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0616 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 616 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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with three pendent lines between, each sustaining a pearl. Balusters much less elaborate than K.K. u. 0253. b. Rather careless engraving. Paper buff and much torn. 4}" x 3$". Pl. LXV,

K.K. Is. 0266. z. Fr. of paper, with drawing of long folds of drapery. Paper buff and ragged. 15" x 81".

K.K. Ii. 0267. ff. Fr. of paper, with roughly painted geometrical forms. At three outer angles, space filled with bold trellis in black, red and green resp. ; fourth has traces of same treatment in red. Paper pale buff, torn at all edges. 9" x 8".

K.K. II. 0267. gg. i, ii. Two frs. of paper, with two roughly drawn symbols in black, repeated a number of times in various sizes and directions. Paper buff. Gr. fr. 61" x 2f".

K.K. II. 0268. d. Block-printed paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text decorated across top with row of five seated Buddha figures. A very rough and bad attempt to reproduce those on K.K. u. 0231. a (Pl. LXV). Paper buff and good. 71" x 31".

K.K. II. 0268. e. Fr. of paper, in two pieces formerly stuck together at edges. Contains bold drawing in dense black lines of lower part of heavily draped figure seated on lotus. R. p. foot, drawn with wonderful freedom of line, appears sole up and has rather long nails. Waist-band and portions of hem of robe decorated with elaborate scroll-work. Elbow and part of R. p. arm shown with forearm flexed upward. Paper dark buff and ragged. I I" x '0".

K.K. n. 0269. k. Fr. of plain silk, rich buff. Selvedge at one edge. 4}" x ii".

K.K. II. 027o. aaa. Four frs. of block•printed paper leaves, with Hsi-hsia text ; ornamented at top with row of five seated Buddha figures (one detached), very crudely executed and coloured roughly with red, yellow and grey paint. Figs. are in various poses and are all dressed in red robe, with yellow flesh, grey halo, white nimbus outlined red which rises to a point and supports an umbrella alternately red and yellow. The umbrellas are not engraved but merely painted in. Red rays on yellow ground behind nimbus. Padmàsana with double row of petals roughly outlined red. Paper woolly and ragged. c.

K.K. II. ono. ww. i. Fr. of hemp (?) canvas ; probably from shoe. 1"

K.K. II. ono. ww. ii. Fr. of plain silk muslin, pale buff. One edge selvedge. 6f" x 1".

K.K. II. 0270. zz. Fr. of paper, with printed Hsihsia characters forming probably Yantra. Within outer border of double lines a column of characters. In centre (?) of paper another column terminating at its lower end in a small circle ; from this radiate thirteen straight lines ; suspended from each a column of characters. About 1 above uppermost line to L. an ornamental flower or leaf. Paper pale buff, ragged. 4" x 5".

K.K. II. 0272. a. Fr. of paper leaf showing part of picture of Paradise, a modification perhaps of K.K. u. 0233. b, &c. (Pl. LXII); Only small portion of upper part present, the rest torn away. To L. a tree, then to R. a window, a label of Hsi-hsia, an architectural niche containing fig. with Mandala resembling roughly central fig. of K.K. II. 0233. b, etc.

To R. a vertical band of Vajra and half-rosette pattern ; then a window, passing across which is outer end of wavy band of light bearing shrines and symbols. Then another window and head of nimbate fig. against a ground of waving rays ; a pilaster and window against which another nimbate female (?) head. Paper buff and woolly where torn. 8" x 3".

K.K. II. 0272. z. Number of frs. of paper, with cursive Hsi-hsia writing, much of it deleted by lines drawn through it. Symbol of K.K. II. 0267. gg. i, ii, appears twice. Paper buff, soft and some matted together. Gr. fr. c. 8" x 51".

K.K. II. 0274. a. Frs. of six block•printed paper leaves, of Hsi-hsia book. Front page shows part of a picture in which thirteen figures of Bodhisattvas and demons are all looking to R. Several of the figures have Hsi-hsia labels over them, and all have distinctive symbols in their head-dresses.

Beginning at top, one has a lion-head, the next a serpent apparently coming from the L. eye. Below, one has a single horn and upward streaming hair. Below a female (?) with a dove-like bird with spread wings. Another with jewelled crown surmounted by a kind of ` mortar-board '. In lowest row to L. a bull's head ; others indistinguishable. Good block. Paper buff and perished. Part of border at top ; otherwise ragged on all sides. 6" x 2r".

K.K. II. 0274. b. Fr. of block•printed paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text, showing upper and central rows of seated Buddha figures similar to K.K. n. 0238. b (Pl. LXV). All edges torn away and large piece from centre. Paper buff, thin but not woolly. 7e" x 6".

K.K. n. 0274. c. Fr. of block•printed paper, with part of figure of court official (?) showing L. hand which holds white wand ; grey blue robe with red bands. Well drawn and probably a block print hand-coloured. Background plain buff with part of black band to L. 6" x 1r".

K.K. II. 0274. d. Fr. of paper, with block-print impression of part of subject perhaps similar to that of K.K. II. 0263. b (Pl. LXIII). In this case part of seated Buddha figure is present to R. in teaching or admonishing pose. The supplicating figure is kneeling on a lotus, and the edge of nimbus shows where it passes across shoulders. The monk stands in background with clouds about him ; three beams of light coming from top of nimbus of Buddha. No grotesque figures or animals appear.

In this picture solid black very freely used on borders to drapery, surfaces of pedestal, and lotus below kneeling figure. Paper buff, torn away at R. edge. 7" x 31". Pl. LXIV,