expanding above and below. Fr. is from central portion, masking junction of R. and L. floral scrolls, beginnings of which are present. Back concave to follow convexity of front. 6" x (gr. width extant) 5" x (average thickness) j".

K.K. I. i. 09. Fr. of glazed faience ; similar to preceding. In shape a curving fan-shaped leaf (?), with deeply hollowed veins following line of curve. Base end only preserved. 7h" x 5" x I ". Pl. LII.

K.K. I. i. 0I0—Ir. Two frs. of glazed faience, similar to the preceding. Curved hollow frs., like side of snail-shell but having hole in flattened top. Double groove follows edge of hole, and side is roughly fluted. Gr. fr. (orr) 6" x 41" X (h.) 2k". PI. LII.

K.K. I. i. 054. Pottery head of monster, apparently architectural. Probably gable end. Grey clay, unglazed. Incomplete.

Spirited modelling, with large ball-like eyes set under overhanging wrinkled eyelids ; open mouth showing upper teeth (lower jaw lost), and long tapir-like upper lip drawn up in angry snarl. Large horizontal holes for nostrils are bored at base of upper lip with slight prominence on top between. Surface lightly scraped to suggest hair ; three deep grooves drawn across base of snout to indicate wrinkles caused by lifting of lip ; lip itself scored inside with cross-lines to indicate ribbed formation of roof ; upper lip finished at corner of mouth in spiral. The iris of eye is surrounded by a deep groove, which has the effect of directing the gaze forward and downward.

Top and back of head are cut off flat ; the former having two large holes sunk vertically directly over each eyebrow, for connexion with points of adjoining piece, and the back hollowed out in concave curve from side to side, attaining depth of r1". At bottom, also, a hole is pierced through back of throat for fixing pin.

Ears or horns not developed owing to flat finish of head. Remains of dark pinkish slip over surface. Details vigorously, not punctiliously, treated. Length 8", h. (at back) 5", width (at back) 6". Pl. L.

K.K. I. i. 015. Fr. of pottery finial. Low triangular shape, with slightly arched base, and scalloped edges to upper sides. Plant design in relief on face, with central upright stem and buds in profile in corners. Long narrow straight-edged leaves. Sand-encrusted ; lower corners broken off. 4" x 6$" x (thickness at bottom) I". PI. L.