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0430 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 430 (Color Image)

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    z VB and great trade is done in horses through all the province of Indie for the great gain which is made from it. For the merchants carry great quantities of them to sell there, so z v that few ships come to Indie which do not bring horses, because they do great trade FB in them, I • & other merchandise also. And for this reason which you have heard the z king has made this agreement with2 the corsairs that they are pledged to give him'

  •  all the horses which they take, and all other goods, that is both gold and silver and FB precious stones, belong to the corsairs. Now this is an evil thing and is not kingly work.' Now we have told you of the kingdom of Tana and we will depart from it and will tell you of the kingdom of Cambaet.

  • I 86 .   FB   ERE HE TELLS OF THE KINGDOM OF CAMBAET. Cambaet is a very great

   VB FB V   kingdom of greater Indie toward sunsetting. And they have a king and the

  •               people of it have a language for themselves, and pay tribute to none, and they are idolaters. And from this kingdom the star of tramontaine is seen more z high; for you may know that henceforth when you goy more toward sunsetting° so

  •  much the better will you see the star of tramontaine more high. Great trade is donc in this kingdom, and there is very good indigo and in great abundance. There is z FB L also • made very fine buckram and cotton in very great quantity, for they are carried from this kingdom through many provinces and kingdoms . And great trade is also VB done there in skins very beautiful & well made up [boa] and tanned, and this is in great quantity, for they work them as well as in other countries. And again I tell you that there are also many other wares of which I will not make memorial[in]

I des cheualz se fait grant mercandie pour toute endie car les mercant hi en portent grant quantite por uendre si qe pou ries uienent en indie por cauaus en portent en grant quantite por uendre si qe pou en uienent en indie qe aportent cheualz The correction of this passage, following Z (p. xcii) and V, by the omission of the words por cauaus ... en indie and the addition of ne before aportent is the simplest that suggests itself and is adopted by B., but it is not wholly satisfactory as the words omitted are by no means a mere repetition of what has been written above, per cauaus being specially hard to explain, and the form cauaus, with cheualz above and below, rather suggesting some confusion with corsaus.

2 qe But Z: cum V: chop

3 qe les corsaus qe il li demorent donent The version is very uncertain. Z,V omit li demorent and that is perhaps the true correction. B., remembering car les corsaus li doient Boner above, reads, con les corsaus: que il li devoient doper The version "that they remain giving him" i.e. "that they continue to give him" does not seem to be supported by GODEFROY, who does however give se porter garant as a meaning for demorer.

4 e ne est entre FB: si que ce nest pas oeuure de Roy.

5 nos ales for cos ales FB: tarit plus irez par ponent

6 Z: magistrum and so V.