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0308 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 308 (Color Image)

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    FB VA on the road, escaping from the noise of the dogs, to go into some thicket or to find some thick "TA FB tree against which he can lean his back, to show his face to the dogs so that they cannot VB worry him from behind • but that both may stay in front of him. And therefore he goes off step R by step—nor by any means would he run—because the lion is not held by fear, • so great is his VB pride and the height of his spirit. And while the lion is going off in this way by degrees VB the dogs go biting him all the time behind, and the man with the bow shooting at him; VB VB and when he feels himself bitten the lion turns himself now this way now that towards the dogs, but the dogs being able to draw back, the lion returns to pass on his way. And when TA FB one sees this he follows them and lays hand to his bow ( for they are very good archers) and gives him some arrows, both one and two and more and so many that the VB lion is so much wounded with the arrows and weakened by loss of blood that he falls dead VB F before he has found a refuge; for he is so intent on the dogs that the man can shoot freely. FB And in this way the wayfarers save themselves from the lions which they find,[and]they kill many of them, for they cannot defend themselves against a man on horseback who

L v has two good dogs . Nevertheless they hunt the lion with caution .' • And these of this province, vL they have gold & silk enough and goods of all makes in great abundance, which are FB LT VB carried up and down by the branches of this river into many regions and lands of great industry' and of great trade. And you may know quite' truly that upwards by this river FB one goes riding yet again twelve' days journeys and one finds at all times cities and z vB v villages in great abundance, the people of which are all idolaters and are subject to the

L L rule of the great Kaan. And their monies too are of notes, that is the money of the

v L v L great lord. They live by trade and by industries, and some are •valiant •men at arms.

  •  FA And at the end [59c] of these twelve days journeys then one finds the city of Sindufu of which this book speaks above. And from Sindufu one sets out and rides quite

  •  FB seventy' days journeys through cities and provinces & through lands in which we have FB FB been, and have written them in our book above all clearly in order. At end of these seventy days journeys one finds Giogiu where we have been. And from Giogiu


VL, where these chapters are much shortened and perhaps corrupt, has here : "And also there are found unicorns. When they wish to catch the elephant they seek it (cerchanoFRAMPTON : they do compasse him) with the dogs and chase it till they find it resting. And when they rest they stand on the feet leaning against a tree, because they cannot rest lying down, through not having jointed knees. The dogs stand round it and bark but dare not go up to it. But it stands always with the face towards the dogs which bark at it. Then the hunters expert at this shoot and kill it in that way."

2 paixe repeated by mistake, from paixe e tere just above.

3 sus por test f unz` alonK, & encore.xii.

4 VB,R: " twenty " cf. V (p. 298 n. 2 above).