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0093 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 93 (Color Image)

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HOW THE TWO BROTHERS AND MARC GO BEFORE THE GREAT KAAN IN THE PALACE.(HOW THE TWO BROTHERS AND MARC SET OUT FROM ACRE BEFORE THE GREAT KAAN IN THE PALACE.) And what shall I tell you about it? When the noble brothers Master Nicolau and Master Mafeu and Marc were come into VB

that great city aforesaid in which the great Kaan was, they go off immediately to the chief VA V

palace where they find the great Kaan with a very great company of all his barons. And R VA

they kneel before him with great reverence and humble themselves the most that they are VA

able stretching themselves out on the earth . The great Kaan makes them rise and stand upright R R

on their feet and received them with the greatest honour and makes very great rejoicing VA R FB

and great feasting for them . And he questions them much about their life and how

they had conducted it since by the way. The two [7c] brothers told him that they had VA

done very well by the grace of God since they have found him in health and strength LT

and happiness. Then he asked them to tell hint what dealings they had with the chief Pontiff. They LT

explained to him well and skillfully •with great eloquence and order • all that they had done, as VB LT

was right, • being heard with great and long silence by the lord and all the barons, who wondered VB

much at their great and long fatigues and at their great perils. Then they present him with

the privileges and the letters and the gifts which the Apostle lord Pope Gregor sends him, R LT

in which he had great delight. And when he had gladly received these, he greatly commended LT

their laudable faithfulness & diligent care. Next they hand him the holy oil which they LT

had brought from the lamp of the sepulchre of our Lord Jesus Christ •from Jerusalem, • which he P VA VB

had so much desired before, at which he made great rejoicing and holds it very dear and LT

ordered it to be kept with great honour • and reverence, • and nothing was ever more dear or welcome R VB

than that. The great Kaan,,vhen he sees Marc who was a young bachelor of very great VB

and noble aspect, he asks who he is. Sir, says his father Master Nicolau, he is my son FB

and your man, whom as the dearest thing I had in this world I have brought with great peril VB

and ado from such distant lands to present him to thee for thy slave. May he be welcome, says

the great Kaan, and it pleases nie much ; • and he held him in great favour and made them write LT R

him among the other honoured members of his household, for which reason he was held of great

account and value by all those at the,court. And why should I make you a long story ? You

may knów quite truly that very great was the joy and the feasting that the great

Kaan makes and all his court, lords and barons and everyone generally both great and small, VB

at the coming of these messengers, and they were greatly served and honoured with

everything. They stay at the court of the said great Kaan and always had honour LT LT

above all the other barons, when all men saw the singular love which the lord bore them. LT VB

HOW THE GREAT KAAN SENDS MARC FOR HIS MESSENGER. Now it happened that while he stayed at the court • of the great Kaan this youth, to wit Marc the son TA LT of Master Nicolau, being of a very distinguished mind, learnt the customs and VB VA