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0352 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 352 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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golden brown. Colours of pile : red, salmon pink, light brown, pale pink, yellow, two blues, and grey.

Along one edge of fr. are bands : red, blue, pale blue, shaded through dark to light yellow ; then down again to red, and within this a panelled pattern bordered with red. Latter has dark blue field, with inner lozenge (?) of grey-yellow, on which are red flowers yellow centred, and bands of blue, yellow, light grey, and brown. In one corner of blue field is spiral in dark yellow. Colours very rich. I I" x6". Pl. XLIV.

L.C. iii. 015. Two frs. of woollen pile carpet, similar in structure to L.C. ii. 014. Pattern too fragmentary to be intelligible. Colours on one fr., fine wine red and light indigo ; on other, rich crimson, yellow, two blues, grey (or green), brown and pale pink. Much worn. 5" x 4"; 7"x6r

L.C. iii. o16. Fr. of figured silk in two pieces. Warp-rib weave. Pattern indistinguishable on account of dirt. Very brittle. Gr. fr. 6" x I".

L.C. iii. 017. Fr. of figured silk garment composed of three pieces of different pattern sewn together.

  1. Largest, has design of ` vermicular ' cloud scroll with beasts. To R., first recognizable feature is dragon-like beast perched on nodes of scroll, head lowered facing L. ; rather long jaws, upright ears (or horns). To L. a vacant space varying from i" to I" (perhaps faded).

To L. a lion striding down hollow of scroll, hind legs vigorously drawn ; tail curled. To L. a winged beast, striding. The whole faded to buff, excepting the blue which provides most of above details.

  1. Next largest fr. is the partridge' pattern similar to L.C. iii. o18, encrusted with sand and faded.

  2. Third similar to L.C. iii. or I.

Three edges perished and torn. Fourth edge turned under and sewn to plain dark buff silk lining, most of which is missing. Very ragged, and encrusted and brittle. 1' 6" x I'. PI. XLII.

L.C. iii. o18. Fr. of figured silk. Type similar to L.C. iii. 017. b ; but Chinese lapidary chars. in blue, which is unusual, as they are ordinarily buff. Much sand-encrusted, faded, and brittle. 1' 1" x 1' 2". Pl. XLII.

L.C. iii. 01g. Fr. of figured silk ; selvedge of similar pattern to L.C. iii. oII. Well preserved but darkened. I'XI~".

L.C. iii. 020. Fr. of figured silk ; warp-rib, finely woven, with counterchange (?) pattern of dark rich yellow and dark blue. Pattern fine but not wholly decipherable. One part : on blue belt-shaped ground yellow palmette with short radiating stems bearing circles. Adjoining, same shape reversed, with blue circles. Very brittle, colour good. 3f" X i". Pl. XXXV.

L.C. iv. ox. ab. Two silk bags, lined white and covered with patchwork of small triangular pieces of white, green, blue, red and yellow. Mouth of white silk, with cord of same to tie.

Very rotten, but colours bright. (a) in better condition than (b). Depth c. 5", diam. of mouth c. 4". Pl. XLIII.

L.C. iv. ox. c. Mass of plain silk frs. ; small, fine weave, chiefly tones of buff and pale blue, with small frs. of crimson, dark blue, &c. Also small piece of crimson woollen cloth. All very rotten and tattered. Specimen fr. 9" x 3k".

L.C. iv. 02. Wooden buckle from harness, as L.C. i. 015, but complete. Flat, rectang., with ogee point at one end, sq. at other. Transverse slit near each end, to take flat rope, which is preserved at sq. end. Here it is doubled, and passed through slit from front in loop, which is then brought forward round edge of buckle, and has free ends passed through it, making ordinary hitch.

Incised line of orn. on face of buckle, forming a St. Andrew's cross midway between slits, and continued in an endless line round them, following the ogee point on that side. Triangle within line at sq. end orn. with punched dots, and one such dot near centre of each long edge. In each of these edges, also, below ogee, is slight notch giving an inward continuation of the curve.

Rope of dark brown hemp-like fibre, made of four twisted strands (two-ply) laid side by side and sewn together with string of same kind. Except at loop, the two widths of rope lie side by side ; the whole eight strands are sewn together in this fashion, making one broad flat band. Buckle slightly hollowed at back. Wood perished but unbroken. Length to ogee point 3}", width 2}", thickness

", width of rope 1f", length (broken oft) 3". Pl. XXIX.

L.C. iv. og. Three frs. of plaited leather thongs, exactly resembling an ordinary dog-whip. White, very brittle. Lengths, 4" ; 3" ; I i".

L.C. iv. 04. Leather forehead ornament for horse. Stem or strap terminating in disc. Leather is white, and doubled, the edges being turned over to front, and in stitching a line of crimson woollen tufts is introduced. These are placed close together to form a line of pile down centre of stem and a border round disc ; white edge of leather shows outside crimson pile.

Leather of stem is continued down back of disc, and forms a flat loop through which a headband was passed to keep disc from swinging out of position. Brittle. Length 6f", width of stem I", diam. of disc 2",

L.C. iv. 05. Fr. of hemp string, plaited, very brittle. Length 5".

L.C. iv. o6. Wooden leg of food-tray ; in form, two rectang. pyramids of unequal size, truncated and meeting at the small ends. Small chamfers at angles of smaller pyramid. Remains of tenon at bottom of larger. Bleached, hard, and split. Base of larger end I-" x Ii", of smaller

x I", waist r

L.C. iv. 07-8. Two carved wooden legs of food-trays. Crudely cut in form of lion's leg, with broken tenon at upper end of each. From different trays. Well preserved. 07,41"xIi"Xg"; o8,4 "XIi"XI"

L.C. iv. 09. Fr. of wooden goblet. Circular, echinus-