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0323 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 323 (Color Image)

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they live indeed by trade and by crafts. And they have very great abundance of all z FB vB FB things of life. They have fish also beyond measure. And they have very good z FB i. chase and hunting of wild beasts and of birds in vast quantities. For I tell you that R

pheasants are in such numbers there that one would have three very good pheasants there P P for one coin as much as one Venetian groat of silver, which pheasants are as large as a VB VB peacock. Then we will leave this city and will go forward and will tell you of another FB city which is called Tigiu.

ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF TIGIU. NOW you may know that when   • 143 •

one leaves the aforesaid city of Cauyu he goes riding one small days L FB P

march, finding always many houses, namely hamlets enough and villages z z

and many ploughed fields and fair farms and woods, and then at the end of the march • FB v z

one finds a city which is called Tigiu which is by no means too large, but it is FB

very fertile and rich in all good things of the earth. And the people of it are idolaters L FB z

and have money of notes of the great Kaan, and are subject to the great Kaan. And z v

they live also by trade and by crafts, for great profit and great gain is made there z

from several trades. And this city, it is towards [63b] the sirocco. And they have ships z FB

enough from the said great river, & they have many animals and • fine hunting enough of FB VB Z

wild beasts and of birds. And again you may know that on the left side of Tigiu, VB L

namely toward sunrising, three days journeys distant from here is found the Ocean VB

sea, and vast quantities of salt are made in every place in these three days journeys L

from the Ocean sea to this city here, for there are very good salt beds. And on that road z FB VB

there is a city which is called Cingiu which is very great and rich and noble; and

at this city is made all the salt for all the province to have enough of it for its use. FB Z

Moreover I tell you quite truly that the lord great Kaan has so great revenue and VB FB Z

tribute from it, and it is so marvellous great that one would hardly be able to believe FB FB

it if he did not see it himself. They are idolaters and have money of notes and are z

subject to the rule of the great Kaan. And then we will leave this and will return to V

Tigiu, and again we will leave you Tigiu, of which we have told you well, and

will tell of another city which is called Yangiu.

HERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF YANGIU. When one leaves indeed the city of z   144
Tigiu aforesaid he goes riding by the sirocco one days march through v FB very beautiful country where there are cities and villages and hamlets z enough, and then finds a fair and noble city and very great, which is called Yangiu. TA L

And you may know that it is so great and so powerful a city that it has indeed under FB

its rule twenty-seven cities all great and noble and very good and rich, and of great TA FB FB TA

trade. And in this city one of the twelve barons of the lord great Kaan, governors of FB VB VB

the provinces named above, •who are in the higher rank of dignities, dwells or has his seat, z