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0186 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 186 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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io8   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

Yo. 0125. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué rosette, conventional, as on Yo. 04, P1. I. Gr. M.

Yo. 0126. Terra-cotta disc or counter ; each face convex, with knob (?) broken off centre. On one side incised four-pointed star. Diam. I".

Yo. 0127. Fr. of terra-cotta elephant's face (Ganea ?). Broken on front and all sides. Prob. appliqué orn. H. II".

Yo. 0128. Fr. of terra-cotta coiffure, being the high top loop of hair from head similar to Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXII, Mi. xi. 00103 ; cf. also iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. iv. 0096. H. ii".

Yo. 0129. Fr. of terra-cotta fig. R. shoulder and breast of woman fig. (?), with cincture under arms, and lines of drapery drawn down from shoulder to middle of breast. H. II".

Yo. 0130. Fr. of stucco architectural orn. Octagonal faceted jewel with three of cardinal points ornamented by moulded bands, fourth resting on top of volute. Same as Ser. i. p. 152, Si. oo6. H. xi". Pl. II.

Yo. 0131. Fr. of terra-cotta model railing, as Ser. i. p. "5, Yo. 0065. Sq. panels between upright posts, grooved down middle and finished with ball top and bottom. Surface worn. Length 2I".

Yo. 0132. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, upper edge (?) with rough relief orn. of foliate (?) character. 14" x 2" x 1 a".

Yo. 0133. Terra-cotta relief of seated Buddha, prob. from plaque ; seated in meditation. I-Iead lost. Surface worn. H. 21".

Yo. 0134. Fr. of terra-cotta relief Buddha, prob. from plaque ; seated in meditation ; legs only remain crossed at ankles, and forearm with hands interlocked in lap. Slightly discoloured at one end. Gr. M. 2h".

Yo. 0135. • Head and part of halo of terra-cotta relief Buddha. Slanting eyes. I-Iair not modelled. Good work. H. 1I".

Yo. 0136. Head of terra-cotta relief Buddha, like the preceding. Long slanting eyes. Excellent modelling. H. 1". Pl. II.

Yo. 0137. a-e. Frs. of five votive terra-cotta plaques, from the same mould. Pear-shaped ; showing Buddha seated in meditation on growing lotus, from stem of which leaves as simple scrolls spring R. and L. Flame border to halo. Character of modelling suggests that mould was cut in intaglio direct, and not made from a relief original. Very simple treatment. Clay rather soft. Mould c. 3" x 2#". PI. III.

Yo. 0138. a-h. Eight terra-cotta spinning-whorls ; dome-shaped, of varying degrees of depth.

a-c, plain. d, orn. round lower in-drawing portion of dome with roughly incised band of chevron and horizontal lines in the angles. e, round hole (under side of dome) faintly incised six-rayed star. f (same position), eight-petalled rosette ; round lower side of dome, double row of punched dots. g, round widest circumference, annular line ; above, whorl of downward pointing petals ; below,

band of chevron. h, finely made. Under-side of dome, seven-rayed star within circle, with dots between rays. Round widest circumference of dome, cable band. Holes generally tapering. Gr. M. (e), diam. I", h. I". Pl. II, III.

Yo. 0189. Bronze finger-ring, with device of seated griffin in intaglio. Much worn on face. Diam.

Yo. 0140. Bronze fr., prob. of bangle. Snake-head terminal with four wires forming cable issuing from neck. Head cast, hollow ; wires wrought and inserted in back of neck which is clamped over them. Good. i" x I". Pl. X.

Yo. 0141. Iron mouthpiece for vessel (?). Circular band attached by one edge to oblong plate, which has its corners cut off, and its two ends bent down. Within band, plate is pierced with an oblong hole, widened at long sides by segmental piece cut away for about s of length. Perhaps intended to take cap fitting over band, with shank shaped like hole and so made that after in-

sertion it could be turned   revolution to fix it. Well
preserved. Plate 116" x 21".

Yo. 0142. Oblong piece of turquoise, with band of Greek fret incised on both sides. One long edge chamfered. 4"xfxI".

Yo. 0143. Sixty-three glass and paste beads; spherical, bugle-shaped, drum-shaped, &c. Mostly blue, green, or yellow. Gr. length i".

Yo. 0144. Forty-six glass and paste beads ; mostly drum-shaped, blue, and green. Average diam. ".

Yo. 0145. Sixteen glass beads ; blue and green, mostly ring or drum-shaped. Average diam. i".

Yo. 0146. Twenty-two shell heads of various sizes, and one ` duck ' charm of shell. Gr. diam. I".

Yo. 0147. Five polished stone discs, dark grey, sides convex, and in one case roughly faceted. Average diam.

Yo. 0148. Circular stone seal, prob. white jade. Flat disc. Design not cut. Diam. A".

Yo. 0149. Eight frs. of ore, prob. iron pyrites. Gr. M.


-6 •

Yo. 0150. Fr. of dark red substance, heavy, prob. lead or antimony oxide. Gr. M. I".

Yo. 0151. Misc. frs. of bronze, lead, cornelian, lapis lazuli, coral, shell resin, &c., worked and unworked. Gr. M. (bronze pin) xi".

Yo. 0152. Five frs. of ore ; exact nature undetermined. Gr. M. I".

Yo. 0153. Fr. of yellow stone, surface covered with irregular natural markings. Cf. Ser. i. p. I15, Yo. oo88. Length r.

Yo. 0154-5. Two lignite charms (?), in form of seated animal of lion type with head drawn back on shoulders, back hunched, and feet gathered under it (not shown). On under-side of each, two grooves running lengthways.