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0114 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 114 (Color Image)

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  •              THE WONDER OF THE MOUNTAIN IN BAUDAC ,IMARCO POLO FB that if there were a Christian who had as much faith as a mustard seed, and should tell a mountain to lift itself up it would be lifted up. And know that this is the truth that by z his prayer which he should make to his Lord God the Majesty on high he would z make two mountains join together, rushing or being moved from the place. And when z R z they have found this they have great joy because, not believing that this could •ever • by any means be fulfilled, they said that this was a thing to make the Christians turn

  •  Saracens or to put them all together to death. For it is impossible that there will be any among them to make the mountains move from one place to the other, and when they cannot do this we shall have the excuse needed to do what we wish. And so this counsel pleased all the

  •  Saracens. And then immediately the calif sends for all the Nestorian and Jacobite V LT Christians who were in the said city and in the other districts of his land beyond the river, LT V who were a very great number, and struck fear into them. And when they were gathered v v together in a few days and were come before the said calif saying, What do you command VB us ? Then he put this before them : You are here a very great quantity and multitude of Christians of all nations. Are you all called Christians ? To whom they all answered that they were and were called Christians. The calif shows them that Gospel and makes one FB LT read it to them, the point therein which I have told you.•And the Gospel was the Gospel z of Saint[Matthew].And when they have read it he asks, If the truth was so as the

  •  text of your Gospel declares, • it is a wonderful thing. The Christians said that indeed

  •  it was truth, and that a much greater thing than this could be done. Then you say, says the calif, that a Christian who should have as much faith [12,c] as a seed of mustard, LT that by his prayer which he should make to his Lord God he would make two FB mountains join together. Truly we say this, say the Christians. Then, since you say that it is true, I will put a choice before you, says the calif. Since you are so many v LT Christians gathered here, it needs indeed be that you have among you' all one who FB VB LT has such a little faith as to be able to fulfil the Gospel of Christ. Wherefore if it is so, I wish, and thus I say to you, Either you will make that mountain which you see z z FB standing there remove by the power of your God as you say ; and he shows them with the finger a mountain which was near ; or I shall make you all die by an evil death. For VB if I shall see the proof of this faith in you I shall judge you all faithful Christians as you say;


if he shall say to the mountain that it be taken away from its place and go elsewhere, that it will depart. Do you have all the Christians gathered together and tell them to make one of these our mountains move...."

1 bien cri doit auoir entre uos FB: bien doit auoir entre vous B. silently and perhaps rightly corrects cri to en ; but the fact that it is omitted by FG may show that it is an early and puzzling mistake.