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0084 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 84 (Color Image)

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THEY GO FROM BERCA TO OUCACA & BUCARA rMARCO POLO LT there and set out from Berca and went off in safety to a city which has for naine R R Oucaca, which was at the end of the realm of the lord of the Tartars of the sunsetting. P VB And from Oucaca they set out and going further crossed the river of Tigri, which is VA VB one of the four • natural rivers which is said to come down from the Paradise of delight, and VB LT afterwards went through a desert which was seventeen marches long, in which they R VA found no towns or villages or other fortified place but found a great multitude of Tartars VA V only who dwell in the open country with their tents, who lived on the milk of their animals FB which grated in the fields.

OW THE TWO BROTHERS PASS A DESERT AND CAME TO THE CITY OF BUCARA. And when they have passed that desert then they were come to a city

which is called Bucara . It was very noble and great; the province also had z Bucara likewise for name . King of it was one who had the name Barac . The city was z the best that was to be found in all Persie . The two brothers, when [5a] they were come VB to this city they were unable to go forward any more because the roads were cut or to turn R V V back for the great war which was among the Tartars, and so they determined to stay there and FB V dwelt • in the said city of Bucara three years . And while they stayed there, then peace

  •  was made between those Tartars; and after some days there came a very wise man, sent as z messenger from Ulau the lord of the sunrising, who was going to the great Kaan, z to wit lord of all the Tartars, dwelling at the ends of the earth between sunrising and the


VB Greek wind, who had Cublai Kaan for name . And when this messenger had learnt that FB the said two Latins were there and sees these two brothers Master Nicolau and Master Mafeu P P who had now fully learned the Tartar tongue, he has great wonder at it[and]boundless joy,

  •  because they had never seen any Latin in that country. And when he had talked and had

  •  company with them very many days and had learned their pleasing manners, • and when he knew

  •  them to be merchants, • he persuaded them to go with him to the greatest king of the Tartars . He said to the two brothers, Sirs, says he, if you will trust me you will have great profit from it and great honour . The two brothers said to him that they will trust him gladly if it is a thing that they could do . The messenger says to them, Sirs, I tell you that the great lord of the Tartars never saw any Latin and has great desire and wish FB to see some of them; and so if you will come with me all the way to him I tell you that, VB as you are noble and wise men, he will see you very gladly and will do you great honour VB and great good and will have the greatest pleasure and contentment in hearing from you the news and conditions of your lands, for he is a lord of the greatest power and has great wish to hear new FB things; and you will be able to come safely with me without any hindrance from any

  •  evil people • orfear that any attack will be made on your persons while you are with me.