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0187 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 187 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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IIole pierced through body of each horizontally. Heads rudely cut but with expression ; no detail otherwise. Lengths i " and a".

Yo. 0156. Fr. of bronze disc, much corroded. Gr. M.

I1~ .

Yo. 0157. Misc. bronze frs., including pieces of plate, loop (of wire, doubled), sq. knob, ring, pins, and fr. of rivet plate. Gr. M. it" x 1".

Yo. 0158. Large pottery jug, with flat bottom, globular body, and comparatively short neck expanding slightly

to plain rim. Loop-handle comes out at right angles from neck, about 1" below rim, and turning downwards at length of i"-2" falls almost straight on to turn of shoulder.

Round wall of neck have been applied by later hand three masks of grotesque human type as Yo. 052 ; and on top of handle, with nose overhanging rim, a horse-head, of type Yo. o9r, but of inferior execution. These applied orns., too small in scale for the jug, are recent additions, but of ancient make. Good condition. H. (to rim) I2,ß", gr. diam. 91", length of neck c. 4", least diam. of neck 31", diam. of rim 4f". Pl. I.



Kh. oi. Fr. of chunam painted in distemper. Band of light red-brown on which is outline scroll pattern in black, representing vine and grapes, very formal and stylistic. On either side of band, red-brown. Well preserved.


Kh. 02. Stucco fr. of L. hand. Long slender outstretched fingers with long narrow nails, index finger broken, thumb missing. Surface slip cracked ; back only modelled. Burnt. Length 3r". Pl. III.

Kh. 03. Bronze stamp or seal (presented by Mr. Moldovack), triangular with pointed cinquefoil device. Pierced shank at back. 4" x f, h. 1". Pl. X.

Kh. 04. Bronze stamp or seal (presented by Mr. Moldovack), in form of two birds confronting, the heads fused into one, with beak pointing each way. General form crescented. For more degenerate examples, see Ser. i. p. 119, Yo. 00176 ; p. 123, Khot. 007. At back a pierced shank.


I~~" I~X .

Kh. 05. Fr. of charred wood, on one side of which is rudely cut a human face in low relief. Hair as fringe on forehead. Shape and proportions of features bad. Make possibly modern. 2f” x 21" x I".

Kh. o6. Carnelian seal. Circular disc, with convex sides, pierced through middle. One edge cut off straight, and on sectional surface thus formed, device of fire-altar (?). H. i", gr. width s" ; face -,9-; x 2". PI. X.

Kh. 07. Fr. of carnelian bead ; with quatrefoil pattern etched on each square facet by a process causing decomposition of the surface where the lines occur. For examples of the same process, see Ser. iv. Pl. IV, Khot. 02. q and r. Gr. M. I".

Kh. 08. Miniature bone duck, with hole drilled for sus-

pension. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. LI, Y. 002 b. ii.   " x
ft-". Pl. X.

Kh. og. Terra-cotta fr. of potsherd with appliqué mask. Grotesque lion-face, surrounded by mane ; inferior example of type Yo. 058. No moustache. If" x If".

Kh. oxo. Terra-cotta grotesque animal head, L. side only ; sheep or camel. 126," x I ".

Kh. oiI. Grotesque terra-cotta monkey, head, neck, and shoulders. High pointed head ; deep furrow between

eyes ; prominent mouth. Beginning of arms broad and wing-like. I i" x

Kh. 012. Grotesque terra-cotta human face. Thick eyebrows and moustache ; prominent eyes ; nose broken. On head a cornet-like ornament projecting forward. i" x

isI r"   Pl. II.

Kh. 013. Terra-cotta monkey.head ; owl type. " x I". Kh. 014. Grotesque terra-cotta monkey, upper half.

Owl type. Arms curving forward horizontally (broken).

n   y n
6 X 1 •

Kh. 015. Grotesque terra-cotta monkey ; owl type. Hands to face holding small flat object. Legs broken off.

Kh. 016. Grotesque terra-cotta monkey. Lower half and one arm missing. Other arm broken off above elbow. Large projection at chest. i-6" X I".

Kh. 017. Grotesque terra-cotta monkey.head ; owl type. -,56" X r

Kh. oi8. Grey marble fig. of horseman. I-lands raised to chest. Very angular, crudely cut, and badly proportioned. Horse's legs all straight and short ; off foreleg broken. Saw cuts between rider and horse's neck, and between horse's legs. 21" x 2I" X I".

Kh. 019. Yellow marble seal, in form of rectang. shrine with pyramidal top. Two hollow mouldings between top and base. A horizontal notch in each corner of base, another at each angle of pyramid, and vertical groove on each face of pyramid. Hole drilled horizontally below pyramid. Device on bottom face : an animal with long recurved tail and four legs (shown as two on one side) ; very crude. H. 1", base r x i~ ". Pl. X.

Kh. 020. Soapstone relief fr. Miniature Buddha in Dhyâna-mudrâ. Straight Padmâsana with petals hanging downward suggesting drapery. Oblong vesica rounded at upper corners. I-lead roughly carved ; proportions of body, good. II-56" x i". Pl. X.

Kh. 021. Soapstone relief fr. Buddha face and front of head, much damaged on L. p. side. Long ears ; Usnisa. Broken at neck and back. i" x 6". Pl. X.

Kh. 022. Misc. small frs. of jade, flint, agate, carnelian,