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0625 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 625 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. III. 02. a, b, c, d. Frs. of plain, figured and painted silk. (a) Thick firm twill, figured ; pattern obscured by dirt and wear. Colours prob. two shades of buff and blue. 71- x 21". (b) Plain blue. 4" x 6". (c) Painted muslin ; green edge, pink ground, fr. of pattern yellow outlined black. 31" x Ii". (d) Painted, pink with pale grey outlines. I4' x if Frs. of paper sticking to most of the pieces.

K.K. HI. 04. Frs. of painted silk banner. Two frs.: one with faint traces of drawing and colour, the other with three boldly written Chinese characters and part of a fourth. Very discoloured.

Piece of twig 51" long, probably stiffener. Painted fr., 8" x 8"; inscribed fr., 41" x 21".

K.K. iii. o$. a, b. Frs. of silk painting, with debris of Chin. MSS. Larger fr. (a) shows L. bottom corner of painting with part of altar (?) on R. and small human fig. with hand raised in supplication below. To L. larger standing figs.—attendant (female ?) holding dish of fruit and flowers ; a fiery-haired demon dressed in red skirt and tiger's skin, in pose of violent rage, his feet far apart resting on pink lotuses ; left hand raised above head, fingers directed down, like claws, and (above) Bodhisattva, standing.

Below, by R. edge, traces of fig. with outstretched arms riding black steed (?). Floral scroll-work, finely drawn in ink on green ground, round edge ; colouring otherwise mainly crimson, blue and green. Faded and worn. 191"XII".

Other fr. (b) shows only folded legs of seated fig., coarse work. 9" X 91".

K.K. HI. 06. Frs. of buff kid or goat skin leather, sewn together and doubled over. Marks of sewing at edge. 3I" x 4".

K.K. III. 08. Painted silk muslin. Several frs. painted with green ground and yellow border, with design of which white and red patches with black outlines distinguishable. Very ragged. c. 7" x 7".

K.K. In. 09. Silk fr., faded blue or dark green. 31" x 2".

K.K. In. oio. Painted silk muslin fr., with traces of black bands, and blue and red grounds. No details visible. Thin paper at back. 54" x 3t".

K.K. III. OII. Painted paper fr., showing series of voluted petal shape scrolls in yellow, rising from red patch, with curved red band touching volutes. Outlines black ; rich colour. 34"

K.K. III. 012. Silk fr., finely woven, plum colour, attached to buff muslin, and frs. of blue silk and paper. Discoloured and ragged. C. 41" x 3f".

K.K. UI. 013. Clay stucco mould of rectangular plaque, containing Buddha figure in Bhimasparsa-mudra. Face round, small featured and of pleasant expression. Hair treated in small seed-like projections arranged symmetrically. L. breast bare and well developed. Modelling good. 5s" x 7". Pl. LV.

K.K. III. ois. cc. dd. Fr. of paper, in two pieces showing block impression of two seated Bodhisattvas t to R. on Padmasanas. Style Nepalese. One knee raised, the other and thigh flat on ground. Halo petal-shaped and filled with scrolls. Nimbus tall and plain. Head-dress tall and pointed. Chair-backs' show at angle of halo and nimbus. Long leaves fill in spandrel at same point, running behind ` chair-back '. Rosettes on background. Paper buff ; ragged. 4" x 3".

K.K. In. oil. ii. Fr. of silk, buff, probably damask, with all-over pattern too ragged to make out. 71"x3".

K.K. III. oil. jj. Fr. of silk, blue with paper adhering. 3z X24x„.

K.K. III. 017. s. i, ii. Fr. of paper, in two pieces, with block impression of seated Bodhisattva on pedestal. Padmasana suggested by very involved folds and turns of excessively voluminous drapery. Full face ; eyes cast down ; head-dress, three-tier tiara with jewels hanging from outward curving stem at temple ; breast bare. Streamers and hair hang from head.

Halo and nimbus circular and plain. Swinging tassels above hang from canopy (torn away). Clouds and waving rays fill background. I-Iands at breast in Dharmacakramudra. An object (torn away) in centre of lower part of pedestal from which proceed waving rays. Engraved in scratchy monotonous line. Paper ragged. 74" x 4". ii, small fr. showing top of nimbus and clouds. 21" x i".

K.K. III. 018. Frs. of silk from temple banners, with traces of paint. All ragged. Gr. fr. 15" x 7".

K.K. III. 020. mm. Fr. of silk, wrapped round stick of elliptical section. Silk in three strips sewn together and covered with discoloured paint on one side. Probably part of banner. Length of stick 64" ; silk about 6" x 4".

K.K. III. 022. a.a. Several frs. of silk muslin, with traces of paint. Part of banner. Frs. of paper at back with block impression. Convolute c. 4f" x 3".

K.K. In. 022. p, q. Frs. of paper, with drawing or Hsi-hsia chars. One shows drapery probably from lower half of figure ; other coarse radiating lines. All ragged. Gr. fr. 4/" x 1 ".

K.K. In. 023. h, i. Frs. of paper. (h) Rough drawing of figure (head, shoulders and one hand only remain), full face, with lines drawn from various parts and Hsi-hsia inscription at outer end of each line. Probably diagram giving names of parts. On head a small ornament resembling a Chinese ginger jar with circles drawn on it. All lower part missing. On back eleven columns of I-Isi-hsia writing. 41" x 5". (i) Small fr. with sketch of lower part of garment (?) painted yellow. On back, Hsi-hsia writing. 51" x

K.K. III. 024. hh. Fr. of paper, with crude sketch on one side. Paper discoloured and woolly. 3-1" x I ö".

K.K. III. 025. t. Many frs. of silk muslin, painted. Part of banner ; only red and yellow halo recognizable. Gr. fr. 81" x4".