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0630 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 630 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.E. xv. 02. Fr. of porcelain, from upper edge of bowl decorated with patterns in grey-blue. Lip very slightly outward curved. Grey-green glaze ; over this, on outer surface, panels outlined with broad and thin lines, within which cloud scrolls (?). Inside, double line upper border ; below, freely painted pointed petalled flowers and leaves, in silhouette. Upper edge unglazed. Rivet-hole near centre. Cf. K.K. 047 (Pl. LI). I f' x I " x }". Pl. LVII.

K.E. xv. 03, 06, o8—io. Miscellaneous scraps of bronze sheet and wire. Av. length c. 4".

K.E. xv. 07. Bronze disc ; six-lobed, pierced with square hole. Diam. )".

K.E. xvi. or. Miniature silver (?) spoon or ladle ; snuff-spoon (?). Round bowl, slightly curving handle. Well made. Length I ", width of bowl a".

K.E. xvii. ox. Iron ferrule, flattened, for knife handle.

" X â" X v

K.E. xvlI. o3, 08, 09. Bronze. 03. Flat bronze ring. f"diam. x A" broad. 08. Bronze nail. I" x a". 09. Bronze

band, concavo-convex.   x }".

K.E. xvii. 04. Fr. of pottery. Small curved spout of pale buff porcelainous ware, glazed pale grey-green. Hole c. }" diam. Length it', diam. at base }".

K.E. xvii. 05. Carnelian bead ; irregular shape. Diam. }".

K.E. xvII. 06. Fr. of glass bead. Half ; pale grey-green, spherical. Diam. A".

K.E. xviI. 07. Fr. of paste ; rich turquoise-blue. $" x"XI

K.E. xx. oi. Fr. of glass bead. Half ; pale grey-green. Diam, A".


E.G. ox. Printed paper. Deity seated on demon (?), with R. hand upraised holding flaming sword. Lotus headdress ; Padmâsana ; rayed background: Roughly engraved and bad impression. Torn. 41" x 4f".

E.G. o2. Painting on canvas ; a blue deity seated on Padmâsana, full face, head tilted slightly to R. p. High tiara, voluminous red pyjamas, short green vest with blue tabs at waist ; R. hand on R. leg, L. hand raised to breast. Blue nimbus ; yellow halo rayed red with black dots between rays. Ground of halo blue with green flames outlined red. Background of upper corners blue with red roundel in each ; background of lower part green. Outlines black and red. Rough Tibetan type. 4" x 41".

E.G. 03. Paper print. Boar-faced deity, embracing nude Sakti, standing on lion. Rope of skulls from waist. Outline only. Torn away on all sides. Reverse, printed label. Tibetan. 3i" x 2r".

E.G. 04. Printed paper. Oblong block. Vajrapâni enthroned on lotus resting on square platform supported by elephants R. and L. Bhûmisparia-mudrà ; Vajra in L. hand held vertically in front. Bowl of fruit in front ; elaborate two-tiered head-dress ; halo behind figure, and nimbus ; floral background. Rough work of Tibetan type. 41" x 51".

E.G. 05. Wooden food bowl, turned from solid piece. Flat foot, bellying sides, slightly recurved lip which is thickened. A bud between two bracts on short stem incised on bottom. Broken away in two places. Diam. 6". Height 21". Pl. LXVI.

E.G. 06. Wooden box (shrine ?), cut from solid piece, with grooves for lid. Under-side rough, otherwise painted, prob. red, all over. Top treated as Chinese house roof, with curved sides and straight hip. Width 3" ; height 4;1"; depth I}". Pl. LXVI.

E.G. 07. Pottery patera forming antefixa ; grey body ;

circular, with very fine three-toed flaming dragon and clouds in relief. Cf. K.K. i. i. 014. 4" diam. Pl. L.

E.G. 08. Pottery fr. of dragon's head ; grey ; bulging eyes, short prominent nose, projecting frilled eyebrows, protruding upturned snout and teeth in jaw. Lower jaw missing. Prob. architectural ; cf. K.K. i. i. 4214. 8" x 4"x5"; Pl. L.

E.G. 09. Pottery ornamental brick ; hollow ; grey ; approx. square. On each face a double-rayed lotus in high relief with scroll stems proceeding right and left. Two sides closed and concave. Cf. Chiao. o8, 09 (Pl. L). 9r x 8i" x 6r. Size of hollow 6" x 3".

E.G. oxo. Painted wood. Concavo-convex fr., painted on convex side with head of gold dragon outlined in raised gesso on red (lacquer ?) ground. Green cloud below dragon.

Edges plain, If" wide ; along each of them a row of dowel holes. One dowel hole with pin near centre ; one near each extreme edge. Chamfered both ends. Similar to work still found in Leh. Reverse, 3 11. Tib. writing. 8" x 3" .r. Pl. LXVI.

E.G. oii. Wooden frame, rectangular, one end segmental ; back board pegged on (broken) ; edges of frame near front grooved for sliding front or lid. The whole covered with thin brown lacquer, excepting about r of inside of frame adjoining back board, prob. the space occupied by edge of painted panel or other scheme forming the object protected. 511" x 3 " x I". Pl. LXVI.

E.G. 012. Wooden decorated board; oblong with pointed end slightly curved. A mystic design, printed on ptiper pasted to board, occupies whole of rect. surface ; the pointed part painted black with hole near point for suspension.

Subject : a demon riding a grotesque animal, with looped stars (?) above. In upper portion, a double circle with mystic signs surrounding a square. To L. p. of circle,