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0624 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 624 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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saddle and broad saddle-cloth with plain border. On breast-band are bells (?). Easy grace of rider is in striking contrast with energetic action of horse.

The peculiar splay action of the yak is cleverly caught and contrasts with graceful movement of horse. The persons are riding through scrolls probably representing clouds.

Quality of drawing is strong and rapid ; movement through the air expressed by agitated draperies even more than by attitude of animals. Upper and L. parts missing. R. edge torn. Paper moderately thick and opaque. 13" X 7+". Pl. LX.

K.K. II. 0313. b. Fr. of drawing on paper. Rapid sketch of rocky landscape with small figures. From about centre, running to R., a mass of vertical rocks. Farther to R. are more distant rocks rising from a valley through which runs a stream with a house on its bank.

In foreground to R. three seated figures, probably in boat. Tall rocks appear to L. and in foreground of valley; below is a figure perhaps wading in a stream and playing with a dog (?). In centre, a roughly drawn circle which may be the Sun or Moon. Gnarled trees appear in centre of foreground and another boat (?) to L. Large patches missing at L. and R. Paper smooth, very thin and buff. 15i" X 6". Pl. LXI.

K.K. II. 0313. c. Two frs. of one (?) sketch on paper. Very rapid and rough impression difficult to interpret. It seems to be a view of a level plain seen from a high rock (foreground), an old twisted tree rising to R. and extending its foliage to centre of top of picture. Riding across plain from R. to L. are two horsemen going at great speed and leaning forward over horses' necks as they urge the animals on. One rider has his R. arm upraised holding a stick (?), the other has his arms extended forward. They appear to be either racing or chasing. Speed and violent action of men and horses very vividly expressed by simplest possible lines.

The rest of drawing vague ; but there is probably another horseman with lance over shoulder in R. foreground.

In centre appears to be a large house or temple with figures seated in and about it and with vertical rocks behind. To extreme L. are four or five Chinese characters. Portions missing. Paper smooth, very thin, buff and ragged. c. 17" x 9". Pl. LX.

K.K. II. 0313. d. Fr. of drawing on paper. A figure, I to R., sits on flat rock with R. knee raised and supporting outstretched R. arm, the hand falling gracefully down in front of knee. L. lower leg lies flat on ground. Face youthful. Drapery loose, voluminous and wrapped about

body in close rope-like folds stylized in treatment and very graceful. Rich necklace and armlet on R. arm ; L. forearm not traceable. A plain disc (jewel ?) occurs at centre of abdomen. Traces of bamboo above to L. Perhaps an Avalokitesvara, but no halo visible. Paper dark, very thin, woolly and tattered. 12" X 8+". Pl. LXI.

K.K. n. 0313. e. Fr. of paper with drawing of Gane§a, head wearing Nepalese or Tibetan cap. He has a small ring through L. p. ear and shows two short tusks close together on L. p. side of mouth. A flower in front of face. Paper buff ; torn at all edges. 7f" .6".

K.K. u. 0313. f. Fr. of paper, in many pieces with drawing of seated Bodhisattvas. Centre part only preserved. Figure faces R. Breast and R. p. arm bare, with bangles on wrist and narrow drapery over forearm, which is horizontal and seems to be resting on an arm-rest with voluted end. Long fingers with long nails held gracefully palm down. Streamers and jewels hang from coiffure. Additional jewels have been drawn on back of paper. Drapery well designed. Paper buff ; ragged. 71" x 13}".

K.K. II. 0313. g. Fr. of paper, with three drawings, two of an old man's head, the other of nearly half-length of man. The first two may be studies for one head. An old man, bald on front of head, with long straggling hair farther back, has his head slightly bowed and to L. He seems to have fallen into a placid sleep, and the rendering of the face is very fine. His eyes are rather puffy, his eyebrows rather long and growing downwards in upper sketch but smoothed laterally in lower. Straggling moustache and beard. Fleshy angle to jaw. Ear pointed slightly at top.

At upper part of forehead a peculiar object looking like an inverted shallow bowl with a ball inside. There is nothing to show how it is supported, unless it be fastened to the hair, brought forward over top of head.

Third drawing shows head and bust of elderly man, bald in front but with long curling hair at back, leaning f to R. with mouth wide open as though howling. Tongue visible with tip curling up behind lower lip. Ear slightly pointed. L. p. forearm lifted, the hand level with mouth and turned outward from body as though pointing or admonishing.

Drapery covers R. p. arm from a little below shoulder and passes across body and over crook of L. p. arm. Both shoulders, neck, breast, and L. p. forearm bare.

All three sketches very good. Paper buff ; ragged, torn away on three sides. 5" x 11i". Pl. LIX.

K.K. II. 03x3. h. Several paper scraps, showing frs. of ornament pricked for pouncing, generally unintelligible.


K.K. III. o1. Frs. of silk muslin painted banner. Subject : on one fr. a well-drawn Naga (?), } to L., with R. arm upraised supporting Padmâsana (?) which seems to have a thick hairy stalk, and left hand with fingers spread, at left hip. He seems to be standing up to thighs in water, and is dressed in complete warrior costume with

cobra (?) tiara. Colouring, faded, resembles that of

Lokapàlas in Ser. iv. Pl. LXXXIV. Size of this fr. 8*".

Second fr. has almost entirely faded, but traces of drapery and red snakes can be made out, perhaps belonging to another Naga. 9f" x 7".