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0632 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 632 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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terminating in elaborate growth of smaller outgrowing scrolls. Suspended by a ring to downward curve of stein is an elaborate tassel. To L. of tassel parts of characters. Torn at all sides. 3" x 2f". /xi. A few scattered lines and half of radiant sun. Torn at all sides. Paper wove and thin. 4" x 34".

E.G. 022. a. lxii—lxv. Four frs. of block.printed paper. Ixii shows L. lower corner of rectangular panel. Within, part of circular halo surrounding a figure of which one R. p. hand appears grasping a rod (arrow or wand), and below part of Padmàsana and an end of drapery. Background between outer lines and halo, rocks, leaves and clouds. Lower edge of rectangular panel shows row of pearls on red ground, belbw which small quarries with oblique lines below. z ¢" x I".

Ixiii. Larger fr. of similar scheme showing three or four L. p. arms of figure of which first above seems to grasp a how. 21" x 2f". Ixiv. Fr. of top R. corner of similar schemes

but with broad border of fine scroll-work. Background of field, clouds. Within halo one hand grasping axe. "

2 x i}". b.. Rough impression from part of large seal. Cf. E.G. oz8. m, o. Paper laid and rather brittle. a" x xi".

E.G. 023. a. xxi—xxiii. Three frs. of paper, with roughly written charms. xxi has on one side six lines of Tibetan writing divided by lines horizontally and vertically. On other side an irregular five-petalled flower with inscriptions on centre and petals. To L. part of these lines of writing. Paper thick, laid, torn away at one end. 2f" x32.

xxii shows two circles and a part on each side. In centre of each a character in red outline and surrounding it Tibetan writing. Paper as above. 7f" x 3".

xxiii. Three concentric circles, with flame border outside largest and eight petals between second and third. Tib. characters in centre, and petals between first and second circles. Paper appears to be modern. 4}" x 3e".