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0457 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 457 (Color Image)

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one had Cibai and the other Cabanl for name. Thcy were grandsons of Ciagatai who FA Z

was a Christian baptized and was own brother to the great Kaan Cublai. And

what shall I tell you about it ? This Caidu indeed with all his people, who were quite z z FA FA

60000 horse, fought with these two governors his cousins who indeed had likewise a y

very great people of more than 60000 horsemen, so that there were really between the FA

one side and the other about i00000 horsemen. They fought together very hard

and many of them were killed both on the one side and on the other, but at the

last those two barons were defeated and king Caidu & his people won it and caused very FA FA

great loss of those men. And there were many people dead on the one side & the other; FA

but yet you may know that seeing this the said two brothers who were cousins of y y

the king Caidu escaped without any hurt of their persons, for they had very good z y

horses which carried them off very swiftly. In such way did the king Caidu win

the battle. He grew in bombast and pride thereby, and after that he had won this

battle in such way as you have heard he goes back into his land with great joy and FA

stays quite two years in peace when he made not assemblage of army nor battle; z

nor in all that terni did the great Kaan make him any war nor army.' Now it LT

happened that at end of two years the king Caidu assembles a great host so that

they were indeed a [97b] very great people of horsemen. For he knew that the z

son of the great Kaan who had Nomogan for name was at Caracorom and with

him was Giorge the son to the son of the Prester Johan. And these two barons z

had also a very great people of horsemen. And what shall I tell you about it ? The

king Caidu, when he had assembled all his people, he set out from his kingdom

with all his host and put himself on the way, and they ride so far by their journeys,

without finding any adventure that does to mention again,' that they were come

rather near to Caracorom where the aforesaid two barons were staying with a very z z

great people. And when these two barons, that is the son to the great Kaan and

the son to the son of the Prester Johan, have known how Caidu was come into

their land with so great a multitude of people to fight against them, they do not z

show that they are dismayed' but they show that they have courage and valour.

They immediately prepare themselves very well for the battle with all their people z LT

who were indeed more than 600005 horsemen well equipped • & a great number of foot- FA VB

soldiers. And when they were well prepared, & when they knew that the king Caidu & FA

1 cibai ou ciban LT: super unum baronem ... uocabatur Cimbay. See PN.

2 LT: nec aliquam nouitatem.

3 encore B. corrects to en conte, perhaps rightly. cf. p.486 n. I.

4 estas probably for esbais FA: esbahiz 6 VB: 50000