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0600 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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mounted on thin paper and applied to crimson or salmon pink corded ground ; outlined with silk cord which is covered with gilded paper and couched.

One edge is plain band of gilded silk, above which are parts of three legs and tail of three-toed dragon. Tail spinous and scaly.

In front of dragon a chevron pattern between two scalloped bands, and then beginning of repeat of another.

All very good work. Lined pink silk neatly turned in and sewn at edges. All faded to buff. One end finished in blunt point, the other cut straight. Perhaps from MS. cover, as Ser. iv. Pl. CXI, Ch. xlviii. oo1. 131" x I}".

K.K. II. o68. Fr. of printed paper, in many pieces, soft and silky. Rows of monk-like figures seated in contemplation on long petalled lotuses and wearing sharply pointed cowl. Straight short rays form nimbus. Crude work. Frs. of Chinese characters below figures. Av. c. 3" x 11".

K.K. II. o6g. Fr. of silk gauze; yellow and faded. Torn. 5" x 5f".

K.K. u. 074. Remains of silk painting (perished), with dark silk border, and wooden stiffener at bottom. Subject, Buddha seated in Bhamisparia-mudrâ on lotus. Supported on elaborate pedestal ; the upper surface painted crimson, and the many-stepped mouldings and large central torus decorated with long rectangular panels filled with roundels in various interchanged • colours. Colouring mostly dark red and green, much discoloured. Remains of paper backing. c. 22" X I' 4"

K.K. II. 075. Silk band and wooden weighting-stick, from bottom of painting (?); silk printed, with dull red ground and pattern in resist of buff-coloured lozenge-shaped spots: Lined with pale blue silk, and fixed into groove cut along length of stick. Stick plain round, painted red. Silk slightly narrows towards top. Silk 4" x 14" to 1o" ; stick; length 151", diam. f".

K.K. n. 076. Fr. of wooden weighting-stick from painting, with remains of paper adhering. Length 7", diam. }".

K.K. II. o77. Fr. of paper pounce, torn. Pricked floral and scroll design, not wholly intelligible. One side of paper blackened. An old drawing has been used, the lines of which are traceable but have no relation to the pricked design. 13" x 11".

K.K. II. 078. Frs. of plain silk, faded pinkish buff, with loop of fine canvas attached. Prob. front of border of painting. Gr. length 13" x 4".

K.K. IL o80. Specimen of paper, soft buff, thin, felted, torn. Gr. fr. 3" x f".

K.K. II. 081. Remains of silk painting, dirty, torn and faded. Subject was standing Buddha, with young monkish attendant in adoration on either side. Coarse work. 2' X I' 4".

K.K. ii. 082. Fr. of clay stucco lotus petal, ornamented in relief as K.K. I. 047. No colour. 4i" x 21".

K.K. IL 083, 091, 092, o97. Frs. of clay stucco drapery. 083 shows wavy edges of flattened tubular folds ; blue. 3N' x Ii". 091, 092, ' butterfly ' bow, grey-blue. 51" x 21". 097, hanging corner with tubular folds ; green with red lining. 3" x 11".

K.K. II. 084, 098, 0II3, 0150, 0174, 0195, 0228. Frs. of clay stucco ' caltrop ' mail ; gilded. 084, 01.2.3, 0150, 0195, 0228, reeded variety as K.K. u. 0197. Roughly modelled. Gr. fr. 0150, lozenge shape. 51" x 31". 098, with part of frame, red. Roughly modelled. 2e" x 11". 0174, evenly and well modelled. No reeds or rivet. 31" x 4". For other examples, see K.K. II. OIoI, 0103, 0163, 0197, Pi. LV.

K.K. It 085. Fr. of clay stucco ornament in relief ; a double row of lotus petals, reversed, incurving at their bases where they join ; outer edges of pearl ornament. No colour. Suggestion of raised decoration on each petal similar to K.K. I. 047. Good work. Material tough and fibrous. 2" X 21".

K.K. II. o86. Clay stucco human ear, badly modelled, painted red over white. Lobe normal and pierced. 4" x 2".

K.K. II. 087. Fr. of clay stucco band, painted white with red and green chevrons at intervals. 31" x 1".

K.K. II. o88. Clay stucco finger, with long projecting nail. Gilded. Exactly similar to K.K. I. o12. 31" x ö". Pl. LIV.

K.K. II. 08g. Fr. of fresco, on mud plaster. Part of circle bordered green with black lines ; centre yellow, spotted red. Ground outside red. 3" x 2".

K.K. II. ogo. Fr. of clay stucco ornament, beautifully modelled (prob. part of jewel),. coated thinly with white, over which gold. Ornament is composed of diverging flamboyant scrolls, beside a kind of lotus centre. Surfaces of scrolls are generally flat or slightly dished' (concave), terminating in projecting ends. 3" x 11". Pl. LIII.

K.K. II. 098.. Fr. of clay stucco relief ornament, consisting of two lotus petals with a smaller one overlapping between. Dark blue, bordered with lines of salmon pink, pale yellow and dark blue. 21" x I ".

K.K. II. 094-6. Frs. of three clay stucco fingers. 094, painted pink over white and gilded ; short nail. 095, same as preceding, but nail long. 096, red on under-side and nail, and blue on back ; nail slightly beyond tip. c. 11 life-size. Largest fr. 3"

K.K. II. 098. Fr. of clay stucco mail (?) ; frame (?), painted red and links gilded over pale wash. 3" x 2".


K.K. II. ogg. Clay stucco L. hand of figure, palm outwards, clenching white double cord (?). Blue ; palm red. Nearly life-size.

K.K. II. moo. Fr. of stucco architectural (?) orn., similar to K.K. n. 0125. Surface convex with raised portion continuing curve of lower part. Badly damaged by water. s2"x6f",