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0378 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 378 (Color Image)

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    FB FB abundance, and so great profusion that none could believe it who did not see it. They have elephants, and chase and hunting enough. And from this kingdom go z FB all [75b1 the cowries which are spent in all the other provinces of the world as I have FB Z told you before. There is no other thing that is worthy of mention, except only

L R that I tell you that it is so strong and out of the way and •mountainous and wild a place

L that few people go there, and they can go there with difficulty. And the king himself does FB not wish that any may go there nor that any may know his treasure nor his condition. FB Now then we will depart from telling you of this and will tell you onwards of another thing.

  • 165 •   FB   ERE HE TELLS OF THE ISLAND OF PENTAN. NOW you may know again

   FB FB   that when one sets out from the province of Lochac and he goes sailing

   s   five hundred miles by midday then one finds an island full of mountains

z which is called Pentan which is in a very wild place. They have all their woods P VB all of a wood of great scent and of great hardness' and of great value. • Much camphor FB is found there. And not far off are two other islands. Now there is no other thing which does FB FB to tell, so we will leave this and will go sailing between these two islands of which FB z I have told you about sixty miles. And in these sixty miles there is only four paces depth z of water found in many places, and it is necessary that the large ships passing there TA lift2 the rudder because they draw nearly four paces of water, so that it is necessary to z FB Z tow the ships.3 And when one has gone sailing these sixty miles and .goes again about FB FB another thirty miles forward toward the sirocco then soon afterwards one finds an VB VB island which is a kingdom, and the chief city is called Malaiur and the island is named FB Pentan. They have a king over them and have a language for themselves. The city

L is very great and noble, and there is done very great trade in all things and chiefly spices; for they are there in great abundance. There is no other thing which does to mention and so we will set out from here and will go forward and will tell you of the little Java so [75c] as you will be able to hear.'

  • 166 •   ERE HE SPEAKS OF THE SMALLER ISLAND OF JAVA. When one departs

   z   from the island of Pentan and one goes sailing about Ioo miles by the

   rB   sirocco then one finds the island of Java the Less. But yet you may know



1 otorite But most other texts have utilita or the like.

2 hi pasent ausent Z: nauigantes leuent See also note 3 below.

3 The group TA,LT have a different version of the sentence about the ships. Of the three TAS is perhaps the most intelligible:—ennonsi porta timone alle naue per la pichola aqua onde si chonuengono tirare le naue. For chonuengono tirare LT has non oportet girare. It may perhaps be possible that tirare means "to steer with an oar" (cf. BOERIO S.V. tirare aquaí .

4 The text of this chapter seems to be corrupt in places. See PN.