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0389 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 389 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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else had survived apart from the skeleton I had little doubt that the remains were those of an indigenous burial. No other relics of any kind could be found on the ground.

On my return to camp I was relieved to find that the fine camel which had broken down on the morning's march had been brought in by the resourceful Hassan Akhün, after having been given a feed on part of the straw in its saddle and on a big loaf of bread. Its sore feet had been ` re-soled ' on the spot, and the same very painful but always effective treatment was now being applied in turn to the rest of the camels which had the pads of their feet similarly cracked and lacerated. It took half a dozen men to hold down each of the poor beasts, writhing with pain while the piece of stout ox-hide was being sewn on to the live skin to cover the sore portion. So the men were all kept busy with this trying operation till long after dark. Fortunately there was still some dead wood near by, which made it possible to keep fires blazing. By their light Hassan Akhün and his expert assistants were also able during the night to administer their first dose of rape-seed oil to the camels, a treatment designed to maintain their strength under fatigue and privation. The beneficent if strong-smelling liquid had to be poured down the nose of each reluctant recipient. The noise attending the process continued almost throughout the night and left little chance of sleep for the rest of us.



` Re-soling' of camels' feet.


L.I. ox. Pottery fr., badly washed and containing coarse chips of dark grey stone. Two bands of cable on outer side. Friable. 2" x if". Pl. XXVI.

o2. Pottery fr., of similar quality to L.I. ox, with triple chain band. xi" x x}". PI. XXVI.

L.I. 03. Pottery fr., of similar quality to L.I. or. Triple cable band. xi" x x}". Pl. XXVI.

L.I. 04. Pottery fr., of similar quality to L.I. ox. Rough oblique tool-marks on outside. I g" x x r. Pl. XXVI,

L.I. 05. Two bronze frs., of javelin or large arrow-head.

Rounded point ; thick central rib pierced for shaft at lower end. Blade clipped. Total length 31" x i" x I". Pl. XXIII.

L.I. o6. Fr. of bronze sheet. x" x t".

L.I. 015. Jade celt. Length 3I", gr. width xe". Pl. XXII.

L.I. o16. Fr. of worked stone, with hole in corner. Black. Gr. M.

L.I. 017-18. Two stone points ; of irregular lozenge shape, one end being much elongated. Edges thick ; 017 unsymmetrical. 017, length if', gr. width i" ; oz8, length IN, gr. width 1r. Pl. xXIV.


L.I. oio. Fr. of stone, grey, lamellar. xi" x 1" x 1".

L.I. 012. Jasper arrow-head, leaf-shaped point ; long, well-worked, dark brown stone. Cf. L.1lI. 0155. Length


L.J. ox. Eighteen bronze arrow-heads, found within I} square feet, on line of ancient Chinese route, â mile ENE. of L.J. All alike, as L.G. off (PI. XXIII) and examples described, Ser. ii. p. 767 (under *T. 007) ; see ibid., iv. Pl. LIII, T. xiv. a. 007.

Blade solid, triangular in section, with triangular faces slightly rounded towards point ; no depression in faces. Hexagonal shank, cast with iron tang, perished in all but one, which is joined to another head by corrosion. Good condition. Average length fa", gr. width i". Pl. XXIII.

L.I., FEBRUARY 27, 1914

2$", gr. width", gr. thickness iZ". Pl. XXII.

L.I. 013. Fr. of glass bead ; greenish white, translucent. Diam..1v.


L.J. 02. Mass of frs. of rush matting, precisely similar to that now used in Kashmir. Three degrees of fineness represented. Very brittle. Total length of all pieces 24", average width 91". Pl. XXVI.

L.J. 03. Fr. of wood, smoothed on one side, broken on others. 2" X Ii" x â".

L.J. 04-6. Three frs. of pottery ; very coarse, impure, greyish-red clay. Gr. fr. (o4) 21" x Xe" x I".

L.J. 09. Frs. of grass and twigs, from below watchtower.