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0490 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 490 (Color Image)

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1 uoloient for uooient   2 unilantment for uailantment This mistake, like others, occurs

both in the Table of Contents and here, though the two sources also contain several notable

differences.   3 tout Z: tot


HOW BERCA WAS AT LAST COMPELLED TO FLEE ,MARCO POLO begun, since scarcely ever did so many of them die on one field as there were dead on that. The shouting and the noise was so great there that one did not hear God thundering. Moreover I tell you without any mistake that one cannot walk there but upon bodies of dead men, for the earth was all covered with them and red TA with blood which was spilt there in so great profusion that it looked like a river. For I tell you quite truly that it was a great while that there had not been a battle in the world z where so great a number of men was killed as there was in this. It was so great there, the wailing and the shouting of those who were fallen to the ground wounded to death and who had no power to lift themselves up, that it was a pity to see. This battle was begun[in an evil]hour for the one side and for the other, for many ladies will be widows by it and many children orphans . They are well shown at this point that they wish one another no good, but they are shown to be mortal enemies. And the king Ulau who was a very well proved man and mighty in arms

TA3 does so well in that battle that he had no equal and that he is well seen to be a man z who ought to hold land and to wear crown. He shows great prowess there in arms in his own person and also much encourages his people, when they see their lord z that he did so well and so frankly, and he gives heart to each one and courage to do z well, so that this was great damage and loss to the enemy. And without fail it was a thing which was a very great wonder of arms so that all those who saw' him, as well friends as enemies, were terrified by it; for he is not like man [io8d] but lightning z and tempest. And in such manner as you have heard Ulau does exploits in the battle.

HOW BERCA BEHAVES HIMSELF VALIANTLY .2 And of the king Berca I will tell you how he behaves himself likewise. Now you may know quite truly that he does very well and conducts himself very valiantly. For truly he does so well that it does well to praise through all the world. But it is in vain, for his prowess could avail nothing on that day because his people were so many3 dead and so many wounded and beaten to the earth that they can endure no longer. And so when the battle had lasted until vespers then the king Berca and his people could endure no longer, but they are obliged by final force to desert the field. And what shall I tell you about it ? When they can endure no longer they are turned in flight with as much speed as they can draw from their horses. And when Ulau and his people saw that their enemies were turned in flight they follow them and

z chase them and go beating down and killing them. And they do them so great harm