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0191 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 191 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Badr. 044-52. Nine frs. of stucco meandering band, moulded in continuous close zigzag emphasized by deeply incised parallel lines, as Ser. i. p. 146, A. T. i. 0075, &c. Burnt. Gr. length (048) 2".

Badr. 053. Fr. of stucco relief orn., from apex of triangle carrying crescent, as Ser. i. p. 143, A. T. 0033. Triangle edged with bead border between raised lines. Traces only of crescent, traces of light paint. Burnt. 1rx1".

Badr. 054-5. Two frs. of stucco relief orn., from straight band edged with bead border between raised lines, and orn. with circular jewels. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. IX, A. T. 0095. Grey clay. Burnt. IA" x I " and 1" x s".

Badr. 056. Stucco relief fr. Part of rosette with seeds hanging in cascade from centre ; as Ser. iv. PI. VIII, A. T. v. 0039. Cf. also above Yo. 04, 031, Pl. I. Traces of light paint. Burnt. I x Ii". Pl. v.

Badr. 057. Stucco relief orn. Quatrefoil rosette, with raised circular centre and deep central groove down each petal. Remains of white paint. Burnt. $" sq. Pl. X.

Badr. 058. Stucco relief fr. End of lotus-petal, two-lobed, as Badr. 031, but on smaller scale and pointed. Burnt. 1 }" x I".

Badr. 059. Stucco relief fr. Fleur-de-lis head from floral orn., as Ser. iv. PI. VIII, A. T. v. 0049. Burnt. x I-".

Badr. oho-r. Two stucco relief frs. (joined), of hair moulded in two bands of crescents, reversed in alternate bands, as Ser. i. p. 146, A. T. i. 0030, &c. Burnt. 11" x Ii"

Badr. 062. Stucco relief fr., human L. ear, tip broken off. Painted, prob. pink. Burnt. Length 211".

Badr. 063. Stucco relief fr. Small conical curl of hair, moulded in spiral. Burnt. H. ", diam. of base A".

Badr. c64. Stucco relief fr. Snail-shell curl of hair, with remains of light paint. Burnt. H. ff", diam. ri".

Badr. 065. Stucco relief fr. Curled first and second fingers of L. hand, with transverse hole running inside curve. Back not moulded. Burnt. Gr. M. t ".

Badr. 067-8. Two stucco relief frs., of seated Buddha plaques, as Badr. 034-5, &c. Lower part only, showing folded hands and crossed feet. Grey clay ; probably burnt. Traces of light paint. Gr. M. tr.

Badr. 06g. Fr. of carved wooden plaque (stated to be from Khadalik), prob. vesica from wooden statuette. Shows at top part of vesica's outer border of creeping flame ; below, section from R. half of circular halo. Latter has border of elliptical jewels, surrounded by beads and separated by groups of three stalks or leaves tied in by band at middle. Field covered with narrow waving flames, radiating for small quatrefoil rosette within raised circle, preserved just by broken edge.

Above this rosette are two lozenge-shaped jewels within bead borders, placed one above the other among the

flames. Both rosette and these may be part of orn. on head of fig. Fine relief work and in good condition. H. 4i", width If", thickness 16". Pl. IX.

Badr. 070. Small pottery jug, with handle. Plain rim without spout. General shape as Ser. iv. Pl. IV, Yo. oo6o, but shorter and more squat. Grey clay, no orn. H. 21", gr. diam. 2". Pl. v.

Badr. 071. Stucco relief fr., of acanthus foliage. Fine work. Hard plaster as Chal. o8, &c., burned grey. Gr. M. 2". Pl. V.

Badr. 072. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel. Sloping shoulder orn. with incised lines (pattern preserved only fragmentary) and showing base of handle (broken off), with eroded appliqué animal head orn. below. H. 2h". Pl. III.

Badr. 073. White agate (?) bead, oval. Length A", gr. diam. a".

Badr. 074. Half of bronze ring, round in section, corroded. Diam. 2", thickness ".

Badr. 075. Painted wooden panel, with arched top, one edge broken off. Obv. Buddha in black robe orn. with conventional yellow spots, seated in meditation on red Padmasana. Oval halo and vesica with bead borders, in red, white, and yellow. Rev. traces of similar Buddha in white robe. Both sides much effaced. Gr. h. 71",

width 2$".   Pl. XIII.

Badr. 097-9. Three frs. of glass, green, translucent, but not clear. 098 flat fr., 097 and 099 frs. of rods, solid and hollow respectively. Gr. M. s".

Badr. oroo. Bronze spinning whorl (?); dome-shaped with flat top, large hole pierced vertically, slightly concave on under-side. Good condition. H. 1", diam. of base diam. of hole I".

Badr. 0101-3. Three frs. of bronze wire, round in section. Corroded. Gr. length c. 21", diam. c.

Badr. 0104. Fr. of bronze belt-catch (?). Ribbed end-piece, flat, oblong, with one curved pin projecting at right angles broken off short, and signs of another (lost). Corroded. Gr. M. yr.

Badr. 0105. Fr. of bronze, tapering, corroded. Length A".

Badr. oio6. Fr. of bronze ring, smooth, elliptical in section. Slightly corroded. Arc r i", gr. thickness A".

Badr. 0107. Fr. of bronze slag. Gr. M. xA".

Badr. o108. Bronze tip for strap (?). Shield-shaped, made in two pieces (back and front) ; front with receding edges, forming hollow behind ; back flat, attached to front by rivets but apparently allowing strap or other object to pass out between edges at top of shield. Well made but corroded. H. Fa", gr. width -H", thickness ".

Badr. wog. Bronze buckle-ring and catch for strap. Ring, thick, D-shaped. Catch, a shield-shaped plate, with double hoop passing round tongue-bar of ring to back-plate. Back and front plate joined by rivet. Tongue of buckle lost. Length I4", diam. of ring 1". Pl. X.