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0431 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 431 (Color Image)

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our book because it would be too long a matter to mention. And the merchants

come there with many ships with their wares, but more than anything else they bring z

there gold and silver and brass and tutty. . They carry there things of their lands z

and they carry away with them of those goods of this kingdom, that is of those from z z z

which they expect to make greater profit and greater gain. And you may know that

they make great profit for there are no corsairs in this kingdom, but I tell you that y

they are quiet people and good merchants and they all live by trade and by crafts and are VII v

good people. There is nothing else which does to mention, and so we will depart

from it and will tell you farther forward of the others, that is of the kingdom of z

Semenat .

HERE HE TELLS OF THE REALM OF SEMENAT. Semenat is a great kingdom   . I g~ .
toward sunsetting, the people of which they are idolaters and have a king y and have a language for themselves and pay tribute to none. And there FB v are no corsairs but they live by their trade and by crafts so as good people ought R

to do. For you may know quite truly that it is a kingdom where very great trade FB

is done, and the merchants come there from many parts with many wares both

from one hand and from another and sell them in this kingdom and carry away

with them afterwards of those of the kingdom. And again I tell you that it was said z R

to me [gob] that they who serve their idols and temples are very cruel and proud treacherous VB z

idolaters, the most cruel and treacherous that the world contains.' There is no other thing R

which does to mention and therefore we will depart from it and will tell you

further forward of another kingdom which is called Kesmacoran.   z

very great kingdom which has a king and language for themselves. And VB TA again they are idolaters, some of the people, but the greater part are Saracens; • z and live by trade and by crafts. They have rice and corn enough, for you may know TA z

that they eat rice and flesh and milk. And merchants come there' in great quantity L v z

both by sea and by land with many wares and afterwards carry away again of those z

of this kingdom. There is nothing else which does to mention in this kingdom. And y

I tell you that in this kingdom is the last province of all greater Indie going between FB L sunsetting and the plough-beam. For you may know that departing from Maabar z up to this province, that is all the other kingdoms and provinces of which I have z told you from Maabar to here, belongs to the greatest Indie and is the best that is y in the world. Moreover you may know quite truly that we have told you of this

1 VB (more plausibly): "And there are in this province those who serve their idols and temples, the most austere men in the world."

2 h (cancelled) But hi seems to be required. Z: illuc L: Ad hunt locum