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0148 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 148 (Color Image)

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VB or day, • and from darkness change it into sunshine. They do by enchantment and by

L z wisdom so very many other great wonderful things that there is no one who did not see them who could believe them. Moreover I tell you that they• are the head

L z TA & source of all the other idolaters of the world, and from them the idols' descend.

V LT And from this place one could go to the sea of Indie. And commonly they, the men P LT P V and women of Chescemir, are dark and not perfectly black, • and big, and very lean. And

V likewise the women are very beautiful for dark women. And their food is flesh FB V P VA and milk and rice &' many other things. •For it is a very temperate2 land where it is

V V neither too hot nor too cold. And there are cities and villages enough, and they

L L VA LT L have many woods and some • very large deserts around then' and so many narrow & very

  •  strong passes that they have fear of none, & access to them is difficult on every side,. LT so that one could not go to them without great weariness. And they keep themselves by FB V VB themselves; for they have their kings who maintain them in•great justice E for

  •  their justice are much loved by all their people, • and are tributary to none. In this province VB P VB they have many hermits after their customs who stay[and]serve the idols • shut in their

  •  hermitages or cells and make great abstinence from food and from drink, and are very pure from self-indulgence and keep themselves beyond measure from FB VB doing any other sin which may be against their goodness & from transgressing the command-P z VB ments of their wicked. law and faith; so that they might be called blessed if they knew the true God & were obedient to his commandments as they are to their false idols & gods. They z P are held wise and very holy and great reverence is shown them by their people, and I FB VB Z tell you that they live for a very great age because of the temperate air. And all the

  •  great abstinence from sin which they make they make for the love[and]honour of

V their idols according to their law. And they have too abbeys and monasteries enough z vB z of their faith. And the brothers •of many sorts• in then► lead a strict life and wear tonsures like the Brothers Preachers and Minors. Moreover the men of that province do not kill any R Z animals, do not shed blood, but • if they wish to eat flesh it is necessary that • certain Saracens who are mixed among them kill their animals that they may have to eat. And the coral which R is brought from our land to[sell is-sold' more in that country for greater price R than in any others. Now let us leave you this province and these parts. And we

  •  shall not go forward, because if we were to go forward twelve days marches further

  •  we should enter into Indie, to the parts where pepper grows which are near the kingdom

' ydoles ...ydres Z: qui adorant ydolla ... ydola and ydres is not strictly observed in F.

2 Z: calida V: chalda R: calda temperatamente

3 po uende Read perhaps, as B., por uendre se uende FA,FB: se uent V: seuende

But this distinction between ydoles (or ydules)