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0535 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 535 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. xxiii. b. 03. Tapestry frs., of finely woven rug, in rainbow stripes of red, green, and brown. Largest 5" x 7".

T. XXIII. b. 04. Fr. of pottery, grey, moderately fine, showing mat-marking' outside. Gr. M. 7k". Pl. XLVIII.

T. xxiii. b. os. Fr. of pottery vessel, generally resembling T. iv. b. 02. Grey ; thickened rim and bulging shoulder ; faintly ` mat-marked ' on exterior. Gr. M. 4I", thickness i" to g". Pl. XLVIII.

T. xxiii. b. o6. Wooden bracket, of same type as Ser. iv. PI. LIV, T. viIl. 004, &c. Tenon cut off very short at length of II". Bracket slopes down from one end of


tenon, and curls in spiral at end ; chamfered at edges and painted black, but has no incised lines. Fair condition. Length of whole 6i", gr. depth in gr. thickness i". Pl. XLVI.

T. xxIII. b. 07-8. Two wooden sticks, with bark removed. 07 trimmed roughly round ; o8 also trimmed round, flattened and sharpened at ends, possibly for pen. Lengths 84" and 6i".

T. xxIII. b. og. Fr. of felt, covered on one side with three layers of silk, one of pale blue silk between two of white ; quilted on with parallel rows of stitching. 3i" x Ii"X".


T. xxiii. c. ox (room). Wooden block ; rect. with short edges chamfered and one long surface concave. r i" x X

T. xxiii. c. 02. Wooden lug of boat-shaped bowl, lacquered red-brown, with rough black scrolls between two black lines on inner face, as T. XLIII. k. 026. 5" x xi" x r".

T. xxiii. c. 03. Specimen of reeds from wall.

T. xxiu. c. 04. Fr. of iron hoe (?) blade. Narrow wedge-shape in section, hollow to take thin end of handle ; one side broken away, and one end gone ; as Ser. iv, Pl. LIV, T. xv. ooro. Rusted. Length (incomplete) 21", depth 2". Pl. XLVII.

T. xxiu. c. 05. Flat oblong piece of bone, neatly squared, yellow, and polished by friction. if" x 1j" x Pl. XLVII.

T. xxiii. c. 06-7. Two bronze arrowheads; solid,

triangular in section, with angles cut back to form hexagonal shaft ; as L.J. or, and Ser. ii. p. 767, T. 007 ; iv, PI. LIII, T. xiv. a. 007. Iron tang (broken off) in each. Point of o6 blunt and rounded, of 07 sharp. Fair condition. Length Of each i,V. Pl. XLVII.

T. xxiii. c. o8. Fr. of leather. 54" x

T. xxiu. c. og. Fr. of rope ; vegetable fibre. ro" x T. xxIII. c. o10. Fr. of cloth. 14" x 3".

T. xxiii. c. o11. Wooden peg ; pyramidal top with flat point, rectangular shaft. Split on one side. 5" x Pl. XLVI.

T. xxIII. c. 0I2-13. Wood. Roughly pointed ends of pegs, prob. similar to T. xxiii. c. on. Shaft broken off. II" x i". Pl. XLVII.

T. xxIII. c. 014. Fr. of iron implement. 2" X 8" X i g ". T. xxiu. c. ois. Fr. of silk ; plain, discoloured. 3" x 2i".


T. xxiu. d. cm. Fr. of pottery vessel, showing flat bottom and spring of side. Dark red surfaces, grey in middle. Gr. M. 3i", thickness i" to T".

T. xxiii. d. 02-3. Two frs. of glazed pottery ; thick body of gritty clay; grey; glaze, each side, much scratched lustrous dark greenish-brown. Cf. Ser. ii. p. 789, T. xxix. f. Gr. length 3", thickness 1" and ;". .

T. xxiii. d. 04-5. Two frs. of glazed pottery ; gritty buff body ; glaze, each side, iridescent mottled bronze and green. Scratched. Gr. length xi", thickness a".

T. XXIII. d. 06. Fr. of glazed stoneware (?), from plain, slightly everted, rim of vessel. Body of fine texture, buff ; glaze, each side, dark greenish-brown, thin, evenly applied. Cf. Ser. ii. p. 789, T. xxix. r. H. Ii" x i "x i".

T. xxiii. d. 07. Fr. of glazed stoneware, from plain rim of vessel very slightly everted. Body of fine texture, grey, very hard ; glaze, each side, of light stone-grey, changing perhaps to cream (at lower edge) on outside.

II"XIi"XI"to }"


T. xxiii. d. 08. Fr. of glazed pottery. Body light

pinkish buff ; glaze of light creamy buff, covering whole of interior of fr. but stopping short of lower (broken) edge on exterior and showing part of lower wall of vessel unglazed. Faintly crackled. Glaze has flowed down unevenly on outside. Cf. K.E. x. or. Gr. length Ii", thickness a".

T. xxui. d. og. Fr. of glazed stoneware, from straight rim of vessel. Fine buff body ; glaze outside of mottled bronze and green, resembling tea-dust (?) glaze ; inside, cream. Gr. length 14", thickness i".

T. xxIII. d. 010-13. Four frs. of porcelain ; on-r3 belonging to same vessel. White body, painted on outside (011-13) with rough floral design in dull blue under faint bluish-white glaze ; (oro) with fr. of bird (?) or flower design, too small to be distinguishable, in bright blue under greyish-white glaze.

Inside, in each case, plain glaze, except one edge of 013 which shows fr. of plain rim with band of blue on inner side. Rivet-holes, not bored through, on outside of 012, 013. For similar ware, see T. xLIII. I. o6-9. Gr. M. Ii". thickness i".