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0415 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 415 (Color Image)

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were created they [85b J would have nothing more to eat and then they would be

obliged to die. And they say that when the worms should be dead the soul of

that dead body would have great sin & great punishment thereby; and this is the y FB

reason why they say that they burn all the dead bodies of the idolaters•to avoid sin in FB V VB

everything, so that worms may not be gathered together D afterwards die with so great sin to

them; and they say that the worms have souls. Now we have told you of the

customs of these Bradman idolaters, and then we will depart from them and will vs

return to tell you of a beautiful tale which we have forgotten, which I_ learned when VB R

on my way home I was in the isle of Seilan, of which I have spoken before, such as you will VB

be able to understand it. In the mountain is found what I tell you is not to be left in vs

silence, which will indeed seem to you a great thing.

HE TELLS AGAIN OF THE ISLE OF SEILAN. Seilan is a great & beautiful island VB   • 178
just as I have told you in this book further back. Now it is true that there is a very great & high mountain in this island which some time was FB VB    •
SO steep in the rocks' and grottoes of it, that none can climb up there except in this z z

way which I shall tell you. For they make them take many great and thick chains of iron FB FB

& they hang on this mountain arranged in such a way that between these chains the FB FB

men can climb up there by those chains up to the top of the mountain. Now I

tell you that they say that on top of that mountain is the monument of Adam

our first father. The Saracens indeed say this, that that sepulchre is of Adam, and the z FB

idolaters say that it is the monument of Sagamoni Burcan. And this Sagamoni

was the first man for reverence to whose name idols were first found and made. For vs z

according to their usage and opinion this was, they say, the most holy and the best man z VB

who ever was among them, and he was the first man whom they held for a saint z

and to whose name they made idols. And he was a son as they say, •this Sagarnoni • FB Z

Burcan aforesaid, of a great king both rich and powerful. And this his son [85c] was VB

of so good life that he did not ever wish to hear any worldly thing nor did he wish FB

to be king. And when his father sees that his son did not wish to be king and that

he did not wish to listen to any thing of the world, he has very great vexation at it. FB

And that he might be able to recall him from such a purpose and will he promised him great z

things. • And he sent for him & he offers him namely a very great offering, for he tells him TA Z

that he would crown him king of the kingdom and that he should be lord of it at

his pleasure. And again he was willing to leave the crown nor would he give any

' si degrotce les rocches cf. si degrotte enuiron les rotes (p. 396 above). FA: droite et si roiste   FB: si

droite et si desrube TA': si dirivinata TA': sirruuinata   LT: est tota diripita V: ano le sue grote

che nesun ...   L: saxa taliter vndique sunt dirupta Z p. lxxxiv.