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0091 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 91 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD, BUT COME BACK AGAIN all the roads of the desert, making many great trenches and pits; and this he did so that the armies should not be able to follow him; so that for this reason the said ambassadors were obliged to stay in a city many days. And upon this came the messenger whom the Pope sent to the said Master Nicolau & Master Mafeu & told them how the Pope had been made, & that they must not go farther forward but must return to him. The two brothers have very great joy at this V and said to that messenger that they will do so gladly. And what shall I tell you about v it ? The king of Armenie made fit out an armed galley for the two brothers messengers TA FB and they with the messenger of the Pope went up on to the said galley, & he sent them to Acre V FB

to the legate with honour C great joy.   TA

HOW THE TWO BROTHERS GO TO THE APOSTLE OF ROME. CHOW THE TWO BROTHERS AND MARC CAME TO THE CITY OF CHEMEINFU THE PLACE WHERE THE GREAT KAAN WAS.) And when after the space of many days they were V come with great honour to Acre they landed with no delay & immediately go off' to FB V

Master the Apostle with great joy and salute him very humbly. Master the Apostle VB

received them with very great honour and gives them his blessing and makes joy and FB

feasting for them, hoping that from this turn of his fortune many things useful & honourable VB

to the Church of God must follow. Then the Apostle after some days gives to Master v

Nicolau and to Master Mafeu two Brothers learned in theology, of the Order of the [7a] vs

Preachers,` who must go with them . as his ambassadors • to the great lord to satisfy the need, FB VB FB

who were really the most learned and worthy that were in all that province at that VA

time. The one had the name Brother Nicolau de Vicense, the other had the name

Brother Guilielme de Tripule. He provides them with all things necessary & gives them vs

privileges, charters, and letters with full authority that they might be able to do everything y L

freely in those parts which the Pope himself can do in these parts,•that they might be able to v

make bishops and priests and to absolve and bind as he himself, and he gave them many jewels

of crystal and other gifts to give to the great Kaan and his embassy of that which he wished

to send to the great Kaan; and among other things he sought that the brother of the great L

Kaan named Abaga, lord to wit of the Tartars of the Orient, should give the Christians help

and favour for this purpose that they might make the passage beyond the sea. And when

Master Nicolau and Master Mafeu and the two Brothers Preachers have received the

privileges and the letters and the embassy of Master the Apostle they obtain leave FB

and his blessing. Then they set out all and four together from Acre, and with them Marc FB

the son of Master Nicolau . They went off quite straight to Laias and thence by land R

into Armenie. And when they were come there then they learned that Bondocdaire who R

was sultan of Babilonie comes into Armenie with a great host of Saracens and does FB

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1 V: andarono a roma

2 TAI: di quegli del monti del charmino