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0203 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 203 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Ark. Han. 01. Fr. of neck of terra-cotta vessel. Mouth slightly spreading. Below lip, a nebuly pattern. At base of neck a roughly executed guilloche. On side circular appliqué orn.: anthemion of acanthus type surrounded by pearls. (broken at top edge before firing and stuck on crooked). Inside plain, with ledge projecting slightly above shoulder. Rich red slip over body, giving slight glaze. Diam. of mouth prob. 8"-9". H. 3r", width 41s". PI. IX.

Ark. Han. 02. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel ; prob. neck, in

form of grotesque bearded head on long neck, hollow. Snout (broken) projecting ; top of head also broken.

Eyes narrow ; beard like ruff under jaw, and perhaps tied to ears ; imperial on chin ; three incised cinctures round neck, Below, a projecting band where joined to body. Greyish surface. H. 3", gr. width (length of face) 28", diam. at bottom Ii". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 03. Terra-cotta fr. ; shoulders of amorous couple, embracing. R. arm of male, nude, clasps shoulder Of female, the hand pressed on shoulder-blade. Bangle on wrist. Female shoulder shows embroidered drapery, and the arm (L.) which passes under R. arm of male has bangles on wrist. Hand missing. I-Iair long, streaming down back. Necklace of incised dots. Behind neck of male, a hole, drilled and broken. Heads missing. Well preserved. I." x I" x 8". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 04. Fr. of terra-cotta spout, in form of long tubular-snouted animal head with bulging eyes, small ears, and band of fur across forehead. Well preserved. 21"xIi"xI ". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 05. Terra-cotta plaque for application to pottery. Grotesque animal head, lion type surrounded by pearls. Broken on L. side ; weathered. Diam. 2i", gr. projection 1}".

Ark. Han. 06. Terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque animal head within circle of curls ; degenerate lion type similar to Ser. iv. Pl. III, Yo. 0025. h. Diam. I. ".

Ark. Han. 07. Terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque human head as Ser. iv. PI. III, Yo. 0024. n. Rich red-coloured clay. i " x

Ark. Han. o8. Terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque human face similar to Ser. iv. Pl. III, Yo. 0024. d. Worn. I" Xr.

Ark. Han. og. Terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque human head as Yo. 042, and Ser. iv. PI. III, Yo. oor.o. Good condition. Diam. 18". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 01o. Terra-cotta group. Two figurines seated astride a bar (log), both facing the same way. Front fig., rising, attempts to go away, but is grasped round loins by back fig., which leans forward to reach it. Spirited modelling. Arms of front fig. and both heads broken away. r " x x ". Pl. II.

Ark. Han. o11. Terra-cotta monkey-head ; grotesque `owl 'type. '"x ".

Ark. Han. ois. Terra-cotta Gandharvi head, similar to Ser. iv. Pl. Ill, Yo. 0067, but hair on forehead cut in straight fringe. Much weathered. I a" x ii".

Ark. Han. oie. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque human face similar to Ark. Han. o8, and Ser. iv.

Pl. III, Yo. 0024. d.   " xis". Pl. XI.

Ark. Han. 014. Terra-cotta appliqué orn. with fr. of vase. Plain elliptical jewel with border of pearls. Broken.

I4" x i".

Ark. Han. 015. Miniature terra-cotta monkey, seated on log. Head missing ; corroded. I" x I". Pl. XI.

Ark. Han. 016. Forepart of terra-cotta bear. Fur indicated by incisions. Well preserved. ï 6" x â". PI. XI.

Ark. Han. 017. Terra-cotta fig., squatting with drum (?) between hands. Head and feet missing. Dark grey clay. 1" x i ". Pl. XI.

Ark. Han. 018. Bronze spinning-whorl (?); echinus shape drilled through. 9" x

Ark. Han. 019. Fr. of terra-cotta monkey ; head and

R. arm only, hand up to face. Weathered.   "x g".

Ark. Han. 020. Five paste beads. One glazed porcelain, white and blue ; two unglazed, round, roughened ; one long, irregular, rugous ; one polygonal, pale grey green. Gr. M. I?r". Pl. X.

Ark. Han. 021. Bone charm, in form of stylized duck ; drilled for cord. Cf. Anc. Kltotan, ii. Pl. LI, Y. 002. b. ii.


Ark. Han. 022. Stone charm, irregular, oblong. Prob. steatite. Plain. IA" x k" x

Ark. Han. 023. Irregular stone fr., cream colour, soft.

q „

Diam. c. s .

Ark. Han. 024. Whitish jade fr., roughly axe-head shape. ." x i" x i".

Ark. Han. 025. Miniature terra-cotta jug. Body in form of bird, with head turned back towards neck of jug which rises from bird's body. Single handle. Very graceful and well modelled. Well preserved. " x i-6". PI. XI.

Ark. Han. 026. Terra-cotta monkey, ` owl ' type ; standing, wearing loin-cloth. R. leg, R. arm, and part of L. arm missing. I }" x ".

Ark. Han. 027. Nine small stone charms and beads of jade, carnelian, &c. One flattened millefiore bead (not drilled). Gr. M. ".

Ark. Han. 028. Terra-cotta spout in form of hoopoe. Crest missing, and body broken away. Feathers indicated by scale imbrications. 1 i" x

Ark. Han. 029. Terra-cotta horse-head in profile to L.;