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0306 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 306 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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C. xciii. 074. Fr. of bronze plate; convex surface decorated with curved chevron border and radiating lines of small dots, in slight relief. One edge turned over to back, and part of adjoining edge. r x i" x An. PI. XXIII.

C. xciii. 075. Fr. of rim of glass vessel, in two pieces ; opaque, bronze colour glass. $" x ~fi", Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. 076. Fr. of bronze wire, sq. in section, slightly curved. Length a", width ".

C. xciii. 077-8. Halves of two glass beads, echinusshaped. 077, deep yellow, translucent ; 4978, light blue, translucent. Surface corroded. Diam. i" and A". PI. XXIII.

C. xciii. 079. Carnelian bead, red to yellow, spherical. Diam. i". Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. o80. Fr. of glass, pale green, translucent. i" x 1". Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. o8r. Fr. of glass bead, flattened bulb, translucent yellow. Diam. c.

C. xciii. 082. Fr. of stone flake, hard grey-brown ; shape indeterminate. Gr. M. IA".

C. xciii. o83. Stone blade, close grain, dark grey ; slightly curved downward and outward. Lower face smooth with bulb of percussion at one end. Single ridge partly median but running towards back near one end. Single edge on concave curve, worn. Back, flattened and changing its direction for about i of its total length. I1"

C. xciii. 084. Fr. of stone blade, dark grey-green, close-grained. Double-edged ; two ridges. A".

C. xciii. 085. Stone point, dark grey, close grain ; curved leaf-shaped. Lower face smooth, with bulb of percussion at butt. Upper face has two ridges converging towards point. Length IA", gr. width 11".

C. xciii. o86. Fr. of stone blade, dark green-grey, close-grained. Double-edged. Bulb of percussion on lower face. Median ridge. Worn. ii".

C. xciii. 087. Stone implement ; dark grey, close-grained. Slightly tapering at one end to flat rounded point. Other end cut askew, the acute angle slightly rounded and sharpened. Median ridge and two incomplete side ridges. Lower face smooth, with bulb of percussion. Length 1i", gr. width i", gr. thickness 15.2".

C. xciii. 088-98. Eleven frs. of stone blades ; dark grey, green-grey, grey-brown and yellow-brown ; close-grained. Double-edged. Lower faces smooth ; on upper faces one or more ridges. Gr. fr. Ii".

C. xciii. 099. Stone arrowhead ; dark grey-green, close-grained. Leaf-shaped ; flaked on one side ; worked edges on both. Length x", gr. width i".

C. xciii. 0X00-120. Twenty-one stone flakes ; mostly chert blades, or frs. of. All grey of various shades excepting those otherwise noted below, and of close grain ; single, double and triple ridged. ozoz, small fr. of narrow blade, much worn on edges. ozo2, irreg. with part of large bulb of

percussion on under face and fan fracture on upper. oro5, short and broad, concave longitudinally on under face. ozzo, brown jasper, narrow, with high median ridge, retouched along its whole length. All clumsily shaped, long and narrow, strongly curved under at one end. ozzo, long and narrow fr. ; small bulb of percussion on lower face ; flat on upper face with two ridges near worn edges. 0119, fr.; curved laterally to point, thin and roughly flaked on upper face. 0220, fr. ; dark grey-brown, flat on both faces with well-defined bulb of percussion on lower ; slightly tapering towards bulb ; single edge worn ; back flat. Gr. M. (ozzo) 214" ; sm. M. (oror) v. Pl. XXII.

C. xciii. 0121-40. Twenty stone flakes, mostly frs. of blades ; dark grey, green-grey and grey-brown ; close grain. 0121, high median ridge, broken ; edges worn. 0122, median ridge ; edges worn. 0123, two edges, two ridges near one edge, one near other. 0124, single (?) edged ; two ridges near back ; one end worked into round chisel point. 0226, 0127 and 0129, edges much worn. 0120, upper surface flat ; ridges near edges. or 31-5, edges much worn. 0137, upper face retouched, almost removing ridges. 0140, thin and flat, used along both edges. Gr. fr. (czar) 2,", sm. (0133) ". Pl. XXII.

C. xciii. 0141. Jade celt, with well-sharpened edge, chipped. Upper part rough and broken. Length 2iß", gr. width 1", gr. thickness I". PI. XXII.

C. xciii. 0142. Stone celt, roughly chipped, thin, long triangular ; apex broken off ; dark grey mottled stone. All three edges sharpened ; butt slightly curved laterally. Length 1i", gr. width 1i", gr. thickness I". Pl. XXII.

C. xciii. 0143. Chip of hard stone, olive green. Gr. M. I".

C. xciii. 0144-5. Two frs. of bronze, partly melted. Gr. M. ri"

C. xciii. 0146. Jade celt ; green, flat ; well-sharpened edge. Length 1i-'g", gr. width 1 h", gr. thickness c.

C. xciii. 0148. Chip of hard stone, olive green, as C. xciii. 0143. Gr. M. I".

C. xciii. 0149. Stone core, dark grey, from which long narrow blades have been flaked. Length 1i".

C. xciii. o15o. Chip of hard stone, olive green, as C. xciii. 0143, 0148. Gr. M. jr.

C. xciii. ors. Stone scraper (?), hard dark grey, cut flat. Slightly curved ; flat back partly worked and partly broken ; butt worked flat ; opposite end rounded from below and roughly chipped to wavy edge which ends in a sharp point where it meets back. 21-" x j" x i".

C. xciii. 0152. Fr. of pottery, coarse gritty clay, red inside, dark grey outside. Sand-worn. Gr. M.

C. xciii. 0153. Fr. of worked stone, hard black. Thick at butt ; opposite end worked into thumb-nail edge. Smoothed and blunted by sand wear. Gr. M. xi".

C. xciii. 0154. Fr. of worked stone, rounded and rubbed