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0590 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 590 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. 038. Fr. of pottery, from lower part of bowl, in white paste glazed pale green on both sides ; with slightly incised curved lines inside under the glaze, which is unintentionally crackled. 2F" x Ii" x ay. g". Pl. LVII.

K.K. 039-44, 062, 063. Frs. of pottery, from the same or similar howls of red pottery (sometimes burnt grey) ; mostly glazed green, tint of which varies according to variation in kiln heat and perhaps on account of their being parts of different vessels.

Paste moderately washed. Glaze crackled unintentionally and rather spongy. Purple streak on 040 and 042, on which glaze is blue. Foot and portion just above, unglazed. Shape, echinus, rim slightly in-turned. Rivet-holes through glaze only on 041 and 044. Other examples are K.E. xtv. 011-15, K.K. 0103, 0104, 0109-III. Largest fr. 3.;" x 24" x ay. F".

K.K. 045. Fr. of pottery, vessel of porcelain-like paste, rather spongy, pierced with hole in form of acute pointed quatrefoil (Gothic form). Painted blue outside, a line round quatrefoil and blue ground outside line.

Glaze very pale blue-green outside. Inside, surface of paste vitrified, pale straw colour. 23" x 1i" x i". PI. LI.

K.K. 046. Fr. of pottery from vessel similar to T. xr.vii. 09, but inside, overglaze lines of red forming border, and below, beginning of further pattern. Small spots of green between some of the lines. Ii" x ii" x i".

K.K. 047. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel of porcelain-like paste ; low translucency ; very pale olive-green glaze, with blue pattern inside and out. Inside, plain band bordered by double lines, and floral pattern below. Outside, similar band with foliate scroll ; below, panels outlined with broad and thin lines, within which pattern indeterminate. Cf. K.E. xv. 02, Pl. LVII. I" x Ii" x i" (full). Broken on all sides. Pl. LI.

K.K. 048. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel. White paste, spongy, glazed outside starch blue. Outward form, convex on each side of central horizontal keel. Inside concave without indication of external keel. 3}" x 2" x F".

K.K. 055. Bronze ring. Diam. r i", thickness I ".

K.K. 056. Bronze tag or part of clasp. Form shield-shaped with upper edge rising into central single stem which supports a cross-bar with two ribs round centre and knob at each end. Centre of shield open. Two rivets at back, one at point of shield and other in centre of cross-bar. For object of similar use but slightly different in form, see

Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVI, L.A. 0o56. 1" x   Pl. LXVI.

K.K. 057, 059, 067. Three bronze frs. 067, a flat tag with one end slightly rounded and the other square. Marks of three rivets at back. Other frs. mere waste scraps. x I".

K.K. 058. Cast.iron band, semicircular, with two square knobs projecting from outer surface, equidistant from centre and 1i" apart. In two pieces. 3f" x }" x F". Pl. XI.

K.K. o6o, o6r, 064, 065. Iron nail, (064) with broad head. Length 2i". 060, nail head (?) ; diam. I". o6r, nail head ; diam. I." 065, nail with head missing ; length ii".

K.K. 064. a. Jade bead, spherical, white, drilled and threaded on silver wire. Diam. c.

K.K. 066. Fr. of iron knife ; long thin tang shouldered at junction with blade which spreads equally on each side and is very thin. Length 41", width of blade â". Pl. XI.

K.K. o68. Silver (?) rod, gradually tapering from thickened and rounded end. Perhaps used for applying antimony to the eyes. 2i" x i".

K.K. 069, 07o. Two frs. hard black slag. c. 1i" long.

K.K. 071. Agate or carnelian bead, spherical, not drilled. Diam.

K.K. 074. Wooden knife handle, split and bound round with cord. Evidence of metal ferrule to secure blade. Section flat. 4" x r x â". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. 075, 082, 083. Beads. 075, turquoise, diam. }" ; not drilled. 082, pink agate, diam. }" ; not drilled. 083, blue paste, ill" x " ; large hole.

K.K. 076, 079. Frs. of bronze sheet. 076 tapering each end, and roughly hook-shaped at one end. 3F" x i". 079 slightly tapering, cut angular at narrow end and hole drilled near. Punched spiral ornament on one side. Bent. 2"xi".

K.K. 077. Iron knife ; tang and part of blade, similar to K.K. o66. 2)(" x ".

K.K. 078. Iron nail or chisel ; square section, tapering to point, thin and spatulate at head. Length 3F", breadth at head T:76". Pl. XI.

K.K. o80. Fr. of iron saw ; double-edged, one side finer than the other. Teeth have good pitch, but no ` set '. Length II", width of blade W; depth of large teeth", depth of small teeth ~" ; space between points—large i", small is", thickness of blade â". Angle of leading edge of large teeth approx. 90°, following edge about 4o°. Small teeth irregular. Pl. LXVI.

K.K. 081. Bronze rod ; tapering, broken at both ends ; about r of its thicker end ornamented in relief with four-ribbed meander, running lengthwise and therefore forming series of reversing spirals. Thinner end square, from angles of which ribs of meander proceed. 3i" x c. s". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. 085. Coral. Rough lump, worked into buckle or slide form, and carved on part of surface with Chin. cloud scrolls. I1" x f" x i". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. o86. Carnelian bead ; hexagonal, chamfered away on both sides of greatest circumference, forming 12 facets. Flattened at poles and drilled. Diam.

K.K. 0102. Fr. of bottom of glazed stoneware bowl (celadon ?) with ring-foot. Hard, light grey body ; glaze each side dull grey-green, with incised pattern of curving lines inside under glaze. Two rivet-holes in outside. H. extant 1F" ; diam. of foot 2i" ; gr. width 5i" ; thickness of wall i". Pl. LVII.