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0470 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 470 (Color Image)

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Soldan had heard what his nephew Argon enjoins him he answered

v v   the said ambassadors immediately in such manner: O lords messengers, says

v LT he, my nephew says nothing true in what you have said, • that I have taken his land, for the land is mine and not his. For I conquered it as well as his father did. And so say to my nephew that if he wishes I will make him a great lord.' And I will give

V LT him land enough and he shall be treated by me like my son nephew and the greatest LT TA baron that is in my court after me. And if he does not wish this then let him prepare himself for the battle & be sure that I shall exert all my might to put him to death.

  •  Now this is what I am willing to do to my nephew, nor will you ever be able to find any other thing or any other agreement in nie. At this word Acmat is silent that he spoke no more. And when the messengers have heard what the Soldan had said they said to him a second time, And shall we not find in you other than

z what you have told us ?2 Nothing else, says he, will you find there in all the time

  •  of my life. Now depart immediately; if not I will put you to death. The messengers who have heard this stay there no longer but set themselves on the way and ride Do-2a1 until they were come to the camp of their lord and dismount in the middle of the


tent,' and told Argon all that he had found in his uncle. And when Argon hears

  •  what word Acmat his uncle sends him he has great vexation at it and says so loudly z z that all those who were waiting about him could very well hear, Since so great wrong is come from my uncle and so great wickedness, I will never live nor hold land if I do not take so great vengeance on him that all the world shall talk of it.

  •  And after this word he says to his barons and to his knights, Now there is no more delay but to goo as soon as we can to put the treacherous and disloyal ones to death;

  •  and I wish that to morrow early in the morning Nye shall assault them and do all

we can to destroy them . And what shall I tell you about it ? All that night they

provide themselves with all that they needed for a battle on a plain. And Acmat

Soldan who had well known by his spies how Argon must come to the battle z very early in the morning, prepares himself also very well and exhorted his people z to do well and that they be valiant and trusty men.

1 Between gran sire. and Et i li dorrai line i6 is left blank in the manuscript for no apparent reason.

2 LT: Et illi dixerunt ad Archornac nos non redirernus ad 140S nisi aliud audiamus a uobis.

3 LT ends here unfinished with the words ad ternptorium suuni, having put chapters 216-218 before the stories of Caidu and Argon.

4 or nia plus demor nies delalere B. corrects cleverly : demor, mes[desormes procacion]de l'alere cf. Z p.cxv. V: io non voio far alguna induxia