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0468 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 468 (Color Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000271
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    TA Z know how you & your fathers were' formerly in many great battles with him and how you helped him to conquer all the land which he held. And you know how

I was son of him who loves you so much, and I myself love you as much as my z body. And then since the truth is thus as I have told you it is quite right and TA reason that you help me to conquer again that which belonged to my father & you in the case LT of this man who comes against reason and against all right and who wished to TA TA do us so great wrong as to disinherit & drive us & all our families from our land. And again you know quite truly [iota] how he is not of our law, but has lost it and is LT LT become a most evil Saracen and worships Mahomet to the abuse of our law. See now LT how worthy a thing it would be that a Saracen must have rule over the heads of LT Tartars.' Now, fair brothers and friends, since you see there are all these reasons LT our heart & courage and will must indeed be enlarged to do what is needful that this LT may not happen, that he take my land from me. Wherefore I pray each one to be a






TA3 TAû valiant man to defend our right and to exert himself beyond the requirement of his duty

V or his power to fight against them so bravely that we win the battle and that the

LT TA rule remain with you and not with the most evil Saracens. And truly I have hope in God that we shall put him to death[&]each one must assure himself that we shall win the battle because we have right and our enemies are wrong. Now I will not say more to you at this point but that I pray each one that he set his mind to do well. Then he is silent that he said no more.

OW THE BARONS ANSWERED TO ARGON . And when barons and knights who were there have heard the words which Argon had said well and

V TA 1 1 wisely, each one equally said to himself that they wished to die with hint before they should fail to do all their might to win the battle. And while z each one was quiet and dumb, then a noble and great baron rises and stands up and talks in such manner: Fair lord Argon, fair lord Argon,' says he, we know LT quite [ioib] clearly that you have justice and the truth is so as you have told us,4 and therefore I shall answer you for all your men who are with you to make this battle that we will tell you clearly that we shall not fail you so long as we have life in body, and we shall all wish to die before we fail to come to the top of the battle. And from this we ought to be sure that we shall win it, for the great right which we have, and they have great wrong. And therefore I exhort you and LT counsel that we be forward to go as soon as we can to find our enemy on the road

1 uoç Just

2 TA: cristiani

3 biau sire argon is perhaps repeated by mistake.

4 uoç noc auon for uoç not aues

q, 60