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0411 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 411 (Color Image)

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not finish the purchase at all but waits until the shadow may be at that point which they have determined in their law. And just the same as I have told you of this day, they have also determined for all the days of the week how long its shadow ought to be, and until the shadow were as long [84a1 as it ought to be they would make no purchase nor any of their deeds . But when the shadow is as long as it ought to be each day then they do all their buyings and their doings. And again I will tell you another greater thing, that when they make any purchase z either at home or in other place,' and they were to see a tarantula coming by the FB wall, • and hear it calling, which are there in great abundance; if they see that it comes z er is heard from that side which seems to him to be good for him, he buys the z merchandise all immediately; and if the tarantula does not corne or be heard from z a place which seems good to them he leaves the purchase and does not buy it at all. And again I tell you that when they come out of their houses and they should

hear either himself or some man sneeze,   it seems well to them then they will go forward TA FB
in their business; if it does not seem good to him he stops and they return home TA immediately & go no farther forward. And again I tell you that when these Braaman go their journey and they see that some swallow should come flying over them z either in front or from the left side or from the right, if it seems to them according to their customs that the swallow may be come from a good side or from a good

direction he goes farther forward willingly & gladly • on his business, and if it seems VB FB to him that it be not corne from a good direction he goes no farther forward that VB day but turns himself back to his house.. And thus they have so many omens of so many FB VB oppositions both good & bad that it is a troublesome matter, • so that in this respect they are so FB much worse than Patarins. And these Braaman live more than any people in the

world, and this comes about through little eating & drinking and through great LT abstinence which they [84b] practise more than any people. And they have their LT teeth very beautiful and good because of a herb which they use to eat at their meals, vB z which makes them digest very well and is very wholesome to man's body. And you may know that these Braaman do not bleed themselves neither from veins nor FB from other parts and they do not draw their blood2from any person. Moreover they z FB have among them regulars and orders of monks • according to their faith, who serve the L VA

jour au matin quant il se vestent, se il voient leur ombre si grant comme il sont si font leurs mars maintenant. et se leur ombre ne just . . .

1 en aune leu for en autre leu Z: in alio loco FB: en hostel LT: in aliqua apotecha

2 ne se treuuent saine cf. Z, p. lxxxii. FA: ne traire point de sanc deus FB: ne ne tirent point de sang VA: mai non se fano tuor sangue. So perhaps read, with B., ne se traient saint